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 Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]

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Blue-Eyed Devil


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PostSubject: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:54 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Henshin Yosomono

Nicknames/Aliases N/A

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Henshin wears a tan coloured wrap that wraps around his shoulders and conceals much of his lower face. He also wears a baggy haori of a dark brown colour that covers his entire body which he removes when in battle. Underneath this, his attire consists of a loose fitting plain black top and plain black trousers. His feet are adorned with normal shinobi footwear and he has a nin-pouch like most ninja to keep his kunai and other tools in.

Physically, Henshin is well built, standing at around five foot eleven inches and having well muscled arms and legs. He has a reasonably large scar across his left eye and a small tattoo under the same eye. Those eyes possess a dark brown colour. Henshin's skin is lightly tanned and his hair is jet black, short and stuck up straight.

Henshin is a very genuine person. He really cares for his fellow Kumo shinobi and gets angry at those who would try to hurt them. He believes in watching each others backs and looking out for one another, respecting each others lives. Henshin's feelings on this matter have grown even stronger since his parent's deaths in the field. He is not, however, above harming an opponent and is still a shinobi at heart, one hundred per cent willing to enter battle to protect his friends and Village. In battle, he prefers to get up close and personal, beating his foe with powerful Taijutsu although he is able to take a step back and strategize with his team.

Henshin is not overly suspicious and a bit too ready to trust, but is far from stupid. Once he has seen someone show themselves as a traitor he will never trust them again, no matter how what act of redemption they perform. His father once said of him that he was 'quick to trust, but slow to forgive'. He can quickly become guarded around louder people. Henshin also has a strong spirit, able to keep at something for hours without throwing in the towel, no matter how punishing it is. In a fight he will refuse to back down, even if his body is broken he will try to get back up. As a result, he can quickly pick things up in training and learn new techniques and skills with more haste than normal. When it come to matters of morality however, he can be easily disenchanted when things force him into going against his code.

Rank Information:
Skill Level: D
Ninja Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure
Birthplace: Takigakure
Previous Village: Takigakure

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:
    Dominant: Doton
    Recessive: [Locked]

Skill Specialty::
    Dominant: Taijutsu

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Stamina: 16
  • Speed: 4

Total Stat Points Earned: 35
Mission Points Earned: 0

Justu/Item/Other Information:
Doton Jutsu:
(These Doton techniques are some of the ones that are contained in the scrolls Henshin's grandfather stole [see History below for more details]. They came into Henshin's possession when his parents died)


The Stolen Scrolls:

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Blue-Eyed Devil


Posts : 52
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PostSubject: Re: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:49 pm

Background Information/ RP Sample

Back in Heshin's grandfather's day, an elite shinobi of Takigakure called Kakuzu failed an assassination mission and was punished, leading him to killing the Village elders and escaping with the Village's most prized forbidden techniques. Still a young genin at the time, his grandfather saw the damage that Kakuzu caused and decided that he wanted to have power like that one day. Over the years he trained and trained but even when he reached the rank of jounin he was not in the same league as Kakuzu. Giving up on his dream, his grandfather settled down and raised a family, having a son and pressing him into the shinobi fold as well.

When his boy (Henshin's father) gained the rank chuunin, he was tasked with a group of others to intercept some thieves who had stolen some of the Takigakure's jutsu scrolls. Bidding farewell to his father, wife and young son, Henshin's father head out and their group easily caught and apprehended the criminals. When they where returning home however, they were ambushed by an unknown figure and quickly defeated in their surprised state.

Coming to, the squad found that their ambusher had taken the scrolls and made their way back to the Village to inform the authorities what had occurred. Henshin's father knew though exactly who it was that had stolen the scrolls. Going straight home, Henshin's father found his father studying the scrolls intensely. Furious, Henshin's father, demanded that he returned the scrolls immediately, but his father pointed out that by failing to protect the scrolls he would be seen as an accessory to their theft. Knowing that his father was right and the position he had put him, Henshin's father flew into a rage and attacked him. They fought for a good few minutes before Henshin's father managed to get a lucky strike in that killed the older man.

Knowing that even with the real culprit dead the Village would punish him and his family too, Henshin's father gathered up his child and wife and left Takigakure after hiding the body. Pausing for a moment, he also took the scrolls with him. He figured that the damage had been done and that they might as well take them as something to bargain with should they ever be caught. They managed to escape almost without incident, although they were caught by another chuunin who attacked them, ending up scarring the five year old Henshin. His father was able to disable the man and they got away without any more issues.

Moving onto a new home, they found that all the drama had traumatized the young Henshin and he could not remember much about his life in Taki. Taking this as a blessing, his parents decided to start over in Kumogakure. They got a small place and managed to gain employment as shinobi with the village, changing their names. Henshin joined the Academy there as well, eventually gaining the rank of genin and tattooing his face with the same design as his father.

It was not long after he had gained this new rank that Henshin's parents were killed on a mission away. This hit him hard as his family had always been very close. He decided after this that he wanted to learn to help people more, learn how to heal them and put them back together so that no-one has to lose anyone again if he could help it.

After his parents funeral he found in their will, along with enough money for him to live comfortably on his own for a while, he had been left with several scrolls. Attached to the box containing the scrolls was a letter, explaining everything to him. That he was in fact born in Takigakure and not Kumogakure as he had been told. That the scar on above his eye was not from a fall he had when he was young. That if anyone heard about the scrolls he may end up in danger. Struggling to take all this in, Henshin started to remember flashes of a life he did not prieviously recall, a blinding pain above his eye delivered by an unknown face, an elderly man standing alongside his father and other such images spinning through his mind.

Unable to avert his curiosity, Henshin started reading through the scrolls. He found that they contained many jutsu, powerful jutsu that he could of even have begun to imagine. Setting them aside, he picked up a different looking scroll that turned out to be more on the history of Takigkure. Reading through it, he found a section given over to a man named Kakuzu, a man who slaughtered the Village elders. It described in depth the ability he possessed, making him capable of stealing body parts and integrating them with himself. At first, Henshin was disturbed by such an ability, named Earth Grudge Fear in the text. As time went on though, he started to think that such a power would help those who needed to transplant organs quickly, saving lives on the battlefield. He resolved to gain that power one day when he had the opportunity.

Role-Play Sample:

Public Profile
Name: hanhin Yosomono
Village: Kumogakure
Organization: N/A
Rank: Genin
Age: 14
Info: Henshin was born in Kumogakure to two shinobi. Raised in such a household Henshin was placed in the Academy and brought up with shinobi values. He is loyal and hardworking, possibly to the point of self-destruction. His parents have recently been killed in combat and this has appeared to resolve himself to become a better ninja, showing great interest in medical techniques. He seems to favor Taijutsu in combat.
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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:21 pm

Do me a favor and copy and paste the actual descriptions for your SC so we can just look here and know what they are. While we did write them up, our memories are lacking ^^;;


Leon Tavolin
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Blue-Eyed Devil


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PostSubject: Re: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:34 pm

lol Not a problem! Made the edit. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:03 pm

Approved unless said otherwise

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PostSubject: Re: Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]   

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Henshin Yosomono (Kumo Genin) [Complete]
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