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 A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!

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PostSubject: Re: A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!   Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:29 pm

Nasamea had laid her head down in the grass as she rested. Her large body rose up and down from her large breaths through her somewhat dog-like nose.. or however she breathed. Covering her head, except her eyes but just above, was like a metal plate that was attached to her head. It was for protection and covered her nose and whole top of head. She could still breath and smell though just fine. She could also see just fine. The plate aided her since it didn't actually blind her.

When Mitsu began to speak her dog-like ears twitched behind her long horns that rose out from her head and over part of her neck. Her eyes were still closed but Mitsu had the rest of her attention. Not a monster? She honestly thought about running away and leaving him. At first she was to blinded and all she wanted to do was run. But she did come back after she pushed her rage aside and remembered him. He was her comrade, her teammate, her... friend. She didn't want him to be dragged into this. She tried protecting him and get him to runaway when Shi came. She didn't want him to get hurt. This didn't concern him, it was between her and Shi. However, it appeared that Shi had other plans and now an outsider was involved. Was this a good thing though? She knew that despite being stubborn and such she needed some mental support. She needed someone to lean on despite the fact she would deny it. It seemed as though it was weakness, but comrades and friends came in handy. No, she didn't think they were tools, but having a friend gave her someone to keep secrets with. Even if they may potentially back stab her, she actually didn't care who knew about her form as much anymore. One day everyone would find out. She was ninja, nobody could keep secret forever. Especially when someone was a ninja with an abnormal kekegenkai that was rarely seen. Her clan was definitely off the wall abnormal.

With the words of encouragement and the new question presented, Nasamea looked at him with sad eyes that also held thankfulness. These were her true emotions, something anyone rarely seen.

"Thank you..." she paused for a moment before she stood up again on all fours and continued. "As much as I enjoy the fact I can now rely on someone else with this important secret.. and have a very helpful friend who had an understanding of whats going on and how to help... i'm going to have to ask you to please stay out of this... for my sake. I trust your skill and ability but I don't want someone getting hurt that shouldn't have been involved in the first place. If something happened to you, I couldn't forgive myself. So please... the most I ask is... if you could" she sighed. She hated admitting the fact she needed help. It was as though she was hurting her pride more than anything.

Lowering her head for a moment she paused before finally looking back at him, "please just don't like me fall. Don't let me lose sight of myself. I don't want to be consumed with revenge and hate. If I am consumed... I may do a lot of things I will late regret."

She fell into silence again, trying to push the thoughts of causing chaos and destruction aside before sighing again.

"As for how I a getting home.... err...well... I think I will shrink down to human size and then use a henge. Consider it chakra control. I'll look like my regular clothed self instead of this...watch."

With that said she suddenly began to shrink more, her eyes closed as she did. She was concentrating hard before she suddenly henged into her natural self. It were as though she never changed, minus her gray hues. She could change those, but since she most likely wouldn't run into anyone besides him she figured that it didn't matter. If it really did, she'd henge her eyes to.

"Works for now... I just have to get back home as soon as possible so I don't pass out and lose the henge."

She smiled at him, "lets go shall we?"

At least she was trying to be bright and happy about it all. To bad she wasn't entirely.
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PostSubject: Re: A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:11 pm

Nasa shrank down in size and created a henge as not to appear nude. Nasa then spoke."Works for now... I just have to get back home as soon as possible so I don't pass out and lose the henge...lets go shall we?" Nasa smiled at him. Mitsu felt like his wish to be friends with Nasa had actually come true. He looked to the sky, and located the star he first spotted earlier that night. He smiled up to it, and smiled at Nasa. "Sure lets get going, but here, take this first." Mitsu took off his jacket and the waist section, and connected them, then handed it to Nasa. "Just in case you do pass out, I don't think you would want me to see you naked. I also have one request though. I would like to hear about your...gift. I want to hear all of it, strengths, weaknesses, everything possible. But you don't need to tell me now, another time would be fine, such as the next time we go on a mission...and on second thought, I'll stay here. I have some stargazing to catch up on." Mitsu then layed down and started looking up at the stars again.

My characters
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PostSubject: Re: A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:58 pm

He handed her his jacket, causing her to take it and blink in slight confusion. It was a kind thing to do in her situation but she was unsure exactly what to say except, "thanks."

She released the henge and put it in on. She wasn't fully changed back yet so she basically looked like a walking dog basically without any significant body parts to determine gender. Her hair was even purple again but she still was still blue and had the ancient black markings. It was rather weird but at the same time, she might even be able to walk around like this. Not wishing to create attention though, she still slipped on the jacket while listening to Mitsu's request. Normally in this situation she would be skeptical but after him seeing her in her full form, which could have been avoided, and him nearly getting killed; it was the least she could do for him. Especially after giving her his jacket.

"I'll give this back the next time we meet. Or at least after I wash it. I'm pretty sure you don't want any blue or black fur in it. Might be itchy, not sure myself. But anyway," she sighed and nodded, "i'm willing to explain why I a the way I am. If I keep getting stronger, people will eventually find out anyway right?"

She then turned slightly to her left and peered up at the stars. Her body was at an angle to him now. "However, at the moment I don't think it's safe for us to be here. If you really want to stargaze, then just be careful. Me though, I'm going to go home so I can get some clothes on and hide out for the rest of the evening from Shi. Never know when he'll want to return."

She sighed and gazed back at him with a faint smile, one that actually looked real, "tomorrow, meet me at the tea shop near the center of town. If you beat me there, get a booth seat along the right side of the wall when you first walk in. Trust me, they're better and there's an excellent server that knows me by now."

She began to walk away, "I'll explain everything there. For now though, just be careful."

With that said, she took off into the trees and was gone.
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PostSubject: Re: A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!   

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A bond strengthens! A friendship is made!
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