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 Time to hide in the shadows, Plan A of operation: pervy inflitration begins!

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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Time to hide in the shadows, Plan A of operation: pervy inflitration begins!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:41 am

"Where is that music coming from" he said to himself. This woke him up from his long slumber. He was still atop on one of the largest buildings in the city. He rubbed into his eyes, his voice was hoarse with sleep "Da fuck...it's night time...already..." there was a pause "Shit, I overslept" he dragged his hand down his face. All the times he didn't want to sleep, he laid down for a just a minutes and it is now night. He glanced up over the rooftop railing and saw the spiraling distance from where he was down the lights that blurred and mesmorized him.

He looked away, blinking his eyes then rubbing them. The overstimulation didn't help him to regain what he was going to do. He stood himself up, placing a hand on the ground. He felt a leather object at the tip of his finger tips. He looks and he sees that it was his writing journal. The pen was still inside. Opening the journal, he saw that he had eight pages full of writing. He began to flip through it reading it from where it started at chapter seven. It was starting with his main character, Togeshi, now a man with a girlfriend and starting to get his life together, had met up with a long time friend. She was the beautiful Megumi, a woman who had fully devoloped over the years. Her sexual prowness was beginning to question Togeshi her love for his girlfriend or would he fall over with his lust to Megumi.

If I could not stop this, it would begin to get out of hand real soon. She was my friend, one of my best of friends that I grew up in my old neighborhood. She was always a tomboy, always the one getting us into trouble and after college, it didn't seem like we would see each other again.

But I'm here now, in her room, her body is laying over me and her lips are pressing warmly on my neck. I can smell the light perfume, the smell of a peachy mist following into my nostrils but that isn't what is attracting me to her, there was something underneath the smell of that mist, it was intoxicating and I'm in deep ectasy.

Something in the back of me wants to push her away, to tell her that I love my girlfriend, Naomi, she is the one that I need....but Megumi, God, Megumi is the one that I want, the woman that makes my loins fire in passion and that seems to be controlling me more than my mind....

It stops and reading that last sentence sparked what Riku wanted to do. He closed the journal in hand and slides it back into the back pouch. He inadverantly scratch into his head not because he had an itch but he was wondering where in the world that music came from and who would put that in his head. He glances over the rooftop once more, his eyes adjusted and he the over stimulation didn't occur this time, he was able to control it. He had seen villages where color auras sprang wildly with rage and sex, it seems to be the most common in huge cities with lots of corporations and urban renewal, now it was occuring in villages as well. It was either a sad day for the villages or a sad day for the generation of today.

With all the lights, the commerical bilboards that was putting out an advertisement for toothbrush. The woman was scadily dressed, she was laying on her said and her body was covered with a silk blanket while brushing her teeth. "What in the hell does that have to do with toothbrushes?" It wasn't just an exaggeration when they say "sex sells" this was the atomic explosion of overkill for the simplest of ads. With that, he could easily place himself in the market district.

He stood himself up, he was comfortable now for once and didn't have to be on constant alert. It appeared that ANBU dwindled there search a little bit. He could sense the stern aura of blue that was consistant lurking in the mist of the village but it was far away, like a thunderstorm that was miles away. Riku began pacing himself. He came to Konoha to intercept the threat of the empire. They haven't shown themselves, well not yet. They were still there, far off in the distance but they were resting and of course...waiting for the perfect thing to strike.

Deep in the study of the Hokage's mansion was something that was writers gold, the last copy of Icha Icha Paradise. From what Riku has heard, it was the gold edition, the rarest of all the books. It has been centuries since it's been heard and when a weathly man wanted fire country a price for such a piece of writing, it was refused, none other than the Hokage himself, Senju Keiden.

That is what Riku wanted, rather needed for more inspiration. What he had in his study was something more than just a piece of pervert work that had been written over 150 years ago, no, in there was years of experience of looking at woman, examining every fine detail from the fine fair hair a woman had, to the inward curve that made a man crazy when they wore something tight or rather revealing. It made a man want to grab at it and this had countless efforts for the imaginative mind to dawn new ideas. He didn't want it for the money, no, he just want to read it. Was that too much to ask?

Apparently so for the super pervert. Riku thought of himself as a man who admired ladies, hell, he love women for the sake of them being creators of life. He admired that aspect and wouldn't want a women to turn away from this. But of course, man didn't really see that. They only thought it was a necessary tool to pleasure themselves, Keiden was no exception. An older man, Riku could assume probably just 40, just wanting to enjoy his super perverted self in peace and didn't want any trouble. With that mindset, he could imagine that there would be many intricate and complex steps to get to the mind gold.

Riku was good in inflitration, nay, out of all the specialities that he had learn and if he had one skill his polymathic self could specialize in; spying, assassinating and inflitration was his major specialities. His father and uncle praised him for his inflitrating skills. But this was no ordinary task. Seeing that the man who wanted to buy it, a man who sold himself for wealth paid a small country fortune for this one book and there was a refusal, he could imagine the fury this man could bestow.

He wanted the book for the collectors item, Riku wanted the book to read it. Hell, he could give two shits if it was a copy that had a cover that looked like tatter beef jerky and the pages were old and moldy, he wanted to look inside and read what this great author had to offer to the world at the time. This would be his most difficult inflitration mission ever....

But the task was too great for him to pass up. He was here in Konoha and he had already inflitrated in, why stop and say "Dont press your luck" when he had a chance of a lifetime. Riku grabbed his hood and pulled it over, it create a void around his face, he was wearing dark clothing and the night was young. Sweet darkness, you are my friend and my lover, he looked at the direction towards the Hokage Mansion

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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Time to hide in the shadows, Plan A of operation: pervy inflitration begins!
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