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 Konoha Security system I MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING

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PostSubject: Konoha Security system I MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING   Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:43 pm

lifeanddeath wrote:
Name of Weapon or Item: Konoha's security system.
Owner:Hokage/Konoha Security Team
Location: ANBU HQ

Description/Abilities:A series of wireless security camera's and microphones placed everywhere within Konoha. The camera's are all connected to the Village Security Division of the ANBU [Also where the Barrier team is located], the Camera's are all connected to a series of monitors for all the security team to see. However, the system is uniquely designed so that is also connected directly to Ikan Hyuuga's primary visual cortex which allows him to see through every camera at will.[Given that Hyuuga are specifically adapted to seeing & comprehending multiple angles with their byakugan, Ikan is perfect for this purpose.] The security feed is watched 24 hours a day from the ANBU HQ and the feed is able to be pulled up by the Hokage within his office & Mansion.

There are several other security methods in place in Konoha as well.

A seal is implace for the security system:

History:Designed by Keiden Senju early in his reign as Hokage, however it was not able to be used until Ikan Hyuuga's injury[SEE NPCs] Since they've been put into place, they are Monitored by Ikan and the Konoha Security team.

Appearance:A series of wireless security camera's and microphones, varying from very small to average size.

Name of Weapon or Item: Village entrance security measures.
Location: Village Entrance: Konohagakure

Description/Abilities: The only enterenmce to Konoha, is very strict in it's security measures to keep the village safe. These include a database, which records the retinal scans, fingerprints and DNA of all visitors, this information is then combined with their appearance,name and chakra signature [registers through means listed below] into a database that is scanned through all missing-nin known to Konoha.

The security check point first checks and registers all weapons and items the visitors possess, making sure they are carrying nothing illegal. Then second it takes fingerprints and other information[see above] and scans it all into the computer system. All visitors must pass through an object similar to a metal detector which records their chakra signature and inputs it into the computer.

Before being allowed to enter the village, all visitors are marked with a seal.


The security checkpoint is staffed with 8 A rank NPC guards and 4 NPC medics.

Name of Weapon or Item: Konohagakure Headband

Description/Abilities: A new Konoha headband, the same as old ones with the exception of the seal implanted on the back of it[see seal above]

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Konoha Security system I MUST READ BEFORE ENTERING
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