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 The devil in the room

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: The devil in the room   Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:18 am

The filing cabinet was the destruction of Iwagakure in there. The important documents were not in the right order, papers coming of the slots of the cabinet drawer, many of them wrinkled and some torn. This was a hassle of the secretary when she wanted to find somethin in Kaisen's office and she had complain that she would be glad to organize it for him but he was against it. He knew this would keep his mentality sharp as he begins to remember the places he left certain files and documents.

He used the bottom of his heel to close the drawer and walked towards his table. Bare from the waist up, the steam rising off his body was from him training his body. He had been practicing his form of the mimicry technique, a perfected yet imperfect form of fighting that held no bounds to any particular martial art. It gave him a bit of a sweat, he hadn't stretch when he started but the kicks and punches warmed his body and loosen his muscles.

He heard the door open up and then softly it latched close. His head didn't stir and he continue to move to his desk. He set the papers down on the desk, a few unattended papers moved as the soft breeze from the minila folder landed. He open up the file and pulled up a sheet of paper "There is a chair to your left good sir. No need for you to stand there waiting to catch my attention"

Behind Kaisen was a figure of a man. It stood like a man, had the appearace of a man, had the face of a man with long black hair and obsidian eyes but it was not a man. That was certain. He wore a black suit, a black undershirt with a black tie. His skin was also a charcoal skin tone, something that was certainly not nature to any darken skin tone human. This was not his skin tone however this man wanted this skin tone for today. Tomorrow it would probably be a pale white and he would have blue eyes. It depends on his mood He looks to his left and just as Kaisen said, there was a cushioned chair. He pulls the chair out of the corner and lifts it towards Kaisen desk. Kaisen was already sitting down in his desk chair, his hands intertwine together and his eyes close as he waited for him to sit.

The man didn['t make the actions a person of normality, or what they would say 'normal', sat down. It appeared that he floated downward in the seat, his legs were crossed and his hands were over his knees "Kaisen" his voice had an overtone. One sounded deep and demonic, the other sounded like a normal males voice "It's been awhile, Kaisen"

"You make it sound like we've met before" kaisen said "Not to be rude or anything but it appears as if I should know you. I do not"

"This is fine" he said slowly "I'm not expecting you to know me. But I know you and all those who rule in this land"

"I assume you have a name"

"I do but it is not a name that I shall reveal to your ears. For your ears, I shall be called Rain Man"

"Rain man..." Kaisen repeated. It didn't seem he did know him personally but he has heard of him. From where he heard him from, he could not recall "Well, Rainman-san, I suppose you are here to convince me or some sort. A type of Faustian deal....No, not your kind. You may be wearing a suit for buisness but buisness is not what you do with. You are more of a formal messenger"

The thing cackled a rasp and horrific laughter that screeched in Kaisen's ear "You..." he sounded as if he was about to cough but he continued "..are an interesting boy. Did I look so formal? Do you wish for me to change into something more suitable for this occasion"

"Not really. I wouldn't want a demon to be naked in front of me. Though, I am half naked, I'm not in the mood to see someone with hideous scars"

He made that laugh again. This time Kaisen head turned slightly to the left. It was a sound of cats clawing on chalkboard and crunching on foil by the thousand "You funny little man. Funny indeed"

Kaisen sighed when he was done laughing "Would you like some tea? Perhaps I can get you something to drink or to eat"

He waved his hand in dismissal "No, no. No human necessities could ever satisfy my needs. eh heh" he breathes in a harsh and warm breath "No, what I want to tell you is something that my master wished for you to know"

"Oh? Your master..." there was a long pause then "He was here before wans't he. When that kid went rampant on Kumo. Yes, now I remember. I sense some kill intent that was fierce. That was master, correct?"

Rainman nodded "He was introducing himself to the land of death. He had no ties to that boy who went was all in chaos. However, I did enjoy how he killed all those people. It really gave a fire to my loins. Children these days are such evil things."

"Yes, I can imagine it so..."

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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The devil in the room
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