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 Beast Collection [Mission]

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PostSubject: Beast Collection [Mission]   Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:48 am


A low wind rustled across the gates of the leaf village, creating a deep hollow sound as it quickly passed between the gates. The ninja on guard at the front of the village trembled a bit in a fit of ecstasy as the cool wind chilled their sun tanned bodies. Who would have known that a guard job could be so hard? Especially since the sweltering sun was literally baking them where they stood. One of them was lucky enough to be sitting in a small check point booth, under the shade of the deep brown wooden frame. By all means, it should have been cooler under the shade, but the sun didn't heat up just bodies, it cooked the air as well. Sweat dripped from the two guards, the one at the gate and the one at the checkpoint as if they had been doused in a shower and forced to put on their clothes without drying off first. Today was unusually warm.

A rustling figure in the depths of their sight walked the pavement road which diverged into many other paths that led into the village. It wore a bamboo hat which seemed to cover its eyes for the most part, a large hat shaped like a wide cone to protect the head from the heat. The kimono he wore flung against the frame of his short body, flapping loudly like the banner of a proud flag. With each silent step it grew closer and closer, until one could see the black ninjato about his waist, secured properly there and invisibly, as if it was hooked from thin air. As it got closer, he could be seen carrying a large back pack about his shoulders, with a couple of scrolls strapped to each side. There were some back up weapons underneath the backpack, which was more than likely full of provisions for the journey.

The figure rose upon them, about 175cm in height, short for a normal man. The guards easy stood over him, looking down at him as he arrived. The black shoe on his feet stopped as he stood up to the check point, removing his information from a pocket hidden amongst the fabric of his juban. An identification card and a mission slip asking for the sealing scrolls that were needed to complete the mission. The guard reached for his palm pilot device and pressed the screen a few times with a sweaty finger. He murmured to himself. "Shihouin Uchiha.... Chuunin, B Rank." He looked up to his face with squinty eyes, trying to see underneath the hat, but all he could see was the lower portion of his face which held no expression. Just two lips pressed together normally, as if they had been shut for ever.

Upon understanding that he needed to see his face, Shihouin removed his hat and went ahead and removed his backpack and set it on the table. The Chuunin verified his face. "You got a haircut... Ok," He quickly bent over and reached for three marked scrolls, all about 20cm in length, rolled neatly with a seal of the leaf village on it. He pushed the scrolls towards his backpack. "We'd prefer it if you used the scrolls we have." In a calm, plain voice he responded. "Oh, of course. These scrolls are merely for training purposes since the journey ahead will be long." Shihouin grabbed the scrolls and opened the flap on his backpack, stuffing them in a spot he had saved for them. He buckled the flap closed and placed the backpack on his back and grabbed his hat. "If that is all, I'll be on my way." The Chuunin nodded and shook his hand to signal the other sweaty Chuunin, who unlocked the provisions and security systems on the gate to let him pass. Shihouin walked through, placing his hat on his head as he walked from the hot pavement and stepped foot on the dirt road, on his way to the Rice Field Country.

*Note to RPers*

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Beast Collection [Mission]
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