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 Training at night [P]

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PostSubject: Training at night [P]   Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:25 am

Clous sat in his room, legs crossed under him and the Tatsuma scroll in front of him. His eyes were wide open and glowed with a yellow hue, and his iris starting to slit. Though he seemed awake he was truly unconscious. His mind had traversed time and space itself to a realm unknown to the outsiders of the clan. He was to be undisturbed for up to four hours if needed. So far two had passed. He was in pain, mentally but his body was feeling it now. The trials of Tatsuma were pushing him to his limits and beyond.

Mind’s Eye

He stood on a mountain top, the clouds below him and several human sized bipedal blue dragons stood In front of him with swords like Tatsuma. Clous was panting heavily. This was his last test, or at least he hoped. Clous stood up straight and took a stance with his sword in hand. The blue engraving of Tatsuma had disappeared since the trials began. “You’re as persistent as your father, that same will and drive. A lesser man would have lost long ago.” A deep monstrous voice spoke seemingly from the surrounding area.

“Well luckily I’m more, and I’ve got a lot more where that came from.” Clous stood up straight and stared the group of draconian down before charging them. A single draconian took a step toward him and swung it’s sword down toward Clous. Its strength was superhuman and unlike anything Clous had ever felt. His body almost buckled under the force but he was able to push back surprisingly. The sword slid to his side as his foot was launched upward toward the dragons chin. It connected and the blade in his shoe dug in deep. The draconian stumbled backward a bit before it firmed up and advanced again. Clous sighed. Not being able to use Jutsu at all was annoying. Koori was cycling through his body and begging to be released but he had to hold it in. focusing on that alone was a pain.

As the Draconian charged Clous waited to the last second, resting as much as he could. He lifted his sword and drove it straight into the first Draconian’s chest. The creature growled and thrashed wildly. Clous almost lost his grip on his blade but he quickly pulled it out forcing the wound to bleed through, and the Draconian to hit the ground with such force. The oddest thing soon happened. The plateau that they were one broke away from the rest of the mountain and lifted up into the air. “What the hell is it now?” He asked as the other Draconian creatures disappeared. His eyes burned a bit, but soon the pain was unbearable as he struggled to see. He went blind and he gripped his face in obvious pain. “Under such circumstances, I wonder if you can still harness my power.” The deep voice boomed once again.

Clous opened his eyes. They took the form of Tatsuma’s though he still couldn’t see the normal way. “T-this is amazing,” He managed to say as he staggered and stood up. “So this means…” Tatsuma his self floated down to meet Clous, its massive blue body sunk below the floating patch of earth until it was face to face with Clous. “Yes young Sinota, you have passed. You have been blessed with the eyes of a dragon, the ability to see beyond what others were meant to see.” Then all at once Clous opened his eyes back in the real world. “I-I passed,” he sighed as he fell back onto the floor. Snoring and completely drained he fell asleep.
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Training at night [P]
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