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    Happy New Year:

    Year: 0638

    Month: 1

    Season: Winter
    Your weekly weather report:
    For the week of:
    January 16th to January 22nd

    Konoha: Snow Storm

    Tea: Snow Storm

    River: Snow Storm


    Taki: Snow

    Wave: Snow

    Suna: Windy


    Bird: Windy

    Kiri: Snow Storm (40% visibility)



    Kumo: Snow Storm

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    Missing Nin
    Missing Nin

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    PostSubject: Achievement   Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:33 pm

    -Real Estate Agent: You have bought or sold more than five different properties via the housing system.

    -Explosion Master: You have bought more than 4,000 ryo worth ox exploding tags (dependnent on LADS ryo system)

    -Poison Veins: You have trained your Herbalist trait to level 3

    -No Life: You have taken more than 50 missions

    -Hard Worker: Through training and sheer skill, you have reached the Rank of Advanced Jounin (ranking system thing)

    -Assassin: You have managed to slay a PC from behind. Good job, backstabber.

    -Cat Hater: You have taken the Rescue the Cat mission more than 10 times, and somehow managed not to fail. Good job, heres some cat nip.

    -Handyman: You have compleleted D-rank missions involving task such as: Painting a room, help putting flooring in a house, washing windows, sweeping an entire room.

    -Reputed: You are well known around the a few countries (Completed 10 missions B-rank and up and 4 missions involving two or more countries)

    -Iron Will: You have face against all odds and you manage to hold onto your will. Your mind is still intact and you are still alive and kicking (Survived 4 interrogations and lived to tell)

    -Spam Bot: Your continous posting had been noted. On behalf of the staff, you recieve the spam bot achievement. You REALLY like to spam alot. You must eat alot of spam too in order to create all that spam

    -Leader: You're a leader of a village, go and lead your people to victory......or put it down to dust

    -Traitor: Wow, you actually betrayed your village and/or team, good job!

    -I Am Legend: You are well known through the entire shinobi continents (Achieve "Legendary" Status)

    -Its over 9000: Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level. Vegeta: IT'S OVER 9000! (Recieved experienced/Specialized Jounin)

    -White Mage: You learned S-rank medical technique, let's just hope you use it for the better good

    -Black Mage: You've learn a S-rank kinjutsu technique. So it's forbidden right? You're not going to go hog crazy with it right? Right?!?!?!

    -Warehouse: Why you rich? Holding out on some people ain't ya? Can you spare me a few ryo? Come on man, it's not like you're gonna miss it or anything. Share the love, share the love man. (You have excessive amounts of ryo)

    -Eden: It seems you have quite a garden there. Shoo, I believe God would be proud of you creating such an paradise. Good job! (Has created a garden)

    -Runner: You are quite the coward, geez I'm surprise they haven't kicked you off the team. Way to leave your team behind while they suffer (You ran away from a task and/or mission

    - PVE Master: Whoa, look at the badass walking down the street. People are really hiding from you. Whoa, did you see that, I just saw a guy dive into that river that's about three feet. Dang, you killed someone without even touching them! (Killed 10 PC's)

    -Just Married: You've reached what people have dreamt (or not) to achieve when they reach adulthood and that is to get married. Now go on lover, love your man/woman forever and ever and so forth and so on (Married or have a lover IC)

    -Perfectionist: Oh wow, it seems you have mastered your skills. If it is all right with you, can I learn from you cause I really need to learn how to do this? (You have complete mastery over your dominant and recessive abilities)

    -Legendary Sensei: You trained and had nine students make it to chuunin. I was going to ask another person to help me pass but it seems you got the skill to help me

    -Wings of Freedom: You have left your village, completely and utterly looking back at nothing seeing that you've moved from being binded with strings to do missions and what not. BUT NOW...now you are free, the strings are cut and you are now on your way to do...well whatever it is you have planned. Just...make sure that you keep your mouth shut otherwise the village will be after you (You've defected from the village or You have reached the level of Legendary and are able to move across the land while keeping ties to your village)

    -Leap of Faith: Man, you took a chance. People told you to not do it. You didn't listen to your conscious and you relied heavily on fate. Well, your faith have lead you to sucess (You taken on a mission/task which was two ranks higher than your own rank)

    -I Did It!: Holy crap you surivived. Are you all right? Did you get any cuts? I'm surprise you got your limbs. How's your head. Damn what in the world is that thing on your head!?! Oh that's your hair. Hehehehe....ahhh (You've completed the chunin exams)

    -First Step: Ahh, you've stepped into the world of the shinobi. Finally, you've taken off the kiddy gloves of the academy days and have stepped in your shoes to complete your first mission. You're a champ (You've completed your first ever mission)

    -Suicide Bomber: You are one crazy sonuvabitch (You taken on five S-rank missions and survived)

    -Step Into the Unknown: Did you just enter into a dark room where you hear an omnious voice talking to you? Did a dim light show a man in a mask looking at you with fiery white eyes? Did you piss yourself? No, good cause this is the first step (You've join into a mysterious organisation)

    -I got this: Listen man, I'm too scared to handle this *you push me aside and say I got this* Really man? Shit, I thought I was done for with this man (You handled the task/mission without the help of anyone else and succeeded)

    -Artsy: That's some real fancy moves and skills you got. You mind doing some fancy picasso moves (You have created three or more one-of-kind items/jutsus)

    -Bruce Lee: You are a badass in taijutsu, the master himself would be so proud of you. *begins to sniff* "I'm not crying, it's just my allergies... no for real, I got major allergies" *you kick me in the face and I go flying* (You've mastered the abilities of taijutsu)


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