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Happy New Year:

Year: 0638

Month: 1

Season: Winter
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Konoha: Snow Storm

Tea: Snow Storm

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Kiri: Snow Storm (40% visibility)



Kumo: Snow Storm

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 Kyohoninu ~ Dog Running Wild (wip)

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PostSubject: Kyohoninu ~ Dog Running Wild (wip)   Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:30 am

Name: Gureimori (Konoha), Sunakibo (Suna), and Takasora (Kumo)
Founder: Unknown
Location: The clan's hunting grounds is on the outskirts of a few major villages. Namely Konoha, Kumo and Suna with three general birthmarks for each localization that rarely cross boundries.

Special Info: Ranks are simple. First form which is Anthropomorphic is unlocked in the academy. Second form is unlocked at roughly Genin level and is a full conversion to their birthmark's animal

Requirements: Clan is not an open clan at the moment. You need to be born into it and the only way out is death. If you're wanting to join you'll need to pm me.
Current Members: N/A

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Kyohoninu
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Transformational
Rank: C

Description: Kyouhoninu is a unique KKG that uses tattoos and a birthmark the user has from....well birth. This birthmark is a small kanji for the user's spirit animal. This mark allows the user to shift into that animal's form. Usually for the clan this mark is a dog of some random species including wolves and foxes.

Depending on the user's ability with the KKG the user can create long range elemental (limited to user's elements but capable with any element) waves by swinging their hand in a human or anthropic stage. They vary with the birthmark as the birthmark depicts the animal. Any and all deferentiated techniques will be registered on the user's personal jutsu list.

Weakness: Feral form cannot use Ninjutsu and opposite chakra types. Transformations take one post per stage. IE, One post for feral to anthro and one post for anthro to human. It takes two full posts to make the shift from feral to human. Each transformation stage costs D rank chakra drain to facilitate the alterations and causes pain from snapping and resetting bones as well as extra skeletal muscular and flesh formation. Using C-rank chakra during the transformation cancels the pain of the transformation.

Birthmarks known
Wolf birthmark:

Name of Jutsu: Seishou Sendan ~ Lit. “Energy Shear”
Rank: (Raises with Ninja Rank E Academy, D Genin, C Chunin up)
Users: Kyohoninu
Type of Jutsu:: Attack
Element Affinity: Depends on user
Training Link: Clan technique available at academy level. Need training if character is starting in academy.
Description: User focuses chakra into their hand in either the Anthropomorphic stage of the Kyouhoninu bloodline transformation or outside of transformation then swings their hand in an arch. This arc discharges the energy in a crescent cutter shape that flies in one direction for up to 25 meters before becoming harmless.

The user uses a (E-C)-rank ninjutsu's worth of chakra to make this technique. While it can be launched quickly this attack is generally used for sudden distractions, often being followed through by another, more powerful techinque.

Weakness: Opposing chakra types. This technique is a forced elemental attack meaning it will always be -an- element. With multiple element users the user can pick the element with training

Name of Jutsu: Yajuu no Muki ~ Aspect of the beast
Rank: C
Users: Kyohoninu
Type of Jutsu:: Passive clan technique
Element Affinity: N/a
Training Link: Available at Genin must be trained if character began as academy
Description: Aspect of the beast allows the user to take on special qualities of their respective spiritual animal. Hawk, Hawk's eye. Wolf/canids, heightened hearing and smelling. Etc.

Weakness: Senses can be easily overwhelmed and cannot be deactivated quickly or easily. C rank drain per post active.

Name of Jutsu: Pakku no Muki ~ Aspect of the Pack
Rank: C-B Rank (C available at Genin at half cost and ability)
Users: Kyohoninu
Type of Jutsu:: Illusion
Element Affinity: N/a
Training Link: Training needed at Chunnin to upgrade to B rank
Description: Aspect of the pack enables the user to create multiple (up to ten at C rank and up to 20 at B rank) illusions of the user in whatever form the user is in. These illusions act independently either surrounding a target or spreading out. If one is contacted it disperses. At C rank the illusions may disperse at random.

Weakness: If touched the clone disperses. Genjutsu breaking techniques work on this easily but is usually disregarded as they appear to be clones. Sharingan and Byakugan as well as natural illusion breaking eye sights can see through this technique. At C rank the illusions may disperse at random.

Clan Traits: Depending on region the birthmarks vary. Takasora has the kanji for avian usually. Gureimori holds the Kanji for wolf or canine. Sunakibo holds the kanji for serpent or reptile.

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Kyohoninu ~ Dog Running Wild (wip)
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