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 Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers   Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:50 pm


Heiki takes a kunai out of the back of his pouch and slides the blade across the Hokage's seal. The scroll slowly unraveled as Heiki stretched it and began to read the orders. The overview of the mission seemed moderatately easy, nothing short of a get in, get out type of deal. There was a slight problem however and that was the fact that Lord himself may or may not be injured. Heiki couldn't entirely say that he didn't like running a man into a hospital, however, if the wounds would be severe and seeing the severity of this mission, there was the high possibility that the man may be wounded severely and only had a short timeframe to retrieve the lord. Not only will the nin be on there toes but so will the group.

He began to spin the scroll close and slide it in his side pocket. He walked over to a large dressor where he pulled out a tank top to place over his bare chested body. He had then put on his mesh outfit, a weighted yet stretchable underarmor that went over. Next was his second weighted set. This was hunged up in his closet, he would never just set it down in or on his dressor, otherwise the weight itself would crush the wooden oak frame. Next his blue long sleeved shirt then the vest where there was also weights in.

He rotates his neck left and right and massaged the muscles behind his neck. He lets a sorrowful sigh come out of his mouth as he set on the lower portion of his clothing. It was a day where he actually had plans to go out and possibly drink sake at the local bar. It had recently open just a weekend ago, the owner of said bar said his sake was possibly one of the better. He wasn't much of a drinker, let alone a drinker of rice wine but he could definitely use a cold drink of the red wine or white wine variety. But, of course, the telepathic Hokage knew that he had to ruin the fun of his week and with another mission to give to complete for the village, he woud most definitely be busy this weekend.

He placed his foot his boots, the clothed foot was secrued in the comfortable fit open toed boot. He looked at his watch, he had five minutes before he was to redvenous with his apparent team. He didn't know who it was but he hope it was people who wanted to talk and not Ich, Nii and San from ANBU. He didn't care much for them and he had the boring look to prove so. He walked out of his apartment complex. He looks back into his house for a brief second. He didn't see the picture that had fell off the fireplace and as he closed the door, the room remain silent and still....

He jumped from building to building, leaving behind just the yellow hair that was only a faint whisper to the eyes of those who saw just a flash move by them. He only had one minute, he was trying to tie his headband around his left arm just underneath the red spiral of his long sleeve shirt. He looked at his which as he did a no-look handstance over a railing on the roof and threw himself forward towards the gate. There he saw the seconds go by him slowly as the things around him almost seem to blur. He landed feet first, the dust around him spread outward, and did a burst forward; the wind he was generating behind him caused people to stop what they were doing and hold onto whatever they precieved as valuable to them.

He put the brakes on his feet and stopped immediately. He was at the entrance gate where there were people coming in and out of the village. He looked at the time, he was a few seconds over but nonetheless, he was right on time.

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers   Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:59 pm

Kiyoshi made quite a big yawn as he took a look at the grey scroll that landed in his possession via messenger bird as he was sitting on the rooftop of his small house. The Konoha symbol on the top left side of the scroll as well as the special indictment that was only seen in a certain type of scroll giving Kiyoshi the clue that it was a mission scroll. It was weird though because it’s been a while since Kiyoshi set off on a mission so he almost forgot what it was like to retrieve one rather than give it out to some of the other shinobi eager to take them.

Kiyoshi let out yet another yawn as he opened the scroll to take a look at the mission he was set to embark in apparently right now. Mouthing the words on the description as he read them, Kiyoshi soon closed the scroll as he ran his hand through his hair, the mission seemed simple enough to partake in and it seemed that he was going to get some help on this one so time may not be of too much factor to the team in order to get this mission complete to maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, Kiyoshi was already prepared for anything at this point due to his planned hours of training so showering and things like that wasn’t a factor since that part of his day was already accomplished. All that was left to do was to grab a bag from his collection, which Kiyoshi kept pre-packed just in case of being set on emergency mission just like this one and head off to meet his team at the gates of Konoha so they can set up their game plan and get this thing started on time, or maybe even ahead of time.

Kiyoshi hopped from his roof and went through a nearby window that lead to his room and went to his closet, opening it to be greeted by his collection of traveling backpacks. He simply picked a random bag, threw it over his left shoulder with but his left arm and went out of his front door. In no particular rush whatsoever, Kiyoshi didn’t bother to jump or do any shinobi acrobatics in order to get there faster so he simply went through the streets of Konoha.

Throughout his walk through the village streets, the young Jounin was greeted by many of his friends that included employees to shops, shoppers, civilians and fellow shinobi alike and greeted them back; this was a usual thing for Kiyoshi whenever he left his place in the morning, making it to the Konoha gates with a few minutes to spare. Seeing that none of his teammates were there as of yet, Kiyoshi decided to take a seat so he scouted for the nearest benches and sat on it, keeping his right arm over the back of it and taking a quick look at the sky before closing his eyes.

Not too long after, Kiyoshi heard a hard landing close to him and opened his eyes to see who seemed to be one of his teammates, Heiki Kibou, also known as The Chaotic Flash if he remembered correctly. Kiyoshi got up from his seat and nonchalantly approached him, holding his hand out for a handshake as he gave him a quick smile. “Hey, my name’s Kiyoshi Hikaru, nice to meet you. I’ll be on of your teammates for this mission.”

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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PostSubject: Re: Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers   Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:38 pm

In the early hours of the morning, Kaosu had already been up. Unless he had a rough night, he was up before the sun raised. He had all his things he needed for the day, as soon as a mission letter had arrived in his window, from one of the carrier birds. The scroll was rather small, and when Kaosu opened it, it had mission ordered on it. Kaosu was slightly shocked that he was going to be sent out on a mission, and it had been some time since he had. He had a genin team to worry about, but he knew that they were getting strong, they would mange without him, while he went on this mission. He stood out of the chair he was sitting in and smiled. He was kind of glad to get out and do a mission with others his rank, even if it was only an A ranked mission. It would be good for him to let his genin train on their own for a while, maybe they could become closer while he was away. The only thing that worried him was how sick Raizo was. It wasn't deadly, but his skills would lack being out of training for a while, Even so, the mission must go on. He would not mind going that much,

Kaosu soon took out his cane, and opened his door. Soon enough, several insects surrounded Kaosu and he disappeared. They moved about in a group, towards the gates of Konoha. A black swarm was seen throughout the village, until they all reached the gates of Konoha. The soon disrupts, and Kaosu appeared out of them. It had seemed he was the first one to arrive at the gate, meaning he would have to wait for the other two to arrive. He had never seen this men in the village, or at least knew who they were if he had seen them. He heard heard a little bit about them, but not enough to know how skilled they were. Nonetheless they were skilled enough to be called Jounin in the village of Konoha, which was good enough for Kaosu. He trusted the Hokage's judgment on who become one and who did not. He held no doubt in his mind that this mission would go as planned, and if not it would go better than that. He awaited the arrival of the two.

Soon, a man arrived at the gate with yellow hair. This must be one of the men that was assigned to his team. The man looked like any normal ninja he had seen, although he would not look down on him, he was likely skilled. It had seemed he did not notice Kaosu right away, but he did not blame him, because he was blending in the the crowd. However, one glance at him, one could see that he was a ninja, and one of the advisors to the Hokage. He had a black grayish hair style, and a big red robe over his body. Also, his big sword and sunglasses were two more noticeable things about him. Not only could they tell just by looking at him, the aura of power he gave off, was enough to tell he was around. That, and all the insects crawling around on his body. Kaosu crossed his arms and leaned up against the gate of the village. He would wait to introduce himself, when the last member of the team arrived.

Soon, another man arrived, and compared to the other ninja and Kaosu, himself, the man looked rather young. Kaosu shook his head and was glad to see that Jounin were much younger now. It seemed they had reaching new heights of strength. As soon as the young looking Jounin introduced his self as Kiyoshi Hikaru, Kaosu walked up towards the two and smiled. He was the oldest out of the three, but he did not mind that. "Why, it looks like we have two young men here. Glad to see such young Jounin." He looked over the two and knew that they were ready for this mission. He took his cane and leaned on it. "If you did not already know, I am Kaosu Aburame, I will be the last edition to this team." Each of them seemed highly skilled for this mission, so it would get done in minimal time. He had hoped each of them were ready to go.

"We should all know what the mission is about and what it is going to require. I know for a fact that I've been on much harder missions and by the looks of it I can assume each of you have." He slowly turned around, towards where they were headed. He put his cane away, so that it would not get in the way of his running. "We best get going, if we want to finish this mission." He stepped foot out of the gate as soon as he spoke. He then took his hand and pointed at Heiki. "I would enjoy it if you lead the way." He said as he awaited for one of them, to run out and began the travels.

Kaosu's Page


"In times of war, suffering is what brings us together."
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Shikyo Riku

Posts : 441
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PostSubject: Re: Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers   Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:26 am

He was early. No, he backtracked that thought yet again. He was damn early. He looked to his left and saw the cargo of a man with an ox carrying barrels in a large cart, the handler tapped the ox along gently saying that it was alright in a cool and soft voice. To his left, the modern day teenager. Nothing modern about him except the fact that he had piercing over the entirity of his ear, his shirt said "blow me" in pink and black letters and his head had the entire cast of the crayola box staring black as there main host for the eyes and lips. He looked at Heiki. Heiki raised an eyebrow and then slowly turned away trying now to show the innate disgust he had with that guy.

He turned over again and the gothic guy was walking away towards the shopping center of Konoha. When he was far away and out of sight of Heiki's view, his entire back shivered down from his legs and up to his head and back again. He saw that guys look of wanting. If Heiki had looked at him longer he would see that the guy had licked his lips in a slow and rotating gesture. If he was a woman, there would be some implications later on but Heiki had no sway towards his own gender and the sight of it would had left that guy insulted and him grotesquely disturbed.

When he looked to see if anyone else had came with he notice another shinobi walking his way towards him. He had softly and nonchalantly walked to him with a quick smile saying "“Hey, my name’s Kiyoshi Hikaru, nice to meet you. I’ll be on of your team for this mission.” he placed his hand out to shake and Heiki shook it. He was a bit disappointed because he thought he was the first one here but sadly not.

"Kibou Heiki" he said in a formal approach but then he relaxed and shrugged "Please to God tell me you know something that is closely related to medical" he added this in. He didn't know anything about Kiyoshi, only from ROOT that he was the former Raikage of Kumo then sentence here after the other Raikage took his mantle. As much as this was relevant for some in ROOT, Heiki could give two shits and a four ryo for it. If he's a member of his team, he's a member of his team. Simple as that. If he gets hurt, Heiki will take care of him. He hoped it was vice versa but again, he knew nothing of Kiyoshi Hikaru.

The last person to this group was the older jounin that Heiki wasn't entirely expecting. He walked up to them, his face halfway covered with the collar covering the top of his face, the glasses over his cold eyes Heiki imagined was firey white when he was little and the fridge wrinkles and spots of grey in his hair signifying his age. Aburame Kaosu was one of Heiki's well-known and alive jounin he had total respect for and in honesty, admired since he was young child.

He was estatic, not only was he going to see the skill of the former Raikage but also see one of his admired hero in action. If he was a girl, he would scream in glee. Hell if he was a young boy he would probably ask so many questions. He chuckled softly as he formerly introduced himself and he added that Heiki should be the one to lead them. He might as well say let's go get drunk after this as well cause he was damn near excited to get this mission started.

Heiki twisted his neck cracking the spine and lean back to crack the rest. "Hell, let's get this mission started"

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers   

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Taken, time to retrieve: The Jounin group gathers
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