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 Missions and Thread Grading

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PostSubject: Missions and Thread Grading   Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:26 am

In addition to acting as the army for their country, the ninja village also acts as a business. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the ninja. These jobs can range from the mundane (walk the feudal lord's dog), to the assassination of deadly wanted criminals. As needed the Kage or Jounin master of a Genin team can assign missions in furtherance of a duty to the country that are unpaid.

These jobs are thus divided into difficulty ranks of S, A, B, C and D and then given to ninja based on their ability. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village. The easiest and least deadly jobs are given to the Genin, these are called "D-Rank". The D-Rank missions also help to build teamwork skills among the new Ninja Academy graduates. D-Rank are therefore non-combat with low pay. The "C-Rank" missions will be given to Chuunin and skilled Genin. These include protective escorts and missions with some chance of bodily harm. It can include capturing wild animals and mine clearing. "B-Rank" missions will be given to Special Jounin and Chuunin. These also include protective escort, gathering foreign intelligence and killing of ninja. Open battle is generally not an issue during this mission type. The next highest rank missions, "A-Rank" are given to Jounin and Special Jounin. These include vital missions between nations, escorting VIPs and maneuvers against offensive ninja forces. Thus these missions will almost always involve combat and risk of death. At the highest and most dangerous is "S-rank", given to Jounin. These missions include assassination of important persons, transporting classified documents and materials. With the extreme danger comes a very high rate of pay.

Missions give three types of rewards Ryo which is currency, Promotion Points [PPs] which are utilized by the promotion system[see rules for more into], and finally Stat Points [Sp] which are further explained in the creation guide under 'stats'
What is being Graded and How

*NOTE* The below are simply guidelines and grading is at the sole discretion of the one who grades the mission.

Time Efficiency: Did they do a bunch of crap they didnt need to do or did they go off course and while on the mission go about things that did not pertain to the mission. Subtract a point for every two posts not pertaining to the mission. This includes any post that does not progress the mission in anyway. Also subtract a point for every day after the completion deadline.

Comprehension and Execution: Did they fully understand what was being requested by the client and did they to adhere to the exact directions or did they stray off the directions and go about it in their own way with out necessity. Points deducted for any detail no matter how small that was overlooked and not completed in the task. Also anything that went against a direct stipulation/order issued by the client will receive at minimum a one point deduction unless doing so aided the over all mission in its effective completion. To do so must have made the mission more successful then had they not. No exemptions will be made if the mission would have been just as successful or less successful by disobeying or ignoring orders and stipulations.

Creativity: Did they use their ninja training to come up with an inventive and new way to complete the mission or did they do it in a generic and more or less boring style. This is entirely at the discretion of the grader. However base guidelines more or less settle around out of the box thinking to solutions and methods as well as adaptability to new circumstances.

Evidence and Collateral: If it was a secret mission were they found out by anyone at all and blow their cover, otherwise, did they cause any unnecessary damages to the area or people which was not needed for mission completion, higher score = less collateral. Points to be deducted based on extremity and noticeably of extra damage. This does not include damage that needed to be caused to complete the mission, but rather that could have been avoided and still have completed the mission just as well. These include things like damage to buildings, agriculture, nature, injuries to others and murders. Again, things that were needed to be done to complete the mission will not count as deductions.

Quality: This one has to do with OOC influence and that is the Rp quality of the work. This is soley at the graders discretion. This includes grammar mistakes While not harshly graded on grammer mistakes alone, even one caught grammer mistake will guarantee you wont get S. Otherise it will be fairly lax on that point. More or less it comes down to if the grader thought you should have described something important better, or if your details were a little confusing, or if you just obviously weren’t even trying on the mission at all.

The Grading System

Each of the above sections will be graded on a scale from E-S. An E will mean you have failed miserably in that aspect and an S will mean you have done extremely well in that area, with intervals of C, B, and A depending on your performance. In short you will have to try your best to stick to the above guidelines, but the grading will be more geared to keep you from getting g a perfect score to push you harder and make the missions and reaping their rewards more difficult then just putting some slop on a page and hopping it fly’s. However, obvious effort and true showmanship will be rewarded. It will probably rely greatly on which of the staff is grading your card as to what exact score you receive, however it should not differ a substantial amount. This is because grading is determined with guidelines and then more or less how the grader feels you really did, deducting more or less then the standard depending on the circumstance. This is because of variable change which more or less makes it impossible to make a definite guideline for every single scenario, and the ones in place are a simple generalization for what would occur in most cases and are open ended enough to be adapted to different situations. Furthermore for this point, it is encouraged for the one grading the mission to explain in italics below each criteria why they gave that score. Also it is to be noted that everyone who partook in the mission will be receiving the same score and the grade card will be affected by the performance of all the hired shinobi.

What you receive on your mission will be an average of the grades you receive on each individual above criteria. As it is impossible to make mathematical equation with using letters as they are not numerical by themselves, they have each been assigned a number value. An example of a grade card is as follows, which will be followed further by an explanation of how the final score was reached.

Time Efficacy: B
- The team spent a few posts stopping for a longer then needed meal and talking about their lives back home, at this time not worrying about the pressing matter of the mission at hand nor using the opportunity to talk about tactics or plans to be executed in the mission once they were ready to begin. Beyond that they did decent at performing their task in a timely fashion.

Comprehension and Execution: A
- The team new what they needed to do and covered all aspects of the mission, However, there were more effective methods they could have used.

Creativity: E
- The team was very generic about how they complete the mission, although it was a success. They did not use all their unique traits in such a way that would have made anyone really surprising. It was over all a standard mission. Nothing outstanding.

Evidence and Collateral: S
- The team did exceptionally well of not causing any commotion or otherwise unnecessary damages. There will be no need to repair or spend wasted money on broken items or buildings or replacements that could have easily been left intact or kept as was. Very well done in this aspect of the mission.

Quality: A
- Some grammatical errors, but not to many. Description was good but left out a few finer details that could have made the visual just a bit more clear. Over all very well done and showed good effort
Final Grade: B

Now to show how the end result came out to a B even though they received a failing mark and at the same time got an extraordinary mark in another aspect, you will have to know the numeral process at work here. Each letter has been assigned a specific number. These numbers from each criteria are averaged out by adding up all the results from each criteria and then dividing them by the total number of criteria. In the case of decimals, they will be rounded down in all occasions, meaning to receive an S rank final score, you must score perfect in every aspect of the mission that the criteria above covers. The number to letter ratio is as follows

E = 0
D = 1
C = 2
B = 3
A = 4
S = 5


The reward system is a fairly simple and is decided by three graphs. One each for ryo, stat points, and promotion points received. These graphs compare the rank of the mission as well as the score received from the grad card by a cross graph method. This is done by having the rank of the mission across the top of the graph and the score upon the left hand side. To determine results, simply figure where the two intersect. They are as follows. If you receive a final grad of E on any mission of any rank you will receive no reward of any kind

MR = Mission Rank
GR = Grade received

Ryo Reward


Stat Points Reward


Promotion Points Reward

Each mission gives a base amount of promotional points depending on the rank.

D = 1
C = 2
B = 3
A = 4
S = 5

Depending on your grade rank of the mission, you can receive up to a multiplier of 5, but you must receive a perfect grade.

So, if you take a C-Rank mission, you get a base of 2 promotional points regardless of your grading rank. But if you receive, say, a C Grade rank, you would receive a 2x multiplier, making your total promotion point gain 4 points.

Normal threads are graded at a rate of 1 SP and 100,000 per page, with an possible boost for good quality as determined by the grader. When threads are graded, the Rp mod will post within the topic determining the amound and mark the thread as graded with a [graded] tag in the topic title
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PostSubject: Mission and Thread Grading Template   Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:26 pm

Here is the template for your Copy/Paste convenience

[b]Thread Title:[/b]

*Note to RPers*

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PostSubject: Moderative Template   Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:58 pm

[b]Time Efficacy: [/b]

[b]Comprehension and Execution:[/b]


[b]Evidence and Collateral:[/b]



[b]Final Score[/b]:

[i]Ryo Award:[/i]
[i]Stat Points Award:[/i]
[i]Promotional Points Award:[/i]


*Note to RPers*

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PostSubject: Re: Missions and Thread Grading   

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Missions and Thread Grading
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