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 Gather and leave...

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PostSubject: Gather and leave...   Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:10 pm


So as it stood for the moment Clous was to wait until the team was assembled and move on from there. He had yet to see who all was going, honestly he figured he could handle it on his own. Assassination was his bread and butter, and as for accidents…well anything could happen. He would get to that when he crossed it. What concerned him the most was the fact that he wasn’t working alone. He hadn’t been in a team since his genin days, and even then he was a bit of a lone wolf, often doing his own thing to reach a faster conclusion.

However the one who handed him the mission was adamant on stressing team work for this mission. It was B rank after all, and Clous’ first since being released from the hospital and back at one hundred percent. He hoped all of his training would pay off finally, and that the jutsu he had added to his arsenal would be enough. But for the mission at hand it may be a bit over the top. He had no idea the size/ strength of the group. On top of that they were to assassinate the leader. They would need time for that, wait and separate.

God forbid his teammate were some trigger happy loudmouth ready to go and all hyperactive and what not. Or who knows maybe he would get lucky and have someone eh could depend on. Clous face palmed the more he thought about it. This was exactly why he wanted to do this on his own. As he waited there he remembered that the scroll he was reading from was a bright red with white trim along the edges. Whoever was assigned to go with him would have the same unique scroll. Or at least recognize it, so eve after he was done reading he left it unraveled as if he were still checking it to make sure he understood it all.
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PostSubject: Re: Gather and leave...   Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:05 pm

Kicking back and getting cozy was one thing everyone tended to do in the fall months. It wasn't as though it grew severely cold in Konoha but there was still enough brisk in the air from the approaching winter to make just about anyone shiver. Sanzen faced the cold brutality though as she ran her daily patrol of the village. All for the sake of the citizens to rest peacefully in their humble abodes. This was the life of the ninja and she enjoyed every last bit of it, no doubt about that. A few brave souls continued to exit their homes without a care though. Some even in short sleeves and shorts as they ran off to play, hang out with other friends, or do whatever else they tended to do.

As the end of her patrol drew near, Sanzen perched on a rooftop. She tended to do this a lot in her final hours or so. It made her less noticeable by the by standards anyway. Plus she got to see a few ninja pass by. Some waved, others didn't. She supposed it depended how much of a hurry they were in. What was odd though was one did stop to chat. Normally everyone stayed away from her considering she was considered an "unstable freak" who was prone to attacking anyone. This particular ninja proved to be rather interesting. Was it really necessary to serve a full suited masked ANBU? Hell, she would attack him too.

"Are you Sanzen?"

She figured just about everyone knew now. Especially ANBU considering her run in with them the other day. Or at least Kutsuu's run in anyway.

"Depends who's asking."

"If so the mission provider has sent me in order to inform you of your latest mission based upon your points."

"This is her."

The ANBU remained standing tall and firm behind her. It was a male behind that mask from what she could tell and the fact he didn't have any curves or breasts. If it were a woman, she must have been manly.

"You seemed to not have gained any points since your rank to Chunin. We have been watching you. You do know your own "student" is even a B rank Chunin now?"

"What of it?"

"This is more of a problem than you think..... You have been assigned to a mission with another Chunin of the village. We are sure you may know them quite well considering your latest acts. You are to go to the Main gate and meet up with him. Failure to do this will result in de-ranking."

Sanzen was silent for a more, her face very thoughtful. It appeared that she did not have much of a choice. Pushing herself up by her knee, she brought her feet to the roof and got to her feet. Turning to the ANBU, she stared him dead at where his eyes would be, her own black hues gaining a bit of red to them and creating a smoldering effect. She placed one hand on her hip.

"If I don't have a choice then fine. Inform the mission providers and whomever else is sending me to do this that I am going and will see to it that this mission is accomplished."

The ANBU nodded silently before disappearing in a fade of shadow. Typical ANBU move. Sanzen placed a hand on her forehead with her other arm propping it. She shook her head thinking of how troublesome this may be before finally scurrying off towards the gate. She wasn't very far away, maybe a good mile or so.

From rooftop to rooftop she went and soon enough she caught eye of a random Chunin standing at the gate. Just great. It was one of the last Chunin she probably didn't wish to see. Maybe it was a mistake.

Sanzen dropped down from the roof and landed with ease. She quickly made a light jump to where he land was mostly silent before she gazed into the eyes of the Chunin. Her blackish red hues grew solid onyx as she eyed the ninja, examining him up and down. It appeared he had healed from the minor wounds and was back in shape. Maybe now she would get her chance... but first it appeared she had a mission to deal with. One that threatened her with a demotion.

"I was sent here to meet a Chunin so we may go on a mission. I'm assuming that is you correct?"

She spoke as though she had never seen him in her life.
It made her wonder how he would react to this.
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PostSubject: Re: Gather and leave...   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:14 pm

((I guess after your post we'll move to teh travel.))

Clous continued to literally kick dirt while he waited, even getting a little impatient. But his face stayed blank and emotionless for the most part. He looked up to the sound of something approaching, for some reason that one person drew his attention. At first he sun blocked his gaze from seeing who it was until she landed.

His Amber eyes burned into hers as she spoke. Honestly he didn’t care one way or the other who they sent as long as they didn’t screw up; with this one he had to wonder. He quickly turned away from her and made his way to the gate keeper. “Yeah, let’s go. I don’t plan on this taking the rest of the year.” More or less he had quickly grown impatient. Be it to her appearance or the fact that he had to wait. It was probably both in a sense.

After confirming the duo for the mission and their time of departure Clous was ready to go. He couldn’t help but think of their last fight and how it ended, or rather was stopped. He wasn’t really one for revenge, he decided against that long ago. It was pointless in the long run anyway and did nothing but hurt you in the end. No this was more like a challenge he had accepted but yet to see through. He hated leaving things undone and up in the air undecided.

He slowly turned to her. “Sanzen was it? You and I are going to go at it again when we get back.” Obviously he had every intention on making it back and bringing her with him if possible. He didn’t fail missions, he cleared them. That’s how it always was. At least this time he got something he could enjoy. Without saying much else Clous turned away from her and started on his way down the road. They would definitely pick up the pace soon. Then again it wasn’t like they really had too far to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Gather and leave...   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:25 pm

“Yeah, let’s go. I don’t plan on this taking the rest of the year.”

With her arms crossed a smirk crossed her face as he turned away and began to walk off. It humored Kutsuu that he was turning tail and walking away rather than fighting back. Which if he did, the demonic spirit would do what he could to make the Chunin feel uneasy. He would probably only piss him off more too.

'Now isn't the time for nonsense, go on the mission and get it over with'
'Sanzen, Sanzen, Sanzen,'[/] he chuckled in his thoughts, [i]'don't worry. I'll play nice...for now.'

Sanzen didn't believe it and Kutsuu knew this but that didn't matter. As long as he was in control of her body it was Kutsuu who called the shots. This left her in a limbo like state where all she could do was sit in the dark abyss of her mind; wait, watch, and listen. For once she was powerless, all thanks to that strange man she originally met at the gate. This brought to mind the white haired blue eyed man who worn the black cloak. It was he who she attacked. Maybe she shoudn't have done so anyway. Thinking about him though took Sanzen's thoughts away from Kutsuu at the moment; leaving the spirit to walk as he pleased.

They then passed through the gate, the guards, and then walked onto a dirt path cut through the infamous Konoha forests.

“Sanzen was it? You and I are going to go at it again when we get back.

Sanzen let out a dark chuckle, her onyx hues not even looking at the man as she continued her stride, "I do believe you have read my mind."
Again she sounded a bit like a female speaking but with a male voice leaking through. An odd phenomenon to probably all who heard her. But she didn't care, least Kutsuu didn't anyway.

Without even asking for his name, or more so not caring at the moment, Sanzen/Kutsuu continued to walk down the path. Soon, her and this Chunin would be on there way to the mission and hopefully back before anything to terrible were to occur....
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PostSubject: Re: Gather and leave...   

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Gather and leave...
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