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 A Day in the Life of a Student, Ten Years Ago... [Fizz's Training for the Doujutsu Characteristic]

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PostSubject: A Day in the Life of a Student, Ten Years Ago... [Fizz's Training for the Doujutsu Characteristic]   Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:32 am

"I think it's... Red? No! Orange...?" Fizz was sitting by a campfire near the Takigakure Lake. At eight years old, he was only halfway through his days in the Academy. Mei, a Suihou kunoichi and Fizz's sensei in Doujutsu training, sat on a log a few feet away. Both were staring intently at the dancing flames before them with glowing eyes.

The female Jounin sighed with relief. "You finally see it, huh?" she said, as her eyes turned back to their original color. "You know, the elemental chakra in fire doesn't look much different no matter how you look at it. You probably could have guessed the color and got it right-"

"Well up until my training began it's all looked blue, Mei-Sensei," Fizz interrupted. For the first year of training since he initially awakened the Aiirogan, his aura sight was in monochrome. It was only a few months earlier that he first found he could see water's azure hue with it; since then, he had worked hard to discern between the elements:

Fire, as he just learned, was orange. As Mei brought up, its color didn't change much from normal vision to Aura Sight. It had the largest contrast from regular blue chakra, and so theoretically would be the easiest to see. Still, it was the last color to appear to Fizz. He guessed it had something to do with the polarization between fire and water.

Water was blue. This should also have been common sense, but it took a while to tell the difference from the normal light blue of neutral chakra. Water, in contrast, was a deeper blue. It moved differently, as well; it flowed along with the liquid that contained it. Still, for all the difficulty one should have in finding it, all of Fizz's elemental chakra training made it easy to see his first element.

Lightning chakra had a lavender hue. In order to see it, Fizz had to take trips outside the canopy of the ancient tree that protected the village. On a stormy day, one could look up and see thunderclouds. When his Aiirogan was active, Fizz could look deeper still and see the sparks that filled them. Lightning chakra was easy to spot; the only thing in the normal realm of vision that could compare was a lightning bolt itself.

Wind chakra, on the other hand, had a tendency to hide itself. Like the transparent nature of air, its green color lacked opacity, and thus something to easily catch Fizz's eye. After a while (and luckily, a week of breezy days), he learned to spot the little flits of green in a gust of wind. Another element down.

Pure Earth chakra was hard to notice, only because it was ever-present. Fizz could always tell that the ground was glowing softly, but it wasn't until he learned to focus on it that it gained its color, yellow. It intensified the lower in elevation Fizz traveled, so it took a trip to a deep cavern before Fizz unlocked the Earth element.

And now, with Fire, Fizz could see the whole spectrum when he activated his Aiirogan. "It's all so beautiful when you can see in full color," he said in awe.

"I'll drink to that, Awa-kun." Mei chuckled, then pulled out a canteen of water and took a swig. After she was done she tossed it in Fizz's direction; Fizz caught it in the air before it met a fiery demise. "And with that, you've completed-"

Fizz leaped to his feet.

"The first half of mastering your Doujutsu."

Fizz plopped back down. He pouted as he sipped on the canteen. "Oh, come on, Sensei... You mean I've still got another year of this?"

"Well, no," Mei started. "I only want to teach you one more technique. I'm sure you've heard of it at some point in your training, no?"

Fizz's ears perked up. "Oh, you mean... Our ability to disable other Doujutsus?" Fizz's inquisitiveness was starting to overpower his disappointment, and it showed.

"You got it, Awa-kun. Doujutsu Sakujo. 'Doujutsu Cancellation Technique'. To be honest, it won't see much use inside our Hidden Village, as the Aiirogan can't be affected by its own technique; however, in places like the Land of Fire, you'll see a lot more... Exotic Doujutsus." Mei reached into her vest and pulled out a blank scroll and brush. "Eyes..." She drew a red circle. "Like..." She drew what looked like a pinwheel on the inside. "These." She held the scroll up so Fizz could see the image clearly. "This one's called the Sharingan."

"People really have eyes like that?" Fizz couldn't imagine someone having such eyes without wearing contacts.

"It's quite true, Fizz." Mei rolled the scroll back up and turned to him. "And if you remember our training earlier in the week regarding your 'Sphere of Influence', you should already know how to activate the technique."

"I thought it was just a focusing exercise," Fizz said sheepishly. "So I already know Doujutsu Sakajo?"

"Sakujo," Mei corrected, "And yes. From now on, your training's going to be one big homework assignment!" Fizz looked horrified at Mei's statement. "All you have to do is practice with the handsign I taught you, and work on your focus every day. The longer you practice it, the more effective you'll be at canceling Doujutsu in the heat of battle. And now my job is done!" Fizz listened intently to Mei's lecture, and when she finished, she beckoned for him to come closer. "Now take this. It's not exactly a certificate of completion..." Mei handed him a scroll with writing on it, not unlike her other blank one. "But it'll tell your Academy teacher you've passed my private training. Congratulations!"

Fizz blushed a little as Mei winked at him. "Well, what're you waiting for? Get on back to class, or I'll have to burn that scroll." Her cheery demeanor suddenly took on a more demonic tone.

"RIGHT AWAY, MEI-SENSEI!" At that, Fizz turned tail and scrambled up the hill to the main thoroughfare through the city. He was already replicating the handsign for his special technique as he ran; if what Mei-Sensei said was true, it would only get more powerful as time went on.
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A Day in the Life of a Student, Ten Years Ago... [Fizz's Training for the Doujutsu Characteristic]
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