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 Seifu and Hyuojin Clan

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PostSubject: Seifu and Hyuojin Clan   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:23 pm

Name: Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu
Founder: The two Clans of Seifu and Hyoujin existed longer than the merged
Seifu-Hyuojin/Hyoujin-Seifu by almost 150 years. The furthest their Clan dates back is close to 700 years being the very first Seifu and almost 600 years for the first Hyoujin. The merged clan of the Seifu-Hyuojin/Hyoujin-Seifu was decided by the leader of the Seifu, Higaki Seifu. He stated that it was the ideal method for the two Clans to get through the onslaught of both. They had been attacked constantly by a few others and now and by joining forces their Clans could become one, powerful body. Agreeing with this, Chiao Hyoujin merged her clan with the Seifu making the Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu.
Location: They exist as a group hidden in the forests of the Leaf Village. They've been there far longer than the Leaf Village and have been partially involved with Senju before the Leaf had been established. Their exact location is very difficult to find and isn't large enough to be considered a "Hidden Village".

History: The history of the Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu as a merged clan is extensive, though not heavily detailed. They have been together, as a Clan, for near 150 years collectively. They have mostly been anti-social to other clans. The entire reason that the Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu Clan even existed was because both groups individually were under great stress from outside Clans and, in order to protect and preserve themselves, they had to band together. The Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu grew in the Forests of what is common day Konohagakure territory and, when Konohagakure came along, they were welcomed with open arms. Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu did participate in the going-ons of the Village, aiding it it's building and helping with it's maintenance, but they never participated in the National Security that was the Ninja. Surprisngly, Konohagakure didn't ask them too. The Village provided protection even if the Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu didn't entrust their ninja arts to them.

Though, the leader of this banded together group was both a Seifu and a Hyoujin together. It was the Seifu's idea to share the information of the Clan if the Leaf could continue to protect it for more than 100 years. Other than that, there wasn't any major conflict or action that happened within the history of Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu.

Special Info: At the moment, the Seifu-Hyoujin and the Hyoujin-Seifu are in great conflict. This has led to a competition between both Clans. Those born in the last 20 years would bear only their ancient surname of Seifu or Hyoujin, indicating the break between the two clans.

Requirements: None
Current Members:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Kuma no Denkai
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Supplementary, Body Enhancement Technique
Ability: The Kuma no Denkai, commonly called Denkai for short, is manipulation of the body by means of electrical pulses. Similar to the electrical amplifications that have been seen in the ninja of Kumogakure, but there are vast differences. The Kuma no Denkai amplifies the electrical impulses of nerves and of cells within the body allowing one to be able to comprehend data faster, move limbs faster, and move the body faster overall. The body of the Seifu is a massive conductor and holder of electricity and because of their specialized spine, brain, and Central Nervous Tissue they are able to expel a small flow of electricity and are able to have heightened perception and speed.

Strengths: They can move faster than ordinary humans at birth and, upon training, they have the potential to have superior speed to your typical ninja. They can think faster and they have near perfect reflexes and agility. They have high endurance and can wield the electrical energy that comes from their body to perform various secondary techniques. Using the Denkai consumes hardly any chakra, being that it is just an activation of an series of actions and bodies of energy that is already in the body, though the secondary techniques do use some energy.

Weaknesses: Though they are fast, their ability to use chakra is also effected by this nature. They can't use many techniques and they can't move chakra outside of their body well. Even smaller techniques like Water Missile or the Basic Clone are heavily draining and have a very low percentage of even working. Heavy, long training is needed to learn some of the basic. They have naturally low chakra capacity, hardly any other elemental techniques, and water element can cause more drastic damage when the Denkai is active. The major flaw of the Denkai is what it leaves the body as after usage. Worn, broken, and heavily drained. The longer one uses Denkai the worse their body will be after they are finished. Any injuries they receive while using Denkai are slightly fended against, though upon release those injuries amplify. For example a broken wrist could become a broken arm and fighting until chakra is close to finished will likely bring full paralysis as well as shocking pain after release. There is pain, mental and physical, after using Denkai.
Rank: A-Rank

Description: Denkai has two Levels. There's Level 0 and Level 1. There is no obvious signs that the technique is used at Level 0. The holder simply has good perception and is naturally quick. They have good endurance and are able to run for a long while. They are swift and hold some advantageous in terms of quickness when compared to the average ninja. At Level 1 lightning appears to fire out of the body and, upon making the two seals, that lightning is concentrated throughout the body. The eyes glow bright and there's a golden glow around the user. They are three times as fast as they were at Level 0 and they can use secondary techniques.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Kamikaze Hirate
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Offensive, Chakra Manipulation
Rank: S-Rank
Ability: Ability to change the Nature of their own chakra and release the chakra in the form of a specific form blast. This technique expels pure chakra in the form of destructive, orbs of high pressure winds. Though they are wind, they hold the nature of whatever element or character that the user decides it to be. As such, a large release of Water Elemental Chakra or Earth Elemental Chakra on a weakness target would be a simple task. Only a Hyoujin can perform this and it can only be performed by a rare few who hold the blood line ability. The Kekkai Genkai is specifically the ability to shift the elemental affinity of the user to anything and apply that to their attacks, though it is more commonly identified, and is named for, the blast release that is is ejected from. The technique is strengthened by those who store chakra in their Clan Markings on their palms. Those that store chakra in their palms over a long period of time can use more chakra when the Kekkai Genkai is used. This is typical of users because the Kekkai Genkai is so costly and can only be used for as long as one has the chakra to support it.
Strengths: Due to the nature of the Hyoujin Kekkai Genkai, they can handle a battle with any opponent holding any elemental weakness. They can release their blasts on heavy, elemental releases of energy or counter by using a body of chakra that is simply opposite in nature of one used. Even non-elemental techniques can be countered, though that takes not only genius ability but almost impossible talent. It uses chakra stored in
Weaknesses: Chakra costs. Just to shift the elemental nature of the user's Chakra consumes a great deal of chakra and takes, at the quickest, 20 seconds. It isn't instantaneous to shift the nature of chakra. As one would guess, expelling a pure body of chakra is consuming and, even when the technique is used more subtly, it costs tremendous amounts of chakra to manage. As such, the technique can commonly only be used for 3 minutes [6 Posts or 3 Minutes of Time Passing During Battle]. Though, the current heir to the Hyoujin can use it for exactly 6 minutes [9 Posts or 8 Minutes of Time Passing During Battle]. Note that the technique works off of percentages, not a certain quantity, so even those with tremendous chakra amounts are subject to the time limit. He is the only one, ever in history, to breech that 3 minute time limit and, currently, is the only one. Those that exceed that time limit die, plain and simple. There is a 100% chance of dying of going to Absolute Zero if one exceeds their time limit. Once Kamikaze Hirate is used once it can't be used until it replenishes, which is normally after a few hours rest. It doesn't take full chakra to use the Kamikaze Hirate, though after using it once and full chakra is managed again at a later time, there is a 100% chance that the Kamikaze Hirate will be usable. How long it takes to recover depends on the person, but it can only be called upon once per battle so it is best used as a last resort or when victory is assured. Poor technique to use against more than one opponent.

Description: When released the New Moon on the palm of the Hyoujin starts to fill and the Full Moon slowly empties. By the time they swamp places the technique will kill the user. There is a huge wave of energy that erupts from the body. It is normally white, though the current heir's energy is golden.

    They Hyoujin techniques use a great deal of chakra and, because of it, some can only be used three times or twice in a battle. Kiga Hirate and Ookiga Hirate and the most secret techniques of the clans and are commonly taught only to the most powerful, pure blood and talented of the Hyoujin.

  • Teikiatsu Hirate: Summons a Vortex centered around a Palm Marking
  • Shougeki Hirate: Causes what is touched in hand to experience a small explosion
  • Ashura Hirate: Throws a blast of air forward that is heavy and penetrating
  • Kiga Hirate: Summons a massive vortex of pulling winds that will pull objects into a distortion. Essentially, a small black hole.
  • Ookiga Hirate: Sucks an attack towards one of the moons where heavy, condensing space is. Will pull forward objects like kunai, rocks, or even elemental attacks and turn them into small, marble sized objects.


  • Mirror: Move at a speed so fast that it creates an after image.
  • Flash: Powerful release of electrical energy that flies outwards in all directions. The length depends on how much power is put into it.
  • Trip: Move passed an individual so fast that it erupts to create an explosive, electrical wave.
  • Burst: Force an exponential eruption of energy to the hand or leg to increase speed or destructive power for a short moment.
  • Bladed Lance:Create a blade of electricity that can be launched or used to fight with. When thrown, the blade flies at incredible speeds guided by the lightning.

Clan Traits: The Seifu-Hyoujin/Hyoujin-Seifu have marks on their palms. They are in the shape of moons, one transparent and one filled in. These tattoos are placed upon the 5th year and represent Moons. Originally, part of the Hyoujin it was adopted by the Hyoujin-Seifu and, later, the Seifu-Hyoujin. The red outline, unfilled, is on the right hand and stands for New Moon. The left hand has the blue, filled in, marking and stands for Full Moon.

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Seifu and Hyuojin Clan
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