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 Dark Gin, Akatsuki, Vongola Storm

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PostSubject: Dark Gin, Akatsuki, Vongola Storm   Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:05 am

Basic Information:

Name: Dark Gin


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: With short, silver hair, Dark stands at six feet four inches, not being very muscular, yet he still has defined abs. With crystal-sky blue eyes, he has a small horizontal cut under his right eye, which is usually covered by his silver bang; even if the scar is revealed, the size of it is too small to be noticed. On his back is a large faint line running from his left shoulder down to the right side of his waist. Besides the scars and such, his skin is a pale color and has no blemishes except for the obvious tattoo branded on the anatomically frontal side of his body. As for normal everyday clothing and accessories, he's in the usual black cloak with red clouds that signifies he's a member of Akatsuki. The forehead protector that he engraved a slash through his village's insignia is hidden, wrapped around his chest. The metal part hovers over his heart, protecting it from external harm.

Personality: Normally, he would keep to himself and think his thoughts, minding his own business. This introverted being would rather hang with a small pack of people than blend in with the majority and play along; an individualistic person one could say, yet he's willing to accept others similar to him and hence his preference with one particular small group rather than the mass. Even so, when he mingles with the minority he so chooses, he rarely speaks unless needed to; complete strangers will barely get anything from him, and it's become relevant that the more he speaks to a particular person, the more of a friend he considers them. Although he may seem cold when speaking to others, he has a good heart and doesn't mean to be mean.

Though he cares not much for strangers, he still swears to protect those that are weak and need help; but being a member of such a faction as Akatsuki, he contradicts himself with his struggle to find the morale in revenge and hatred; often consumed by its tainted presence within him, he leans more towards the heinous acts of bloodshed, but there will always be a shred of good within him. He doesn't allow for distractions to interfere with whatever he desires to accomplish, which results in a tendency to destroy his opponent/terminate their advances. When in combat, he may come off as foolish if challenging a stronger opponent or going against the odds; a more correct term to describe him, rather than foolish, would be fearless. Thoughts such as "I've seen it all; how can it get any worse" or "Either this happens, or that happens, simple as that" tend to desensitize him, allowing him to slip into an apathetic state; when he reaches such a state, any idea of suffering and pain will never cross his mind, permitting him to strike without hesitance and carry out cold, inhumane acts.

If one were to grade his psychological competence, for example using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, he could be seen as near the top. His inner struggles would pin him at the second level, Aesthetic Needs(appreciation and search for beauty as well as search for inner balance), preventing him from reaching the first level, Self-Actualization. Through his short years of living so far, he's gotten past the simple needs of the seventh level of needs, Physiological Needs, as well as sixth level, Safety Needs, the fifth level, Belongingness and Love Needs, the fourth level, Esteem Needs, and the third level, Cognitive Needs. Typical human beings would stop at the fourth level, Esteem Needs, because they find no preference for any curiosity towards new knowledge, let alone seeking inner balance. His elite skills allowed him to break away from the bottom four levels and he grew as a person, seeking to better himself. Before he could actually reach self-fulfillment or full potential, aka Self-Actualization, he must find inner balance. His seeking out Akatsuki and joining with them was to evaluate if there was actually anything considered wrong. He knew well that death was natural, and nature is considered right. But this may very well be where his clear border of justice begins to smudge, keeping him at the Aesthetic Needs within the Hierarchy of Needs.

Clan Information:
Name: Vongola Family
Location: Kumogakure no Sato

Special Info:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: For further reference and understanding, please click on the following link: Vongola Family
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Vongola Storm Guardian
Rank: S

Description: The Storm Guardian of the Vongola family sports a certain type of fire that disintegrates all objects it comes into contact with. The main role of the Storm Guardian is to defeat enemies with a relentless stream of attacks. This person will always be the center of attack, claiming the title of "The Furious Storm That Never Rests."

Jutsu: Aratamete: Time Travel(the universal jutsu for all members)
Clan Traits: Follow link above to view clan's thread.

Rank Information:
Skill Level: S
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Village: Kumogakure Akatsuki
Birthplace: Unknown
Previous Village: Unknown

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:[Katon, Doton, Suiton, Fuuton, Raiton]

Skill Specialty:: [Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge, Weaponry, Puppetry, Medical]

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

Total: 305
  • Strength: 65
  • Dexterity: 70
  • Stamina: 80
  • Speed: 90

Total Stat Points Earned:
Mission Points Earned:

Justu/Item/Other Information:
Use the Appropriate template for each item, whether it be Jutsu, Items, Summoning, seals or Pets. All templates can be found within the modifications section.

Background Information/ RP Sample


Role-Play Sample:

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Dark Gin, Akatsuki, Vongola Storm
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