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 Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)

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PostSubject: Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)    Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:26 am

Basic Information

Name: Bui Zenjin (Pronounced Boo Ee)

Nicknames/Aliases The Enlightened One

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appearance: To call the man big would be a fair statement, however, he is much bigger then u initially think. This is because due to his unnaturally large size, while there are others that are quite bigger, he is much stronger and sturdier. Though his physique isnt extremely out of the ordinary, he is thicker then just about any other man you might come across. He is as solid as a rock and more or less a human boulder. He stands at about an even six feet tall and weights 278 pounds. His skin is a deep and pale green, almost sickly to look at, though you will never see very much of it. In fact the only thing you would ever see of his skin typically would be the skin around his eyes and his fingers. The rest is nearly completely covered by armors and cloths. These things he only removes in his private quarters for sleep which no one is allowed to enter.

His whole upper body including his chest, stomach, back, shoulders and arms down to his wrists are wrapped like a mummy in white bandages. They are weathered and have turned slightly grey over the years. Atop these bandages he wears a sleeveless white gi top which he tucks into bulky black gi pants which were specifically tailored to be thicker then normal. Over the gi top he also wears a very thin fabric green vest. He wears a black cloak like material that goes completely around his neck and completely covers only his left side of his body minus the arm from the elbow down. He wears similar black cloth that goes over his hands like fingerless gloves. He also wears samurai armor upon his shoulders and thighs, as well as a large plate that covers his groin and abs and is shaped like a large black oval. To finish it he wears black socks and matching sandals.

Personality: The personality of bui, the head of all the zenjin quarantined to the Grass country is a fairly complex and deep one, though its more that his true motives and thoughts are shrouded in mystery so his nature is given off as something different through various tricks and manipulations. It is not that he is overly convincing, or that his cover up is elaborate, but his position of power and respect leaves for no room to question him. What he first appears to be is a leader of his people who puts them first, hell bent on making the dream of a new age of man in paradise. He seems to uphold the faith but when it comes down to it, he is using the same ideals which could be considered honorable to an extent, to a warped ends and has reached a new over all target goal for his monastery.

The truth, is money and power. His new goals are all about an influx of power to his monastery, which he has control of, so by proxy, he is increasing the power he has. In turn he wishes only to have control over everything and to rule and judge what is good and wicked on his own with life and death as the only punishment reward system till the end of time. While this is not the zenjin way, his method of thinking has linked everything in such a way as that he believes that the faith has truly called upon him for this task. Due to his genuine belief that he is acting for Takobune, the law of the said god, grants him continued use of the soul flame and zenjin prayers.

Clan Information:

Rank Information:
Skill Level: S
Ninja Rank: Monastery Leader (Kage Level)
Village: -
Birthplace: Kusa Monastery
Previous Village: -

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:
    Dominant: Fuuton
    Recessive: Suiton

Skill Specialty::
    Dominant: Ninjutsu
    Recessive: Taijutsu
    Recessive: Weaponry - Sword

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

Total: 350
  • Strength: 100
  • Dexterity: 85
  • Stamina: 100
  • Speed: 65

Total Stat Points Earned: -
Mission Points Earned: -
Ryo: -


Soul Fire


Wind Techniques


Water Techniques




Name of Weapon or Item: Fukaku
Owner: Bui Zenjin
Location: In sheathe across back
Rank: A

Description/Abilities: Fukaku is an intricate blade with very amazing powers. Its design is quite fancy, and is anything but intricate. The hilt is made of silver with the blade being made of a bright steel that has been permanently polished and will never grow so dirty that a simple wipe of the blade with a dry cloth wont make it look shipshape. The blade has a rather sharp blade that does need sharpening from time to time, but it is no more durable or sharp then the average blade. This meaning it is not the strongest in the physical and first appearance sense. However, its ability to absorb wind chakra to enhance its skills is second to none. Quite simply it will absorb an A rank amount of chakra when it is drawn and will continue to do so after every five posts it continues to remain drawn from its sheathe unless the person falls uncnocious or it leaves their hand. It will create a layer of wind around the entire sword, about an inch thick. At first this will be soft and smooth but be able to act as a cudgel which can be used to wallop someone or also to block which it can do with any sword there is unless it is imbibed with fire. It will also be able to block all but fire and any s rank jutsu, (with in reason, size of jutsu and exact nature of it must be taken into account), however it will strip it of its coating, regardless of the jutsus rank, and will instantly drain another A ranks worth of chakra from the user to keep the layer of air around it. At any time by manipulating the chakra already in the blade, any section of this wind veil can be refined and sharpened, meaning this sword is capable of cutting from any angle, even using the blunt side of the blade.

History: This sword was a creation of lucifer's, Bui's inner angel. It was created to emulate his elemental proficiency. The blade is one of his trademarks along with his other elemental blade, and is quite famous amongst the angels, as he is one of few that has an elemental blade, and fewer still, one that created it rather then won it from a god. Being that Lucifer and Bui are permently fused, he is capable of using the blade at all times.


Name of Weapon or Item: Suisheku
Owner: Bui Zenjin
Location: Sheathe across back
Rank: A

Description/Abilities: Suisheku is one of the few swords that can be called unique in every single way. It is so unique that it is not even considered a bladed weapon, but it is still quite capable of cutting. The sword is completely made of water, and does not look like a blade but rather a thinned out cudgel. In respects to this, it can not be drawn from its sheath unless an A ranked amount of chakra is channeled through the sheathe and into the water. The sheathe is designed to never let it spill, even if turned upside down, and the hilt of the sword can be used with out the water, it just wont be a sword at all and in most cases useless. The sword will drain an A ranks amount of chakra every 5 posts to keep it from falling apart, and if the chakra can not be drained, it will simply collapse of itself and then return through the air and to its sheathe. If escaped from the hand it can still retain its shape for as long as the time counter still has till it needs to drain more chakra. The water blade is still quite deadly even though it is not sharp. This is because of its thinness, though that alone is not enough. it is about an inch thick at most. It also, is continuously vibrating. The vibration is of the water molecules themselves, and so intense that it would normally turn into water vapor, the gaseous form, but is held together by the chakra drained. The vibrations in fact rip through things rather then a cut, though the impact looks like a cut, though if examined very closely it will look raggedy rather then clean and straight. Because of this the sword is capable of cutting through all but S rank items and even jutsu that are B rank and below. The sword can not be harmed.

History: This sword was a creation of lucifer's, Bui's inner angel. It was created to emulate his elemental proficiency. The blade is one of his trademarks along with his other elemental blade, and is quite famous amongst the angels, as he is one of few that has an elemental blade, and fewer still, one that created it rather then won it from a god. Being that Lucifer and Bui are permently fused, he is capable of using the blade at all times.


Angel Transformation

Host: Bui Zenjin
Inner Angel: Lucifer
Appearance: (see character appearance)
Script: None
Description: Being that Bui has completely fused with his angel in a way that no other zenjin has been able to achieve, he is always in his angel mode. This meaning he always has his holy blades, and does not switch his specialty over to archery. This is unparalleled by any other zenjin and why he is the leader of the monastery.

Background Information/ RP Sample

History: Bui was raised in the monastery that he now leads as head priest. There was no telling that he would one day become the powerful man he is today. No his situation was like the others. He was trained in the ways of Takobune, the prayers and soul fire. He was taught the scripts and had them branded and committed to his memory. Just like all other Zenjin, Takobune and the faith was what his life centered around. He was raised in the Grass country's monastery, a secret person kept away from the rest of the world. He was unknown to all but Zenjin, at first.

Like those few elite who also dedicate themselves to the ultimate goal which requires the brutal life of fighting and the ninja way, Bui became a selected member of the monastery to be sent to a village to learn, infiltrate, and judge. He was sent to the village of the mist, a supposed playground for their kind. It was a place that often threatened to cause a Zenjin to get carried away with all the evil that dwealt there and all the blood shed, notorious as the ultimate testing ground for a Zenjin soldier to keep to the guidelines of Takobune. However it was also one of the easiet places to carry out the task of selective murder due to all the other blood shed that occurred. If you could invent a decent reason, it was easy to get away with.

And here began his learning of how to apply the soul flame and prayer to the ninja way and battle, starting from the ground, and working his way up. He was only known to them as an outsider with no where to go. If he could survive, he would serve the village, if not, he would die trying. A useful tool as it turned out. He began in the academy and quickly graduated to a genin, by this time having already taken the lives of five others. He was a natural at the art of taking a life. The training of the mist didnt help this matter in a nice way, if anything, it enhanced it.

As a genin he was not much better. He was a genin for a rather long time, till the age of 16 as a matter of fact. This was because he never took part in the exams. This was caused by the fact that he couldnt keep a team long enough. His competitive and deathly nature made him want to take the toughest of missions, and was not above leaving behind his team mates, nor killing them for any reason that presented itself. He was, to be put plainly, an unforgiving man. In the end, he was promoted at the Mizukages discretion, and his path of death only increased.

His mission taking increased, and the fact that he took other genin and sometimes chunin with him, also in larger groups on more dangerous missions, was the prime breeding for his mission as a merchant of death. It just kept going, but it was never pointed out or held against him. He was seen as a patron of the village, and little known, the Zenjin clan who he had an underling give his reports to due to the vast distance. It was a span of several years, but finally, the final clench in the man he is today fell through the cracks, forcing it all into concept.

His inner angel, unbeknowst to him, had betrayed Takobune, and was going to commit the ultiamte sin an inner angel could ever perform. He planned to fuse completely and wholy with his host Bui. It was not difficult. Bui was easily manipulated. Even though he was brutal, he also kept strict to the faith, not ever straying from the guidelines. However, once fused with Lucifer, this all changed. At that point, his blood bath extend everywhere, all humans to be judged save his own race of Zenjin for last, and then off to take on Takobune after corrupting his mission. Takobune forsook the two, but to no avail, the process had already occurred. He no longer got his power from Takobune, he got it directly from Lucifer, who produced it himself and could not have it taken away.

He became much stronger, and after this, became a jounin, and even a legend of Kiri. There was no question of his might, and even the village began to fear him. He for a time had full control over the village. He took it to far when he took the life of the Mizukage over a disagreement, and he forsook the place, returning to the monastery. He was granted leadership at the age of 27. He decreed it no longer applicable or faith held to ever go to the misty. Afraid that someone would find his secret, and reveal him. It was he who sent Faust to the Grass.

When Faust had left, he slowly began to change the faith. Not to a large degree, but he changted the standard for the judged killings. It broadened it and decreased the hope for humans as a whole. Slowly their path went from cleansing the humans of their wicked and leaving the pure, to there was no pure, and they would be to all destroyed. In the faith the leader was not often questioned as his guide granted by Takobune was often adhered. Had they known of the deception of Lucifer, they would have possibly known better.

The time that the new prodigy Faust came home, he was please with the results, but less pleased with the fact that he had allowed himself to be followed. When Taku revealed himself, he was quite angered, and was very much against loose strings. He played it off at first, knowing how Faust would react, but once Taku left, he ordered him to kill his friend. This was his punishment. However, he knew that Fuast wouldnt do it, so he sent one of his personal gaurd to do the job and then frame Faust for the murder. The mission was a success, though Faust did not die. He did not care, he was not going to be welcome in a village again, he had no one, at least to Bui's knowledge.

With Faust out of the way he increased the amount of Zenjin he had out and about. Though he strayed away from the bigger villages, he had one in two smaller villages which was a big increase from the usual one every ten years. He was not dealing with that place again. However they began to snoop over the Faust matter for unknown reasons, coming dangerously close to the monastery. In return he began to organize terrorist attacks to keep them at bay, making secrecy their new priority. Though the grass has stopped the snooping themselves the terrorist attacks continue to keep the investigation from reopening, serving as a distraction.

Role-Play Sample: (See a Gn topic and you know, he will be the one to rp as this NPC on the mission).
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PostSubject: Re: Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)    Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:16 pm

Mission Npc complete, Gn said it only needed ten paragraphs of history as it is an NPC. All clan jutsu preapproved through Fuast and other jutsu were taken from the bookstore. The only custom things in this app are the swords and history.
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PostSubject: Re: Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)    Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)    

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Bui Zenjin (Mission NPC)
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