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 The Urgent Calling

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PostSubject: The Urgent Calling   Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:48 am

The wall was quitte larger then he had anticipated in all honesty. It loomed high over his head and though he knew he was shorter then most, he also knew he was not the fiirst to be overwhelmed by this vast expanse o human crearion. It was amazing the things the race of man could accomplish when they put their minds to it. it was a shame they had fallen so low that the gods were bbefgining to intervene. The fact that he, Saint Faust existed was proof enough of this. His holy powers were those granted for a very haunting task with very aecane meaning no matter how deep rooted his compassion was. The faith camw first. Even before his own bretheren and that is what brought him here this day.

It was like most other. It was a brigh and chipper day, the clouds keeping almost completely at bay exposinf the vast expanse of the blue sea above. Birds, small mamals, insects. It was a day the world showed its beauty and its liveliness and yet also its tranquility. These days were actually not often. There was just nothin that set it apart and thats why it would be consideeed normal, which in and of itself was abnormal.

He did not try to pass the invisible barrier that was the walkway entrance to the village. He knew that before he did he would be interupted and lownbehold. Just as he got within range a ninja leaped from above before him, landing perfectly on his feet with a piece of straw in his mouth and hands in his pockets.

Name and business?

the request was phrassed as a question and rarher impatient. He peobably dealt with hundreds of passerbys every day soin security checks with probably ove ninety nine percent of them being needless for that particular peraon. Faust understood the headache of doing a task you didnt think you should do. But then again his own particular experience had been a much more emotionally twisting one. Still, he was no different and was not going to be any threat to the village he had heard so much about and now was going to enter, nor was he goingbto give this gaurd any reason to believe so of him.

My name is Saint Faust. I am a traveling priest who is only wishing to take a nights refuge and possibly some side jobs for a fw extra ryo in the ol money sack.

He was putting on the bright cheery travler o worlds act. It was typically one that boded well. He supposed it would work even better if he was some old ass man and not bareley an adult. Oh well. He had to go with what he had.

Alright come on over here so we can identify you officially.

the gaurd had a bit of puzzle in his voice and Faust knew the wheels were turning in his head. Typically people didnt admit to being wanderers as most were criminals. He howevrr had nothing to hide. Or at least he hoped. He was counting on the old man to have covered his ass for him. This was honestly a test of that particular man for he had never gone into a major vilage before and new they did security points and baxkground checks. If there was still a hit out on his head, he was going to have to flee and find a way to sneak in. Or just wait for Riku nearby.

The gaurd hit a switch and forced Fausts hand onto a pad that slid out and had him put his face up to a lens that scanned his eye. Dna checks. This stuff was. Beyond him. He had a rather string distaste for advance technologies. Computers tok a lot of the investigative work that he enjoyed. He wasnt shcked but was suprised and happy when the machine blinked with no match. So the old man had come through after all. He knew the gaurd would have questions though.

He beat the gaurd to the inevitable interview and just lay out his cards on the table.

ive never been registered. I dont onow my heritage. I was raised on the go with my mother and father as traveling gypsys. Im sorry sir but I really just want a warm meal and a place to sleep. The road takes a lot out of ya.

The gaurd continued to eyeball him, showing no sign of whether or not he was going to let Faust pass or not. He had been prepared for this and though he did not wish it, he had a backup plan that he hoped would work. He reached beneathe his cloak and prodiced a jar with a dark liquid in it, as well as a dark ball. The gaurd wouldnt know ir but it was actually someones eye. Someone he had once considered a brother.

this item once belonged to a dear friend of mine and this is the only momento anyone has to remember him by. I will give it to you during my stay and colect upon my leave. Its verg important to me and parting witb it is quite painful. Ut I know you will tak good care of it.

he held the jar out to the gaurd as he thought about it and looked it over. Womderimg. Thinking. The gaird knew at this piint he mans face was recordedd on camera and after one more step he would be trackable even after he left the villagw. He didnt see the harm in it. Even if acted up ajd caused trouble, he would be quickly detained so he was no real threat. The gaurd reached one hand to grab the jar and the other he reached around and pu on he back of the mans neck as he grinned and began to apply the seal. Faust noticed he was bejn branded but pretended not to be aware as he focused on the mans face.

Enjoy your stay sir. We will make sure you get this back as soon as you leave just as you lef it.

the gaurd removed his hand and took the jar from Him. As he did, Faust bowed in a display of respec showin his thanks. The gaurd could clearly see the seal on the back of his neck that he had just placed there. With no furher words neccesary, the gaurd travelled back up the wall and Hiei contined into the vilage, thankfull he had thought to use the sealing scrolls on his leg beneathe hia gi pants. He didnt want to be completely unarmed. He didn mean harm. Ut you never knew when you were going to fall in harms way.

-Topic Closed-

ooc: lad if u have questions about why he wasnt registered in the xomputer they will be revealed later on the mission in kusa howeve if you woul like an explimation please pm me. Also you have permission. To smash or take for yoursel the sookato eye if i so harm the villagers with out need or in defense situations. Id strongly advise leaving it alone otherwise and that you can trus this visit is a non threatinj g one. I wouldnt risk the sookato eye otherwise you know that.
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The Urgent Calling
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