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 Creation for noob desctruction

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PostSubject: Creation for noob desctruction   Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:47 pm



[color:e3e3=3366FF]Character's First and Last Name:
Faust Jellal, Code Name: Necro

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Character's Age: 19


Necro's style of clothing differs slightly from the normal shinobi clothing, but he is not all that outstanding as far as his appearance goes. He initially wears a collared white uniform which almost likens a generals dress suit. It buttons across the sides to enclose him and the collar goes up to almost his ears though it is often curled down to be half that height. The coat tails ride down to his knees and his legs are clad in matching white pants. To contradict he wears jet black shoes which completely encase his foot. However, you will hardly ever see this part of his clothing because he often wears a jet black cloak over it all with a hood big enough that it cuts off any view of his face though he can see out from under the lip of it. The cloak covers his entire body save for his hands and feet and lower half of his face and is made of a thick cloth that is heavy, but it fits him rather well. He also wears jet black gloves to cover his hands. It is very rare that anyone would see past his cloak and get a view of his true face.


How does one accurately describe a pure sadist? Sadistic perhaps, that might be a good word for it. Sadism can take its root in many ways. Social sadism, physical torture sadism, emotional sadism, anyway you can make another person suffer and then draw it out. That is what sadism is. What makes Faust special, is that he is the master of them all. He is a quite observer, and can connect with people well if he so chooses, or simple get to know them to the point of finding various weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is his specialty, and he takes a sound delight in it, or so it may seem.

To the outside observer just meeting him, he is a very sweet young man, if that is what he wants to be to you. This is how he gets in with people. He can play the role of a gentlemen perfectly. He knows all the proper conducts of society and how to act in any given situation like a proper man. He can be sophisticated, a winer drinker if you will. He is also eloquent. His vocabulary can be extensive and his manner of speaking is for lack of a better word, different. He tends to talk in a half riddle format. It is not something that is in the norm. He is not a ladies man though, he in fact, distastes women for their ways. From his experience they are all malicious and self centered, thinking only of themselves in the end and how to get what it is they desire. No matter how sweet they can be, they are all harpies to him. He can however, play it cool so to speak and give a very tranquil aura.

In turn of this aspect, he is very snide and sarcastic when he lets his guard down, or rather when he does not care whether or not you know this side of him or wants you to know for whatever reason. This side of him is dark and some might even say, dangerous. At least it comes off that way. This is where the chaos of his personality comes into play. It is disorderly, cynical, and the worst part, logical. He is capable of making a logical case for anything, able to convince most off of any path that he so desires. He is even able to step outside himself and change his own outlook at any time by picking apart his own views and completely reversing them on himself. In this set of personality traits, he does not seem to give a care about anyone or anything nor the outcome of any event. He can be extremely passive aggressive and is difficult to deal with. It is very difficult to convince him he is wrong when he gets like this and is even combative in a highly aggressive way.

That all however stems from an even deeper part of his personality and it is what gives him the ability to act proper, but it is his covering it up that creates the cynical side. This side is the pessimist. He is in fact a broken and scarred boy who is incapable of truly opening up as he has a fear of connecting to other people. This is an abandonment issue, and a tactic he uses to keep his heart from pain, even though he winds up hurting himself most of all in the long run. He is filled with an internal and eternal sadness that nothing has been ever able to counter, manage or righten. Beneath the shell, rough exterior created by his chosen career preference of shinobi is a shattered soul who finds death an all appealing venture. It is these three conflicting sides that have disabled him from holding a relationship for very long at all of any kind, romantically, family, or friendly.

That however comes to his true nature, all though the pessimist is who he truly is. the way he acts, when he is not acting, coincides with the cynical side. He plans and plots and keeps himself busy to keep his mind off his true thoughts. He does not like his true self and so has created this ghastly persona. He became a shinobi so that he would legally be allowed to kill others, and can be very much viewed as a cruel person. His goal is to spill as much blood as possible and make certain people suffer in the fullest amount. The actions he takes are often more cruel then many can concieve as he is the ultimate master of death itself.

    like: Mind Games
    like: Causing Pain and Suffering
    like: Sarcasm

    dislike: Stupidity
    dislike: Small Children
    dislike: Disrespect

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Fears: Divine Punishment

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Strengths:Kekkei Genkei, Intelligence, Mind Games and Manipulation, Strategy, Forbidden Arts, Survival, Sword Skills.

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Weaknesses: Over confident, , Ego, cant perform jutsu on own.

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Village: Grass

Missing Nin

S Ranked Criminal



Born to the outside, never once part of the whole. On the run before he was even a month with in his mothers womb. Faust has been a missing nin, and there by a criminal his entire life. His mother and father were only petty thieves on the run barely managing to avoid the ninja who were after them by circumstance and pure luck. He never got to offically meet them. At their weakest point they were approached by a man in a cloak. Child Birth, having just exited the body. Both of them killed expertly, though expertise was not needed. Taken away, never to know his origins or why, never to be spoke of again, taken but one with the same mark upon his eye as he, the same ability, a true teacher, a true student.

Under the wing of this man he was from day one. Learning the art of the kill was all that mattered. The teacher known as Kyouken. The master of the same power where no ninja skill was to be had in the typical sense. Trained in the art of simple weaponary, master of deffesne and survival as starting out offense was near impossible. Training the body and mind, vigourus and quick witted. To stay alive the only key for now.

Unlock they did, the barriers to his soul, and into the souls of others long dead. Kyouken already unbound, teaching his adopted son how to do the same, and obtain the power most woudl take several life times to achieve, for multiple lives gave him his. 8 of these he so did select, an aresenal of ulmighty proportions, and so the true test began. A full encompasing view. To complex to not need strategy. To look up down left right and behind you all at once while being aware as to what was right under your nose. It was not easy, but in the end, he became his masters image, with different tools, but the same style, the same power. The same warrior in a different mask. This was he, codename Necro.

And so finally ready. He unleashed the boy upon the world as one of its greatest threats. This man of such evil it exuded, and not even the life of two decades, strong enough to take on any force. He so released his prodigys fury upon any unlucky enough to cross his path. He came from no where, but to no where was he headed, unless hell truly did exist. To pave a destination not clearly seen. He could live for nearly forever, there would be no end to this mans destruction untill the day he met his equal or surperior in battle, a prophecy likely to never be fulfilled.

lAll Deceased


[color:e3e3=3366FF]Weapons: Kunai, Black Scimitar with gold hilt (no special power).

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Kekkei Genkai:
Faust's Kekkei Genkai is an exteremly rare one that is not even clan related. It is unknown just how it goes about showing itself, except possible the correct combination of genetic code. It is clear that someone has this ability from birth due to the mark upon their right eye (see avatar and pictures in looks section). This birthmark is actually a seal which has quite arcane connections. It is a conduit to the afterlife and spirit realm to which the bearer has a certain amount of power over. Thus the ones who bear this mark are often known as "Masters of Death." What it allows them to do is bring souls back to the human world and use their vast energy to reconstruct their bodies as lifeless shells. This process takes about ten days of sheer concentration and being in a meditative state to complete. The body will then the user's birthmark branded upon their own right eye. A permanent connection is formed between the two and the user can then manipulate this dead body through mental commands. During the process, certain chunks of the souls essence will become part of the users own. Life force and chakra capacity. The user will have their lives lengthened by the number of years the soul had spent as a living person. This only slows aging and does not in anyway make them immune to mortal wounds or disease etc. Also they will have one tenth of their charka supply added to their own, increasing the amount of jutsu they can do. The body will be known as their "soul puppet". They will be able to use these puppets in battle and be able to use up to five of the techniques the soul knew in life. They can not however learn new techniques, and the user of this jutsu loses the ability to he himself use jutsu after making the first connection. All chakra for jutsu performed will come from the users body however. Though these souls will be lifeless, they will imitate it with the need to breathe and have blood course through their body and can be "killed" like any other human. When not in use or if "killed" the soul puppet will hang in limbo between the worlds of the living and dead. It can be pulled from and returned to this place at a mere whim of the user. The maximum number of these soul puppets any user of this kekkei genkei may have at any one time is 8 and once a connection is forged it can not be broken. Additionally they can only use up to four of the soul puppets in a single topic.

Fausts Soul Puppets

Taku Sookato

Sendo Ketsueki


Senkou Nara


Hotoke Sukkaku


Dageki Hyuuga

[color:e3e3=3366FF]Abilities: See Kekkei Genkei

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Posts : 272
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PostSubject: Re: Creation for noob desctruction   Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:47 pm

[color:7c42=3366FF]Favorite Jutsus:

The following are only useable through their respective Soul Puppet.









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Creation for noob desctruction
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