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 Prowling the Night

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PostSubject: Prowling the Night   Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:32 pm

After breaking out of the hospital and running as fast as she could, Nasamea quickly headed back towards the apartments where she and her step family lived. They inhabited one of the finer classed apartments compared to the rundown sites Nasa had seen Shi stay in. She would feel a little bad but at the moment sympathy had been replaced with empathy and confusion. She wanted a lot of answers but wasn't sure how to even go to him to ask. In a way she felt going near would put her right back in the hospital. She hated the feeling but for all she knew these were assumptions. A seed of sorrow was now planted in her internally while her hand rested on the door to her home. She let out a low whimper. One that wouldn't be easily heard by human ears but a whimper it was. What should she do?

She didn't wish to stay outside forever so instead she crept into their home and listened for her parents. She wasn't sure what time it was, since she forgot to check again before leaving the hospital, but she inferred it was around 4am.

With ginger steps she made partial haste to her parents room, her body on full alert as she listened intently. The hall light would correct her about them not being there but would also work against her if they were awake. She got close enough to be near their room before biting her thumb and make handsigns. As she placed her hand on the fine white carpet a single roach suddenly appeared before her. This appearance was followed by tiny squeak sounds between the two of them before the roach invaded their sleeping quarters.

Nasamea continued to listen now, her ears focusing for any roach squeaks or breathing. Her anticipation was building before suddenly the sound came. The room was clear. Clear?

This fact alarmed her and caused her to quickly enter as well. The roach sat at the foot of their bed as her made a little squeak sound from Nasa turning on the light. Nothing seemed out of place. She smelled the air from the start and nothing seemed odd. Another very small whimper like before left her throat before she crossed the threshold over to their closet. She opened it but didn't see anyone or anything out of place. No weird smells either. She checked under the bed, nothing. Nasamea then put her hand on the covers to allow the roach to climb on before she lifted him to her shoulders.

The next stop was the rest of the house. She quickly went to her room but nothing was touched in there either. The bathroom? ... Nope. She hihgly doubted they would be in any closets or anything and since the living room and kitchen was one big room these two were out the moment she entered. With a sigh she thanked the roach before de-summoning it and crossed back over to the door. Since they weren't home she inferred her dad may be at work and her mom was either at the hospital or out with friends. She went out at least once a week but the day she did was unpredictable. Sometimes Nasa loved it, others she hated it for it tended to be the days she actually may have needed something.

Since her parents were no where in sight she decided she would now seize the moment to hunt, much like how she decided to first leave the hospital. Since Nasamea was a ninja and now someone who could be targeted at any moment by none other than Shi, she quickly grabbed any supplies and gear she needed and changed from the hispital gown into actual clothes before leaving. Her other clothes, some stuff Shi bought her, had been destroyed during the attack and she decided at the hospital not to waste time grabbing them.

With appropriate hunting gear on, Nasamea left the apartment, locking the door as she did, before taking off into the night. She needed to catch up on feeding.
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PostSubject: Re: Prowling the Night   Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:17 pm

From rooftop to rooftop Nasa went; her amber hues scanning the allies and strees as she listened for any unaware humans. She knew this was usually a bad time to hunt unless she wished to sink her teeth into some taited blood. Whether it was infested with disease or "srunk syndrome" as she liked to say. Her white blood cells kept her safe from any of the invading deathly diseases that whores tended to carry but the blood still tasted bad. She also didn't want to risk getting anything. Normally she would take a small bit then spit it back out and flee the seen. When it came to drunks, some were good at hiding their phase or only had one drink which meant they weren't loopy. Either way it left their blood tasting like alcohol which tended to burn her mouth. A terrible feeling indeed. Normally if it was a little bit of alcohol she only felt some numbness but this was still uncomfortable to her.

With these thoughts in mind she passed up a few suspicious individuals before she came across a man exiting a bar. She was about to pass him up before suddenly she caught sight of a gang further down the road. They looked aggresive and he headed right for them. Animal instincts gave her a bad vibe so she stayed to watch. He could have just been their leader or a member but he seemed so scrawny compared to their muscular forms. It wasn't the usual biker gang with leather jackets or anything like that... well, they did have leather jackets... but it seemed as though they were more fighters than anything.

Of course, the man was stopped and they began to ask questions. By then Nasamea was nearby and watching, her eyes scanning them as they confronted the man in a rather threatning way. The man simply pleaded calmly that he didn't want trouble and was just trying to help a friend before he attempted to leave. Seems as though he was a good guy and of course threatening men loved to beat the shit out of good guys.

"I don't think so" one man said with a pointy toothed smile, "you're coming with us."

Of course, one of those good old fashioned... wait...
Nasamea's eyes turned cat like as she watched them grab at the man. There was three men against one, the talker stepping back into the alley and beckoning them. Two men carried the good guy off while the third guarded. Meanwhile the leader was well prepared for him.

These men through the good guy to the ground before the leader kicked dirt in his face. One of the henchmen soon seized this moment as the time to get on the good guy, holding his arms behind his back and keeping him down as the leader chuckled.

"Just leave me alone" the good guy said, his eyes still closed with tears. His eyes must have been irritated because those didn't look like tears of sorrow, anger, or happiness. Who was she to judge though.

"I don't think so," the leader said before nodding to the henchmen still standing. This man walked over with a clenched fist before suddenly punching the good guy in the head. His head hit the ground and thus he didn't move. Nasa could only wonder now whether he was dead or not and what these men were up to. Maybe he was just being mugged. It was her duty as a ninja to protect the citizens of Konoha but she wasn't one to charge right in either.

From above the rain began to pick up again. It started to sprinkle some earlier throughout the day and carried into the night but for the most part it had stopped earlier. Apparently it was time to fall once more. Now was the best time to make her move. The wind wasn't blowing to much and her scent was now masked; perfect.

"All right, well down Knox"

The man, Knox, nodded and then the leader turned around to face the other side of the alley.


Nasamea's ears twitched as her eyes twtiched to the right. She caught site of a young girl about the same age as herself. The child had silver cat-like eyes and approached carefully, her eyes darting from side to side. She was very cautious much like Nasa was.

"We caught this for you. Now thirst while you can. We will be leaving Konoha soon enough. It appears the other Kisaki isn't here after all..." he said before chuckling.

With this said Nasamea's whole world burst into flames. Her insides burned with pure fury as chakra built up around her teeth, hands, and soon body. Her nails and teeth grew sharper as her eyes burned with red fury. She had not fed so she wasn't about to transform, despite how much she trusted herself, but due to this hunger her anger was fed even more. These people were hunting in HER territory. These people injured a Konoha citizen.

Nasamea formed hand seals and suddenly unleashed a series of small fireballs (Pheonix Flare) onto these four men and the girl. The leader snarled and leaped at the girl, covering her as they each tried to take cover. Nasamea stood and suddenly let out a large monstrous snarl from her chakra enhanced throat. It sounded much like she would in beast form except with more force.

She was very.. very.. upset.

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Prowling the Night   Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:00 am

The three henchmen snarled at her with different colored hues, all tinted with some red, and sharp teeth. Nasamea's will to defend her land was strong but she had never fought another from her clan before except her parents and those she knew. It was when she was little too so they were all probably going easy on her. Nasamea continued to glare at them and snarl while black markings started to surround her body. Blue hair was already started to grow in. It was the leader of this group that decided to change the scene.

"You three, stop."

His voice was very stern and strong. He seemed like a Bohuki. Then again she couldn't predict the other Kisaki's members or how she did things so she wasn't sure what to believe. Thus she left her options open.

"Are you the Kisaki that dwells here?"

"Who wishes to know?"

Nasa was quick and direct when responding. Her eyes never left them but her ears shifted from every single sound made. She needed to be alert just in case.

"The Kisaki in the East.... the queen of Kirigakure."

Nasamea began to calm down as she took on a more analytical approach. If this was a message from the East Queen then it was a message from an alley. But the Kisaki west from here, the enemy, also would know about the East Queen. She had an idea.

"How do I know that this message is actually from the Kisaki in the East and not the one from the West... the one who owns majority of the land and is known as the Konoha Kisaki's enemy...."

She watched the man very carefully but he continued his calm demeanor. In ninja terms they all looked as though they were Chunin or Jounin level. Maybe even S-rank. The girl looked like a Genin though.

"Because I am the East blood's daughter."

The leader shot her a very stern glance, causing her to back up. The other henchmen grew restless now. Nasamea was falling for this possible lie.

"Where's your proof for someone who may have never smelled the scent of the other Kisaki's?"

The leader began to study her as well, growing rather restless while he stood before the young girl. He stood just as Nasa would if Shi were being threatened. No. Now wasn't the time to think about that. Nasa almost lost partial focus before she centered her thoughts back on the leader before her. He was reaching slowly into his pouch which caused the others to look to him and Nasa to continue changing. The covered parts of her body began to grow blue fur as she took a defensive pose.

He then took out a Mist head band, a bottle with something fine inside, and a pendent of some sort. Nasamea saw it shine but that was about it.

"Here" he said before throwing it up at her. She took the defensive and leaped back as the items were hooked to a kunai and tossed. The tool landed in the wall, nothing happened. Nasamea cautiously moved back to the roof's edge as she grasped the items and studied them carefully. This mist headband was already obvious but the vile made her confused. It had clear water in it with some blonde hair. She could have sworn Boss Roach said the queen had blonde hair but how could she be sure. The young girl, supposedly the queen's daughter, must have got her silver tint from her father. She did have some blonde though. The last item was what stunned her. It was a pendent all right but not just any pendant...

"Where did you get this?"

"You recognize it? You must be her..."

Nasamea's shocked expression phased back into a analytical like one before she let out a sigh of defeat.

"I am. What is it you want."

The two men looked at the leader who's eyes widened as though he had seen a ghost. The girl behind him stepped out to gaze at Nasa before the man suddenly took a knee.

"All of you!"

They all looked at him before they soon followed, taking knees before Nasa. This confused Nasa whom simply stood her ground as she gazed down upon them. The leader then lifted his head to Nasa and began to speak. The girl behind him slightly lifted hers as well, her silver hues examining her with pure curiosity.

"Please forgive us for hunting on your ground. We haven't ate in a few days since we've been here and were growing hungry. We honestly thought you may have died after all... but luckily that assumption was false."

"How did you get into Konoha and why have you come?'

The leader began to resume posture which made the others follow as well. That was an unexpected civil greeting. To bow before a queen that wasn't even your own was rather surprising.

"Honestly, we dug our way in. Knox is a mole like beast, he's the one that punched this civilian. Sorry we weren't quicker and quieter about it. We take that front so we don't have to fight anyone...but anyway... I have come to relay a message from the East Kisaki."

"Carry on."

The leader cleared his throat and placed his arms behind his back.

"First, to introduce ourselves and clear some muddy water. As you know, this is the Queen and my own daughter. I am the Queen's husband and a full blood. You mat call me Sato. I am a underwater dragon type. These three are Knox, Soul, and Sephyer. Knox is a mole type as I said. Soul is a bird type. And Sephyer is a type much like the Queen and I, water dragon types. He is my brother's son. You met my brother, he's a replacement Bohuki when I am away, but you were also very young. Just in case, his name is Roland."

Nasamea nodded, taking all this in before he continued.

"We have been sent as a unit to first, see if you were alive, and second to break the gap between you and the Queen. Due to your mother the Kisaki are considered allies. We have come to see if this still holds true and if not, what we could do to negotiate a treaty between our kin and your newfounded one.... we heard of what happened..."

"I see..." Nasamea said. She then stepped forward and motioned to leap, causing them to back away and give her space to land. She soon leaped near Sato and the unnamed daughter, causing her to back up behind Sato. She understood why Sato would leave out her name to a potential foe. The girl would be the next Kisaki like she was with her mother.

"Forgive me for earlier. I believed you may have been a group sent from the West Kisaki. There's been talk from my mother's summonings that she plans on possibly sending spies or hunting me... it would be a shame if you all were them after all."

She gave them a stern look, causing Sato to raise his hands and shake his head. She still couldn't trust anyone though. Yes... nobody...

"Anyway, you may call me-"


Nasamea stared at him, her eyebrow raising some before she nodded.

"Forgive me for interrupting I was just hoping maybe that could help prove our innocence."

Nasamea nodded, "it's fine. Anyway, yes, that's my name and as for the treaty... I will continue it much like my mother would have. And... if you are the next in line...then it is possible that this treaty may be kept. We'll see when the time comes though..."

Sato nodded and the girl smiled some. It was obvious that they would send the next in line to see Nasa since it would help them break ice. It would be their fault though if she died while transporting too.

"Very well then. We will inform the queen immedietly. From now on a message will be sent via bird to inform you whenever anyone will be coming. If it's a dire emergency though there's the chance we might not be able to so just a heads up. The bird will probably be a member too... Anyway, this is all we had to say. Sorry for the man, we will leave him to you since you appear hungrier than we are. No one will hunt this land anymore no matter what and unless granted permission... we'll also work on our skills... "

The two members, Knox and Soul, joined Seypher at the alley's end while they waited on Sato and the girl. Nasamea shook her head, "I have nothing else but if you all like you may stay in Konoha for a night. The actual village leader may not approve though so be alert.. if I could I would keep you all at my place but I don't own that either. To the regulars I am just another kid. I'm sure you all understand though."

They nodded and Sato chuckled, "we do but thank you. We plan on staying outside this village just in case any of it's ANBU or Jounin get curious and suspect us of anything. We'll hunt animals this time too and wait until we get home. It would be bad to cause anything between the Hokage and our queen. We don't want to cause another war between here and Kiri."

"Very well then."

With that said they each prepared to take off as Nasamea stood in the alley. The girl took Sato's hand as they left. She gazed back and smiled at Nasa too before they disappeared into the night. Nasa had smiled back but as they left it faded. What's been going on lately? First Shi ditches her then this? She wasn't sure about all of it, like many other things, but she did know that she needed to train and rank. The sooner she grew stronger the better things would be. First, she'd feast on this man before he woke up. Next, she'd go home and rest. After all of this and clearing any muddy water she would train....
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PostSubject: Re: Prowling the Night   

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Prowling the Night
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