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 NPC Rules

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PostSubject: NPC Rules   Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:30 am

NPCs can only possess a maximum of the starting stats for their rank. [D rank max 35, B rank max 105 etc]

NPC rules (Does not affect plot based)
  • NPCs may only have canon bloodlines listed in the character creation section.
  • No NPC may be of elemental clans
  • NPCs cannot utilize canon clan jutsu above C rank
  • Clan based NPCs are limited.
    - Hyuuga: 360 degree vision is limited to10m, vision distance is cut in half (Gennin: 50m, Chuunin: 200m, etc.), and cannot exceed 64 palms
    - Uchiha: May not gain additional Tomoe IC (Meaning the highest Tomoe gained will be 2)
    - Aburame: May not absorb chakra
    - Akimichi: May not utilize colored food pills

Personal NPCs: NPCs which are used to further a character's personal plot. Everyone may have one [1] of these unless they have a pet.
  • NPCs can only be one rank below the character they belong to, (C ranks can only have D rank NPCs, B ranks can only have C rank NPCs etc.) Meaning the highest possible NPC rank is A.
  • NPCs of the Uchiha clan are for Uchiha characters only
  • NPCs must be related to your character somehow IC wise and should be mentioned in your history for a fairly decent amount of time or serve some importance to your character's development/status IC wise.
  • Only one personal NPC can be made per character.
  • NPCs can only have a max of 10 jutsu with the highest jutsu rank being B.
  • If a character has a pet, they are unable to have a personal NPC

Village Based NPCs: Village based NPCs serve to preform specific tasks in the village such as Gate Guards, Bodyguards, ANBU, or Medical Teams. These can only be created by the Kage and their advisers [with Kage permission].
  • Village NPCs can be A ranked at the highest
  • Village NPCs can not raise in rank
  • Village NPCs can only have a maximum of 15 jutsu. With A rank being the highest possible
  • Village NPCs can have a maximum of 1 weapon (without weaponry as a specialty)
  • Every Village NPC most have a specific purpose for the village
  • Each village may have a maximum of 6 Village NPCs

Plot Based NPCs: Plot Based NPCs serve the purpose to further the site wide plot, they can generally only be created and used by staff unless permission is given.
  • Plot Based NPCs may be any rank and possess any rank of jutsu that is appropriate to their rank.

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NPC Rules
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