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Happy New Year:

Year: 0638

Month: 1

Season: Winter
Your weekly weather report:
For the week of:
January 16th to January 22nd

Konoha: Snow Storm

Tea: Snow Storm

River: Snow Storm


Taki: Snow

Wave: Snow

Suna: Windy


Bird: Windy

Kiri: Snow Storm (40% visibility)



Kumo: Snow Storm

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 New A Ranks

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PostSubject: New A Ranks   Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:26 pm

First of 3 sets of missions being posted up this week:

Name: Avalanche
Rank: A
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: Chuunin Team, Jounin, Jounin Group/Special Forces

Primary: Battle the elements to save the Jounin before the unnatural northern winds arrive

Secondary: Deal with any large creatures you encounter

Description: A squad of Jounin scouting the passes around Snow have been caught by avalanche and have become trapped them. Nearly two weeks have passed since they have been heard from them and they are probably close to death. You have to find and rescue them quickly, before the unnatural northern winds reach the pass in question making all attempts at rescue impossible. These winds are an after affect of a great conflict and are heavy with wind chakra ripping apart everything they encounter. You have their co-ordinates last known co-ordinates and time is running out fast. As if the winds were not enough this area is full of untamed primeval creatures of terrifying size whose vast scale are comparable to A rank summons

ETFC IC: 1 Week

Name: Taken
Rank: A
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: Chuunin Team, Jounin, Jounin Group/Special Forces

Primary: Defeat the Nin holding him and return him back to the Village

Secondary: Heal the lord’s wound if possible to mitigate further damage

Description: A local lord has been kidnapped by a powerful criminal cartel who intend to ransom him to generate new income. Those responsible have stopped to rest in a nearby cave, so move quick and return the movie actress unharmed. The enemy’s numbers are unknown but accounts suggest 2 A rank Nin may among them. The lord was wounded during the initial capture and is likely to be in need of immediate medical attention

ETFC IC: 1 Week

Name: Document Dilema
Rank: A
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: Chuunin Team, Jounin, Jounin Group/Special Forces

Primary: Retrieve the lost documents at all costs before the fall into the wrong hands

Secondary: N/A

Description: Some missing Nin have stolen important papers and travel documents, stamp with the official seals of the Kage, that in the wrong hands could be used to access highly secure locations. These must be recovered before they can fall in to the wrong hands. According to sources the group is holed up in a cave on the borders of Rain and Grass biding their time till they find a suitable bidder. Retrieve the documents before they can be sold on, what happens to the Nin is of no importance

ETFC IC: 1 Week

Name: It’s a hold up folks
Rank: A
Custom Or generic: Generic
Participants: Chuunin Team, Jounin, Jounin Group/Special Forces

Primary: Stop the thieving Samurai

Secondary: Rescue the 6 hostages unharmed.

Description: According to the Kage’s official line the village is secure against all manner of attacks both internal and external. This is not however stopping an armed bank robbery from taking place by a group of desperate but highly trained Samurai. Your team is the closest available to respond. By treaties with the civil powers you are expected to defend the innocent, guard the roads and most importantly protect the banks. You must enter the bank and liberate the hostages inside. The bank is a reinforced structure whose main entrance is well guarded. It also has a lower side entrance and some roof lights. The Samurai are dangerous in close quarters, at least as skilled an A rank weapon users but possess no jutsu

ETFC IC: 1 Week


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PostSubject: Re: New A Ranks   Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:39 pm


Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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New A Ranks
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