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 Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"

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PostSubject: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:37 pm

Basic Information:

Character Face
Ayuzawa Misaki from Kaichō wa Maid-sama!
Name: Seifukunitsuu Resaki

Nicknames/Aliases: Aki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

    Resaki comes in at 4'10" and weighs just under 70lbs. In short she's a damn skeleton, a damn short skeleton. Asides from her height and underweight weight, she stands out for her pale, pale skin and super, super 'white' hair. Sometimes she gets confused for a Hatake (somehow) because of her naturally straight, long mid-back hair that so doesn't stand up at all and isn't even silver-white, not even white, but rather clear and gives off the appearance of being white. She's got a nice body, but... its not very noticeable to most people since she usually wears clothes that more or less hides her features. As per her clan, she's pale, so pale that some people wonder if she's a walking corpse sometimes. As for her eyes, they're a soft light, light, light blue color so light that most people consider it white, so when she is using her bloodline its not very noticable.

    Speaking of clothes, Resaki prefers tank tops and shorts to jeans and shirts, but since she's albino and pretty sensitive to sunlight... well she shouldn't be out in tank tops and shorts unless she wants to commit suicide. So, off in long sleeve shirts and jeans she is, or maybe a shirt and jacket. Though usually she looks a bit overdressed to be a ninja, what with her sleek, white, long sleeve collared dress shirt and a loose, kinda big, black vest over it, a bloody red tie loosely about her neck, and plain black slacks and flats. Most of the time she has on a pair of gloves too, always covering skin from the sun. So, of course she usually has a pair of sleek, black sunglasses to boot, which sometimes makes people think she's from the Aburame since she never shows her eyes most of the time... And she'll have a scarf too, to wrap about the lower portion of her face and protect her neck, sometimes. Sometimes. It all depended on her mood really. To be honest... she really doesn't even look like a damn ninja, more like a school girl.

    So asides from the clothes that hide her body, barely showing any skin save for maybe her face, seeing as her bangs usually hid her forehead and eyes somewhat, she also sports a hair tie on her right wrist. Black or white. No necklaces, piercings, or anything else. Not even a watch. Although, if you pay attention, you'll be aware of a set of keys slightly bulging in her right pocket alongside a small music playing device with headphones. And in her left is the more noticeable outline of a slim cell phone that's usually set to a low vibration.

    As you can already begin to guess, Resaki is kind of a shy and quiet girl, one that doesn't talk too much. Its not that she's a loner out of choice, but... well she was kind forced into it, but that's another story. There's also this little thing that's wrong with her asides from being a hemophiliac and being albino: she's blind. So she doesn't exactly take to socializing all that much. She kinda hates it really. What's she supposed to say? Nice weather? Not like she can see it, sure she can feel it but... still... Nice hair? Nice shoes? I like your clothes? Beautiful eyes? Bliiind.

    Anywho, despite being so shy and quiet and 'innocent' upon first glance, well... any glance really, she's rather talkative and loud, disobedient really. Hello, this is the girl who ran away from home here! Well... she did have her reasons, but still. Disobedient. But its not like she's a total bad girl either. Kinda in between. She's someone any parent wouldn't mind their kid hanging out with at first, but after they get to know her it'd be something more like 'Well...' Not that it matters though. She doesn't really have any friends. Trust issue.

    What can you say? A dis-functional family, er, clan, kinda screws up any bit of trust you have. When you don't even know who the hell is really your mom or dad or brother or sister, you tend to not really trust anything anyone says. One day your his daughter, the next day it turns out your father's really dead, and then a week later you're told your father abandoned you and that he's still alive. And that's just her father. Hell, her who clan was fucked up in the head a bit. Shame that only now some of their members were having the sense to leave and forget their clan's ideals.

    Innocent and sweet as she may appear to be, Resaki does hate things in life too. She particularly hates 'love' or so she says and thinks, but in reality she just wishes love would find her. Not being loved for 15 years or so kinda does make you hate it, be afraid of it really. Still, she seems to be a bit of a romantic deep down, what with her poetry, lines, and writing that all seem to... revolve around love... Asides from love she kinda hates loud people or... well... 'hyper' people. You know, the ones that always seem happy for no reason or never seem to be able to shut up? They're tolerable at the very least. Sometimes. Other times... Well let's just say she hasn't bloodied her hands yet.

    It irks her a bit when people treat her like the little kid she appears to be, but she's gotten used to it and kind of ignores it now. Still, she hates being treated like a kid. And never mention the word 'vampire' around her either... Being rather fond of blood, she doesn't take too kindly to things when people call her a monster-vampire thing. And trying to do everything for her just because she's blind isn't exactly something she likes either. These three things will definitely get you to know her bad side quite quickly.

    As for fighting... well Resaki doesn't really like to fight, but she's kinda suicidal so she kinda does like to fight? Contradicting, I know. Still, that's who she is. Rotten luck she has though, not dying... yet. Or er, I suppose its rather a good thing she hasn't died yet...? Anyway, when it comes to fighting, Resaki's a bit laid back. She doesn't like approaching her enemies head on. She'd rather watch, er, observe, from the shadows first and then move on to fight her opponent, maybe head on. Maybe. She's still getting used to her bloodline though, but she is rather adequate with her elemental affinity with wind. Most people in her clan were pretty good, no, above average, with their elemental mastery. They had a thing for it, most of them did. Too bad she literally sucks at hand to hand combat. She'd be wiped out in no time when it came to physical fights.... .... .... Damn weak body of hers.

Clan Information:
Name: Seifukunitsuu
Location: Kirigakure no Sato

    Believed to be one of the first group of people to have settled in Mizu no Kuni when ninja villages were still primitive. There was little known about the Seifukunitsuu for a time because they had not fought the many clans of ninja before the creation of the villages.

    They did not gain some fame until the Great Ninja Wars began. As the wars began, the clan was sought out to help aid various sides of the war as a sort of mercenary group; however, they did not gain much fame. They were deemed as poor rip offs of the Uchiha Clan’s Sharnigan and Hyuuga Clan‘s Byakugan. Though this essentially angered the clan and created a hatred for Uchiha, Hyuuga, and in time, Konohagakure Shinobi, the clan put up with it.

    As Kirigakure began to hunt down the kekkei genkais of their land, the Seifukunitsuu quickly suppressed their bloodlines. They were soon passed over as descendents of a group of ninja who had lost their bloodline and ninja skills due to having used it very little. Clan members now hid their bloodline, learning to do this as soon as they achieved it. This went on for some time until Kirigakure began to loosen its grip on the bloodline clans.

    The clan is still careful to make it seem as if they do not have a bloodline, some are quite dramatic and complex ways, others more simple and easy: a simple Henge on the eyes. Most of the clan are ninjas, but they hide this by 'pretending' to have lost their ninja abilities and bloodline. Few clan members are actually official ninja. Most work behind the scenes, are freelancers, or choose to be mercenaries.
Special Info:
    Asides from initially gaining a doujutsu, the majority of the clan are albino and all suffer from blindness, even after activation of the doujutsu; however, the doujutsu does allow them to see with perfect vision for the duration it is activated, as little chakra is used to supply the eyes themselves. Due to being blind while growing up, most members have heightened senses of touch, smell, hearing, and taste, depending on how blind they are. Another common trait among members are that they all bleed easily (hemophiliacs). As such, most members do not engage in much physical combat and their bodies are physically weaker than most ninjas, but their abilities with chakra are the exact opposite. There are few exceptions to this rule though, and these exceptions tend to have the Shataime or Shakenme - Copy Body Eye or Copy Sword Eye.

    All members suffer from one form of albinism or another, the most common being no pigment in either skin or hair and eyes. As such, they are extremely vulnerable to sunlight and can easily be sunburned. In addition, due to their blindness, they are robbed of sight until they activate their doujutsu.

    And as mentioned, no matter how skilled they are, members may only ever utilize one element during their lifetime. As each clan member is born with a certain specialty, most train in usage of their specialty. As such, even though they may seem all powerful and god like within their specialty, outside of their specialty they are quite defenseless and near useless, thus many can only obtain the rank of a Special Jounin within ninja rankings as clan members rely much upon their eye and born specialty, thus their other ninja skills are normally lower than average.

    It can also be noted that the Seifukunitsuu are strangely divided up depending on which doujutsu branch they unlock. There is much internal strife between the many different branches, and there is even more strife within each branch such as the usage of Offensive techniques versus Defensive ones versus Supplementary ones is a controversial topic. It seems very silly and childish from and outsider's point of view, but this has gone on for as long as the clan has existed. This internal strife often leads to premature deaths of many of their children if said children do not match up to chakra type of their birth parents. [As hinted, it would not be uncommon for 'incest' relationships among the Seifukunitsuu. Rarely are outsiders made a part of the clan.] On a lesser note, children with varying chakra elements from their birth parents can be traded for another child that matches them, element wise. Though the doujutsu expands to other ninja arts... it revolves primarily around the elements as 1 in 10 members will ever actually obtain a doujutsu that is not of an elemental nature.

    The clan is really only held together through their unified hatred of those around them for shunning them because of their 'rip off bloodline' and 'incest ways'. Apart from the branches... the Seifukunitsuu are rather open minded to many things. Unlike most of society, they do not frown upon incest or same gender relationships, nor do they disapprove of ten, twenty year age gaps between two lovers. They care not if their sons and daughters are murderers or prostitutes. But when it comes to their ability to fight... their prowess with their doujutsu... their dignity as a ninja... its a whole other story. Its as strict as can be.

    Again, due to each member being destined for a certain specialty, small factions sprout out from the clan itself, result in the nine side branches. Though they are considered a clan as a whole, the clan itself views itself as nine different clans, each based around a certain eye. The clan thus mirrors that of Kirigakure, having much internal strife as each branch considers themselves better than the other. This bitterness between clan members have even reached the point that children who do no possess the same eye as their mother or father may be disowned or “traded” with another couple’s child who has the same eye. This is quite common within the clan and breeds mistrust and hatred amongst individuals and between individuals and their close families.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Shagan ♦ Shafuume
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Doujutsu / Supplementary
Rank: D - S

    The Shagan itself is divided into many different doujutsus. Some want to say that each individual branch of the Seifukunitsuu is its own bloodline, but upon examining any member's blood one will find the same key traits over and over and over again save for the doujutsu genes, and even then there is only a small variation, a slight change to allow for a different ability.

    The doujutsu is activated randomly. There are no set prequisites for the activatoin of the doujutsu or repeated patterns. In most cases members are unaware of their doujutsu being activated until they look in a mirror or somenoe notes to them about the change in their eyes. The only prequisite to activation is to be within the age range of twelve to twenty. No one gains the doujutsu before or after these ages. It is most common to activate from the age of thirteen to fifteen though. Each eye is different, but each is similar in abilities. A member may only unlock one set of these eyes. Eyes may be transfered between members and outsiders but will fail 99.9% of the time.

    Note that the bloodline itself is not very well known and few actually know of the bloodline or that the bloodline still exists, especially to those outside of Kirigakure.

    The most common eyes the Shakame, Shasuime, Sharaime, Shadome, and Shafuume (Copy Fire Eye, Copy Water Eye, Copy Lightning Eye, Copy Earth Eye, and Copy Wind Eye) share similar abilities. Their main ability is:
    E Rank
      Grant 20-20 vision.
    D Rank
      Usage of element. Usage of elemental techniques (up to higher leveled C Ranks, one or two minor B Ranks depending on their skill).
    C Rank
      'Easier' control over their element. Chakra cost for elemental techniques reduced by one letter grade.
    B Rank
      Can see chakra flow of their element being utilized for techniques and may attempt to replicate it (up to C Rank techniques). [Will NOT be a true copy but a lesser version of it, chakra cost is the same as the technique being 'copied' but the power is lessened by one letter grade.] Can terminate or manipulate techniques of their element of C Rank or below. B Rank techniques of their element can be weakened by one letter grade at most.
    A Rank
      Their elemental techniques rise up in power by one letter grade. They may now copy elemental techniques of their element perfectly (up to B Rank techniques). Can terminate or manipulate techniques of their element of B Rank or below. A Rank techniques of their element can be weakened by one letter grade.
    S Rank
      Chakra cost for their elemental techniques are reduced by two letter grades. May copy up to A Rank techniques and attempt to copy S Rank techniques (note that S Rank technique copying follow the same rules as a B Rank user attempting to copy techniques). A Rank techniques of their element may be weakened by two letter grades.

    Note: In order to manipulate an opponent's attack they must use at least an equivalent of one rank lower than the original attack to deflect the attack aside and attempt to make it backfire on the user. An equal amount of chakra needs to be utilized in order to fully terminate an attack. To manipulate/terminate an attack successfully is determined by two things: Chakra Control and Stamina/Endurance. A clan member's bonus of lowering chakra needed may be applied to this.

    I.e. N1 attacks S1 with an B Rank jutsu. S1 may use a C Rank amount of chakra to terminate the attack or D Rank amount of chakra to deflect the attack. Both ninjas are at an A Rank level.

    Note II: The Chakra Reduction of a technique by 1 letter grade and Power Increase of a technique by 1 letter grade may switch orders if the user wishes. Thus, if Chakra Reduction comes first they will be followed by a Power Increase, and then an additional Chakra Reduction; OR, Power Increase followed by a Chakra Reduction, and then an additional Power Increase.

    The last few sets of eyes: Shaninme, Shataime/Shakenme, and Shagenme (Copy Nature Eye, Copy Body/Sword Eye, and Copy Illusion Eye) have the same abilities, only it is applied to:
      A. Non Elemental Ninjutsu [No Fuuinjutsu] with the Shaninme.
      B. Taijutsu / Kenjutsu with the Shataime/Shakenme.
      C. Genjutsu with the Shagenme.

    The above abilities and boost described to not apply to any techniques outside of their doujutsu's area. In other words, even though they have chakra reduction/power increase for their techniques, it only applies to their particular element. A katon user wouldn't be able to apply the chakra reduction/power increase to a Kage Bunshin, only to Katon Techniques.

    Also, when applied to the the lesser three eyes, their abilities do not count towards any elemental technique, but rather their ninja art of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu [thus the rariety of the Taijutsu based doujutsu as most Taijutsu related attacks do not always consume chakra]. I.e. A ninja with the the Shagenme and the element fire can only apply the chakra reduction/power increase wtih Genjutsu only. They can NOT apply it to their Katon Jutsu at all.

Clan Traits:
    Elemental [100%]
    Insomnia [75%]
    Light Sleeper [75%]
    Blind [100%]
    Liar [70%]
    The Wall [90%]

Rank Information:
Skill Level: D
    Ninja Rank: Genin
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
    Birthplace: Kirigakure no Sato
    Previous Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:
    Dominant: Fuuton
    Recessive: N/A

Skill Specialty::
    Dominant: [Elemental] Ninjutsu

Special Characteristics
Clan Based:

Points and Ryo:

Total: 35 [Novice Genin]
  • Strength: 1
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Stamina: 9
  • Speed: 15

Total Stat Points Earned: N/A
Mission Points Earned: N/A
Ryo: 100,000

Justu/Item/Other Information:

Elemental Ninjutsu

Non-Elemental Ninjutsu

Other Jutsu(s)




Background Information/ RP Sample
    Resaki’s life begins in Kirigakure no Sato. Her birth is of little importance and holds no real significance in life. She was born to Special Jounin Sefukunitsuu Gasuma and Mizuki. There was just one small matter amiss: her father and mother held the fire element, Katon. She was of the wind element, Fuuton. She would have died that very day had it not been for an uncle of hers in the family whose son had turned out to hold fire instead of wind. The two children, Sagi and Resaki, were thus switched shortly after birth having been born on the same day about an hour apart. Her uncle, Fuusoku and Fuutaka were quite pleased with having her as their daughter, but Fuutaka only wished Resaki had been male.

    Still, life went pleasantly enough for her in her early years. Like all children of her clan she was taught how to mold chakra as soon as possible, working diligently with her wind element. She had been a little lucky, born with some sight and not near complete blindness, but as she turned four that would change. Her father had come home drunk and gotten upset over every little thing and used wind on her. The wind had reached out and pierced into her eyes, small, teeny-tiny little cuts in her eyes. In pain, confusion, and maybe even anger, Resaki had lost control over her wind chakra and wound up dealing multiple little attacks on the man. Each attack itself was of little concern, but when piled up together they did some damage, a lot of damage. Her father wound up going to the hospital alongside of her.

    It seemed Fuusoku never got over her damaging him so much as a child and began to abuse her, physically, until Resaki couldn’t take it any longer and ended up ‘running away’ from home to her aunt Yuuki. Yuuki and her husband Sai had longed for a child of their own for ages but could not seem to acquire one and a dark plot was set in stone. They treated her kindly, like any dream family any child would want. Years later when she was around the age of eight or nine then, Sai and Yuuki slowly began to ‘reveal’ the ‘truth’ to her.

    For two years whilst she learned more of chakra and elemental chakra, basic ninja moves and what not, her aunt and uncle began to tell her that she was not Fuusoku’s daughter at all, but rather theirs. Resaki’s abilities with wind were already further ahead of that of her kinsmen around her age and had fueled them even more into wanting them as her own. And she believed them. It explained perfectly why they loved her so much, why they cared so much. She had always wondered about that.

    Fuusoku still claimed her as his daughter, but Resaki in a way had disowned her family and called Yuuki and Sai her mother and father. She was happy for a time until Fuusoku finally learned why it was that his daughter was so disobedient, why it was that she was never home when she was done with the clan’s training regimes. He thus plotted against Yuuki, knowing she had to have been behind it all as Sai was inept at telling lies himself.

    Planned with his friends and wife, they soon launched their little plot and murdered the two, well… Yuuki at any rate. Sai they merely crippled. He was weak, even for a Seifukunitsuu.

    Resaki was twelve then. The event didn’t faze her too much, it affected her, yes, but it didn’t traumatize her. Her kinsmen who had told her of their experiences and their hatred and their mistrust only made more sense now. It explained a whole lot more to her than her ‘father’ and ‘mother’ had explained to her. She tried to seek out the truth about her parents before leaving. Leaving… it was something she had settled on doing now, but she at least wanted to know her real parents. She doubted Fuusoku and Fuusaka were here real parents, let alone Yuuki and Sai.

    Searching for herself, she finally found the answer a year later. She had been living in a kind of fantasy world. She had been hoping, dreaming, maybe her real parents really did love her but had been forced to give her up to Fuusoku. Or that maybe Yuuki really was her mother. She was mistaken though. It lowered her self confidence and made her even more detached from the world, hating her clan even more and hating the people around her somewhat. Her mother and father had never liked her or cared. They had willingly given her up.

    As she prepared her things to leave, she began to wonder what she hated more: her clan or herself. If she had just been born with an affinity for Katon… she’d be in Sagi’s place right now. She’d be the one enjoying life, having fun, being able to laugh and smile. She wouldn’t be this blind. She wouldn’t… But she had dreamed enough of her life away now. She gave up then… gave up on her family, her clan. If they couldn’t change, why couldn’t she change?

    At thirteen she roamed about on her own, struggling to get enough Ryo so as to be able to pay for a fare across the sea to the mainland. The trip made her become much more aware of how different her life was. Everyone seemed to have someone who loved them, someone they loved, some reason to live. Why didn’t she have someone who loved her? Why didn’t she love someone? What was her reason for living? But she never could find an answer and began to harbor feelings of hatred for love. It was so… annoying, love. And all those people who were always happy and go-lucky, didn’t they realize that some people in this world had things worse than they did?

    Day after day, stuck on a boat with annoying people who always seemed too happy to notice how bad she felt and only seemed to notice the positive side of life got to her and she began to dislike them. Sure, they were bearable, but they were more annoying than bearable. But finally, just when she had had enough, they had landed. She practically ran off the boat when it landed.

    It was different, being alone. For a time she just roamed the land, not really sure of where she was. She had gotten used to being blind now, being blind for ten years had increased her senses, heightened them so that she heard things a little better than others, tasted things a little better, smelled a little better, all her senses increased save for sight. She hadn’t fought very much lately though. Sure, she used her wind element, constantly, but she had eased up on her training regimes and hadn’t truly spared with anyone for a year or so.

    A fresh Genin Team from Konoha on their way back ran into her among one of the lesser villages and towns. She was almost fourteen, almost, but not quite. One of the Genin had annoyed her a bit and failed to notice the signs that she was getting fed up with him. In a bit of anger she had let her wind chakra ease out of her body and push the Genin aside. The Jounin took note of this and became interested. It was rare to run into anyone who wasn’t a registered ninja and be able to use the ninja arts, rarer yet to run into a child who was capable of utilizing the elements. It was shortly after this that her doujutsu awakened. [Yes, her clan's doujutsu can awaken anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and for any reason. Its random.]

    His name was Kaminara Takashi. He talked to her for a time, his charm getting to her and she agreed to accompany them back to the village. After much interrogation, most of which she couldn’t remember too fully as she’d been…. sedated, she was admitted into the village and entered their Academy. She passed with flying colors (at least in everything until it came to physical skills…) within a few months of being in the system and was promoted to a Genin at the age of fourteen.

    The only thing was… for some reason they had goofed and said she was twelve. So twelve she was. She didn’t bother trying to correct them. If it was officially stated that she were twelve, then she was twelve. Make it harder for her kinsmen to find her again she supposed. Everything else pretty much stayed the same though, except for her name. She changed it to Aki. The higher ups of course knew who she really was and all that, but they let it slide. It was no big deal, changing your name and age.

    And so Aki finally found a bit of happiness in her life. Takashi had a girlfriend, his fiancé really, Seishin Sasaki. He was a pretty average Jounin, well liked, but not too popular, decent in combat, but not exceedingly good (unless you were talking about Taijutsu, THEN he was exceedingly good, a god at it some would say). And Sasaki was nice as well. She was fierce and strong, an independent woman, but she loved Takashi all the same, no matter how much they always seemed to fight and hate one other. She surprisingly ran an inn, a family business she’d come to inherit.

    Aki worked hard not only as a ninja, but also as a maid. A so called ‘cute’ maid who brought in a few more customers, none of whom were ninja. Very, very, very few ninja actually stayed at the inn. For a year Aki worked as a maid, not really fulfilling her ninja duties. Still, she supposed it wasn’t too bad. Her body was weak; her only real strength was in elemental jutsus, and only in wind at that. What use could she be? She didn’t mind too much though. She wasn’t much of one for fights anyway… but blood, well… mmm blood was good. Too bad the only blood she ever tasted was her own and Sasaki would never trust her with a knife alone. (Then again her wind could be a knife but… all the same, no knives around Aki unless she was around.)

    Still, Aki seemed to a solitary life. She didn’t go out much, or if she did go out she went out alone. The guys didn’t seem to interest her. The girls didn’t interest her either. Nothing really seemed to be of interest to her. She just… lived.

    What awaited her in this lifetime? Death surely, but what of the paths up to death? What paths would she end up walking on?

Role-Play Sample:
    Ano... is one really needed...?

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PostSubject: Re: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:38 pm

I think.
There's a reason why some of those spoilers are blank.~
And yes, I am quite content with her 5 jutsus. ^^

Speaking of jutsus... Jutsu starting limits might wanna be reposted in the Jutsu Template or the Guidelines... since it doesn't state so anywhere on the current new Templates or anything, if I remember correctly.

Will post up bloodline shortly.


Seifukunitsuu Resaki

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PostSubject: Re: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:14 am

In order to be a ninja in the first place, you need at least some sort of strength. (0 in strength will be like literally fighting with air)

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PostSubject: Re: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:50 pm


Though technically the range goes from 0 to 3... so it would be allowable. It would just be like Lee's inability to mold chakra at all...? Anyway, changed to 1. [Not like that makes a difference...?]


Seifukunitsuu Resaki

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PostSubject: Re: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:17 pm

Despite all that though, Lee still has a ".5" in Ninjutsu & Genjutsu, meaning even if you can't do something, you have to have at least a little, if just an ounce, of talent in the 3 main ninja arts.

Approved unless said otherwise

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PostSubject: Re: Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"   

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Seifukunitsuu Resaki "Aki"
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