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 Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]

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PostSubject: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:53 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Daisuke Hikaru

Nicknames/Aliases Kirigakure's Silent Blade | The Samurai Shinobi

Age: 28

Gender: Male

From a moment's notice, anyone could probably depict Daisuke Hikaru one of the more serious type of shinobi, even if it's during one of those times when he isn't. It's not necessarily in his facial expression though, it more so shows itself in his eyes. Behind Daisuke's silver lenses, is a man that has seen it all in the ninja world, from the most heart warming of times to the most horrific sight seeings. Daisuke's eyes were initially light brown but have grown alot darker since his earlier years, presumably from all these events in his life.

Daisuke has never really been one to care much about his appearance or do anything without reason so any grooming he does is purely for a purpose, such as keeping his dark hair short so it doesn't get in his eyes. If there is anything else about him that most usually find attractive, such as his smooth skin and thin eyebrows, purely natural and coincidental.

Daisuke is known to do near limitless training and believes in having a healthy mind and body so he keeps fairly fit, holding 8 visible packs within his abs as well as visible and well toned muscles and etc. though he has been known to keep his body hidden for the pure reason of not drawing any attention to himself. Daisuke also has various slashing marks throughout his chest and back areas from past Samurai duals.

Clothing and accessory wise, there is little that Daisuke carries on him every single day, that being a special silver necklace that his dead fiancée gave him years ago with her clan symbol on it, his glasses and his equipment. Typically though, Daisuke will usually, but not always wear his silver glasses, an average white t-shirt of dress shirt, a black or dark blue jacket, a pair of baggy dark pants, and a pair of sneakers or boots instead of the regular shinobi attire because of the fact that, as stated above, he usually keeps his body hidden to not attract too much attention to himself.

Personality: Over the years, Daisuke has gained a more calm and less sadistic and/or fretful personality. As opposed to his earlier years where he frets over many thing, Daisuke has forgotten most of those problems and just relaxes whenever he can. During times of just peace, Daisuke has also developed a more positive outlook on life and has grown a better sense of humor, causing even him to crack a joke every now and then, though most of them are sarcastic in nature.

Intimacy wise, Daisuke was once a shy little boy but has long since evolved from that shell. It's not that he spends every single walk along the park looking for females (As a matter of fact, females nowadays usually come to him), but he does know exactly what to say to them as opposed to twisting his tongue.

Even though Daisuke has developed his positive outlook, he still holds his serious persona when the situation calls for it, turning into a whole new person if he's placed into battle for example. Unlike his younger brother and mother, Daisuke will not hesitate to kill someone if he has to. He is also a strong believer in the quote "Kill or be killed." Daisuke would also rarely crack a smile or even talk in these situations, thinking of them as distractions to keep him from succeeding in his short term goals. Daisuke also doesn't like to boast about his abilities, despite receiving praise constantly nor does he deny them, he just accepts his reputation humbly.

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:54 pm

Clan Information:
Name: Yakushi Clan
Founders: Kabuto Yakushi | Anko Mitarashi/Karin
Location: Formerly Otogakure/Konohagakure | Currently Lightning Country


When Karin was first initiated as one of Orochimaru’s experiments/subordinates, she would soon meet his right hand man, Kabuto Yakushi. At first, both subordinates despised each other very deeply for the fact that Kabuto found Karin annoying as annoying can possibly get and Karin found Kabuto to be somewhat of a nerd and that she was secretly jealous of how Orochimaru treated Kabuto as opposed to her.

One day, Orochimaru left to complete a task and both Kabuto and Karin were left in charge of the base. Highly bored with that day’s activity, Karin decided to up the fun in her life a bit by playing some sort of joke on Kabuto by seeing how he’d react to being intoxicated (He has never taken a drink before in his life). Taking this in mind, Karin invited Kabuto in her room and they had a conversation about various things. Though Kabuto refused at first, Karin offered to take a drink with him if he took one and he eventually accepted the proposal. Though it seemed like a good idea, Karin had actually never taken a drink either so she didn’t know how she herself would react to it. At first, they seemed fine, but soon they took a few drinks too many and ultimately started to see each other in a different point of view, causing them to end their night together in Karin’s room.

After which, Karin and Kabuto decided to give it a chance and actually started to like it a bit until Karin first witnessed Sasuke Uchiha and instantly fell in love at first sight, causing the break-up between the two. Karin was also pregnant with Kabuto’s child after their first night but both agreed to leave the baby on someone’s doorstep for fear of how Orochimaru would react to it or may experiment on the child.


It all started with Kabuto and Anko when they first met. Anko was on a classified mission to locate and capture Kabuto Yakushi along with Yamato and Sai (Possibly for information on either Orochimaru or Sasuke Uchiha) until Yamato and Sai had to momentarily leave to Konoha. Anko decided to continue her mission on her own and eventually found Kabuto, who had the remains of Orochimaru. She subdued him, but before returning him to Konoha, Anko interrogated him on information.

Before she could get any answers though, she was attacked by some of Konoha’s ANBU members. After asking for the reason of this betrayal, ANBU refused to inform her of anything except that they were there for Kabuto and continued to attack her. Though she had a genuinely good amount of skill, Anko was no match for several ANBU root members and was almost killed before her life was saved by Kabuto, who apparently escaped from her trap. With his skill, added with Orochimaru’s remains, he was able to dispatch of the ANBU members before they could continue on with their plans.

When asked why he would bother helping her, Kabuto informs Anko that they share a deep feeling of dependency to their former master, whether they are in denial or not, and that he wanted to give her a chance to make her own decisions. Kabuto then gives her the option of taking him back to Konoha. Somewhat surprised by his words, Anko decided to let him go, but only if he allows her to travel with him to “keep on eye on him”, though in reality, her true motives were to find out exactly what goes through Kabuto’s mind.

After a few days, Kabuto and Anko learn a bit more about each other after traveling and spending some time together, even going so far as to what some would call it, though both refuse to call it like that, an intimate relationship. Eventually, Kabuto would inform Anko that their alliances were too greatly different and that she had to return to Konoha where she belonged. Kabuto also informed her that he didn’t belong anywhere and that he would undoubtedly accept fait’s decision to make him a fugitive for the rest of his life. Anko reluctantly agreed to go back under the condition that they would spend one more night together. Kabuto agreed and that they did. Kabuto and Anko would then separate from each other to their rightful paths.

Once Anko returned to Konoha on a failed mission saying that Kabuto escaped from her grasp due to an “interruption” from the ANBU members, she would soon find out that she was pregnant from that night with Kabuto. When asked how she became pregnant, Anko just responded that she met a guy on the streets and “it just happened”.

We are the Yakushi Clan

As the years and years went by, Anko’s side of the family would go by the name of “The Mitarashi Clan” and Karin’s side would go by the name of “The Okisawa Clan” (From the name of the family that Karin and Kabuto left their child with) until technology made it possible to find out where they’re true origin came from. Since then, both clans decided to form and unify for a period of time until the differences were revealed to be too great and the clan would have to separate once more then eventually unify once again, but somewhat separated among various areas, calling Karin’s bloodline to be recognized as “The Yakushi clan, K Division and Anko’s to be known as “The Yakushi Clan, A Division (Sometimes called M Division).
Special Info: The Yakushi Clan is set up of two parts to determine who has which clan's Kekkei Genkai. (Division K and Division A/M) Explained in history. All members are taught medical and snake jutsu at an early age.

Division K: All Sensor Ninja and has the abilities of to utilize their "Mind's Eye".

Division A: All are born with the Curse Mark of Heaven & Earth.

Requirements: Birth
Current Members:
Notable Memers
Division K Division A/M
Sayuri Hikaru Hitomi Mitarashi
Kiyoshi Hikaru Kaya Yakushi
Daisuke Hikaru Mituo Yakushi
Harumi Yakushi Takashi Yakushi
Maiko Yakushi Azumi Mitarashi
Kiyoki Kaimaru Kurodo Yakushi

Medical Ninjutsu

Snake Ninjutsu



Division K
Clan Traits:
Name: Mind's Eye of The Kagura
Rank: C-S
Type: Skill
Description: This ability allows the user to find, sense, and track individuals through their chakra over vast range. This is done by closing his/her eyes and opening the mind's eye. The ability extends to telling when a person is lying from the fluctuations in a person's chakra made from dishonest emotions or if someone is under a genjutsu. Also by focusing on a particular chakra he/she perceive its location and movement with great detail.

Novice ~ You've just recently opened your mind's eye for the first time and you're just getting the feel of it. You don't have enough visionary control just yet to do more than see a bunch of chakra sources around no more than 25 meters of your range so you're basically nothing more than the average sensor with their eyes closed.

Intermediate ~ Now, you're finally getting the gist and though there is still much to learn, you seem to have a fairly well amount of control over your mind's eye. At this point in time, not only can you sense any chakra source up to 50 meters from your range, you can also notice any type of disruption in someone's chakra, detecting things such as Genjutsu and even dishonest emotions.

Expert ~ Congratulations, you now have complete mastery over The Mind's Eye of the Kagura and detect chakra sources, lies, Genjutsu, etc. from as much as 100 meters from your location with just the blink of an eye. You now have the potential to be the world's greatest sensory shinobi and should prove to be very useful to your associates.
Open: Yakushi Clan [Division K]

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:55 pm

Rank Information:
Skill Level: S
Ninja Rank: Missing Nin (Akatsuki)
Village: N/A
Birthplace: Kumogakure
Previous Village: Kirigakure

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:
    Dominant: Raiton
    Recessive: Suiton

Skill Specialty::
    Dominant: Fuuinjutsu
    Recessive: Kenjutsu | Ninjutsu

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

Total: 305
  • Strength: 70
  • Dexterity: 80
  • Stamina: 60
  • Speed: 95

Total Stat Points Earned: -
Mission Points Earned: -

Kenjutsu Styles:
Kenjutsu Techniques:
Name of Weapon or Item: Keikoku
Owner:Daisuke Hikaru
Location: Waist (Face-up)
Rank: A

  • To say it plain and simple, Keikoku is a Samurai sword and holds no real Ninjutsu abilities other than being chakra conductive (Raiton only).
  • Hand honed, sharpened carbon steel blade
  • Musashi logo on blade
  • Economical cutter
  • Faux rayskin and cotton cord wrapped tsuka (single pinned)
  • Steel dragon tsuba
  • Black lacquered wood saya

History: In recent news, Daisuke now owns 2 blades, one stronger than the other: Keikoku, and Tenson Akujin. Both are held at the left side of his waist, Keikoku being faced up and Akujin being faced down. Keikoku is Daisuke most perfered blade despite being his weaker sword for personal reason. This sword was obtained this sword once he started training with the Samurai he had met before his nearly decade long journey, naming it Keikoku (Beauty) for its smooth and elegant design and has been caring for it to keep it in the same mint condition it was once it was given to him. The sword was intended to be a non conductive 2.4 lb sword, but Daisuke had added some modifications to it soon after he had gotten it without changing the appearance to match his style.



Name of Weapon or Item: Tenson Kijin (Descent of a fierce God)/Tenson Akujin (descendent of an evil god)
Owner: Kiyoshi Hikaru/Daisuke Hikaru

Location: Usually around the waist, sometimes around the back
Rank: E-S

Description: “Only those with a pure radiance are allowed to unsheathe the Tenson Kijin.” Both katanas can block out C-Rank or lower Genjutsu from those that are touching it. They also report any high-level threats that seem to be approaching the owner. If the owner’s life is in serious danger, the Tenson Kijin and the Tenson Akujin might act on its own to defend him/her. They may also start to glow and/or pulsate if they sense extreme level of power. It’s also said that if the owner becomes more powerful, the Tenson Kijin/Akujin will “evolve” Thus, granting the owner access to new features (In jutsu section). If someone who can kill without hesitation, but with pure enough intentions to wield them, The owner can fuse both swords to create the Akukijin, doubling their power.

History: The Tenson Kijin is a very powerful blade, so powerful that there are many rumors saying that it was descended from God himself, hence the name “Tenson Kijin” Some also call it the “Salvation Blade” because, according to legend, whoever takes ownership of this blade is destined to save thousands of lives. The Tenson Akujin however is said to be an evil blade that rivals the power of the Tenson Kijin, hence the name “Tenson Akujin” Some also call it the “Destruction Blade” because, according to legend, whoever takes ownership of this blade is destined to destroy thousands of lives.

When Daisuke Hikaru went on his first C-Rank mission, he came across a chest, located in a hidden underground passageway. It was locked, but Daisuke used ninjutsu to open it. Within the chest were the Tenson Kijin and its “evil twin”, the Tenson Akujin. When they were obtained, Daisuke decided to study these items, but, being the low rank of a Gennin, he was only able to obtain stories and rumors. As frustration started to build, the Tenson Akujin started to glow. Curious, Daisuke drew the sword, but quickly sheathed it when he felt it pulsate. Then, he tried to unsheathe the Tenson Kijin, but couldn’t because it wouldn’t budge; Daisuke was very confused by this, but eventually gave up. Being able to actually wield it, Daisuke favored the Tenson Akujin, but every time he wielded it, Daisuke gained an unstoppable bloodlust. Daisuke realized this and decided to take the Tenson Akujin with him and leave his village to obtain the necessary knowledge to suppress its power; he left the Tenson Kijin at home for Kiyoshi, his younger brother, to possibly wield when he comes of age, believing him to be the "pure radiance" the sword is looking for, hence the name Kiyoshi Hikaru. The whereabouts of Daisuke and Tenson Akujin is currently unknown. Kiyoshi Hikaru is, currently, the owner of Tenson Kijin, but he has no idea of the powers held within the blade or even its name.

After several years with the young boys, many things happened with the blades. Long story short, the original Tenson Kijin was destroyed by a former Raikage and fused with Tenson Akujin in it's home of Daisuke's possession for the next 2-3 years. After that time, the S ranked shinobi used Fuuinjutsu to seal the soul of Kijin within Kiyoshi himself, who has in turn learned how to forge a blade but had one of his high ranking shinobi whip up a fresh seal to place Kijin's soul in.



Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:

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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:56 pm

Background Information


Public Profile

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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Shikyo Riku

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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:57 pm

Approved unless said otherwise

Shikyo Riku:

Kurayami Kaisen:
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]   

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Daisuke Hikaru [Akatsuki Member]
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