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 Team Kaosu: Back Home

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PostSubject: Team Kaosu: Back Home   Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:21 am

The travel there hadn't taken so long as he thought it would, and he assumed the same thing for his team. The weather had played well so far, the dark clouds rolled across the village and hung low, blotting out most of all of the sunlight. It was daytime, but the sun had been fizzled out by the gray, raining atmosphere that had been moving over and around the Hidden Leaf Village. Shihouin wasn't as tired as he had been when he had come, maybe because they were moving moderately, unlike they were when they set out. They'd been interrupted as well, which had cut into their time a great deal, nonetheless the trip to the Rice Country had been successful and so had their mission. He mentally recollected over his achievements, undoubtedly feeling pride from the fact that he was able to commandeer a good part of it. Ranking up, the ability to get more missions like these, maybe even going on them by himself were all possible if he continued to work harder and push out more and more missions whenever he got the time to. Ayame and Nasamea had accompanied him on several missions and maybe they would continue to accompany him on several more. A part of him wanted to turn right back around and see if they could go on another mission, but this one had been lucky for them in the first place so he was content now with what he had.

As they continued on towards the village, each one of them would be able to see the thick, dark green trees get denser and denser right before they got up to the tremendous wall. Only about 200m now at the pace they were going, pushing off each tree branch with a firm leg and continuing on in total silence for the most part. What would they do when they got back? Maybe train again? He didn't feel like spar again, not that he felt that it was useless to spar with his teammates, but in the fact that it wouldn't do anything to benefit him, or them for that matter. The more they continued to rank up through missions, the more training would be available to him. He had no idea, not even a remote clue about when the next Chuunin Exams would be, and for that reason he wasn't banking on it at all. To be honest, he doubted his strength right now, his current strength level was pretty low compared to Nasa. His best hope for getting any type of win in battle would be ranking up.

Being able to use something other than ninjutsu would improve his abilities as a shinobi and using variety with his skill would allow him to become more proficient. He could also train his Sharingan eyes again, by about the time he reached B rank he would end up training them again to increase his control over his eyes. He had mastered the functions and use of the one tomoe, and now had two left to go. The second one would be the most important one of the three, it had the same functions as the third tomoe but just lacked the perk of predicted images. If he could learn proper chakra control and predict movements with it just as well, he would only need the third tomoe to deal with genjutsu and other sorts of complicated opponents and powers. He had a lot ahead of him.

Shihouin blinked hard and shook his head, he'd lost his train of thought thinking about so many things at one time. The team began to descend slowly and the gates were wide open to accept them in. With their headbands on and Kaosu around them walking in without worrying about being checked would be easy. Once they hit ground floor, it was an easy walk to inside of the village. Shihouin planned to bail once they got inside and go do something else, and worry about the team later. He had some things he planned on getting done.

*Note to RPers*

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Team Kaosu: Back Home
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