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Season: Winter
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PostSubject: WIP KUMO GENIN   Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:35 pm

Basic Information:

Name: [Self Explanatory.]

Nicknames/Aliases [Does your character have a nickname? *Madara's nickname was Tobi*]

Age: [Self Explanatory]

Gender: [Male or Female]

Appearance:Two paragraphs[Five sentences each] or more on the general appearance of your character. Explain in detail what your character looks like including height, hair color, eye color and other physical appearances, including clothes he or she wears.

Personality:Two paragraphs or more on your character's personality. Include things like, how they act, how they think, how they react to varying situations and their personalities. This in includes how they fight, unique habits, philosophies and mannerisms.

Clan Information:
Name: Sougon
Location: Kumo

Special Info:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Gravity Manipulation
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Chakra
Rank: D-S

Description: The sougon have a very unnaturabl abbility that some believe to be unparalleeled by any other ninja or kekkei genkei. It is considered one of the strongest types of chakra manipulation, and also one of the most difficult to adequately use correctly and practically. It is fairly complex in the way it is used, but also quite simple in its applications. However, it is one of the most limiting type of kekkei genkei in several ways. To begin with, the user will have no elemental affinity, and will never be able to manipulate elemental chakra for any jutsu ever. Also they will be unable to master the weaponry or taijutsu specialties. They wont have the agility of body needed to master any weapon or use any weaponary techniques and they are restricted to only being able to learn C rank taijutsu techniques ever, (also following the site rules on this), and all such jutus require twice as much training. (twice the word count required). They will also be unable to manipulate their chakra in a medical manner, eliminating that whole area of jutsu. They can however be proficent in ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu, puppetry, and genjutsu (keeping with the site specialty rules).

The way the manipulation of the gravity works is by using a focus point to create the attraction or opposite, depnding on how it is used. When used to attract, it uses the Sougon's special chakra to increase the gravity on the targeted object to pull something towards it. In the opposite respect, they also have the uniqu ability to lower the gravity of the object to the negative degree, creating a counter gravitation pull, also known as the force of a push, is essentially a pull a way from the object targeted by the jutsu. Depending on the jutsu used, this can be used as an AOE technique, or concentrated to a specific obejct(s) around the target of the technique.

Additionally, there is a range to which there techniques can work based on how skilled the ninja is. This acts as an invisible dome that circumrences them at all angles, including down. This is a ball area that is always there. It is not a real entitiy, but htis is how you would diagram the kekkei genkeis range to explain it to someone if you were to do such a thing. The Limits of this are as follows.

D: 5 meters
C: 10 meters
B: 15 Meters
A: 20 Meters
S: 30 meters

Now it is to be kept in mind that this is for the range at which the Sougon can inflict their techniques on objects. The techniques themselves may have additinal ranges placed on them based on what the technique will effect after it has been placed. Also jutsu will often have a time limit between uses, and this will be explained in individual jutsu as it is circumstantial based on degree of use and the technique itself. Also most jutsu, unless otherwise specialized, is just a quick use that creates the initial force of push or pull. This force can be extend depending on jutsu and additional chakra consumption. The epicenter can be anything that is a solid, regardless of technique or rank of it. Gravity jutsu also do not require handseals when using their own body as the epicenter for the technique.

Unless otherwise specified in the jutsu, recharges go as follows.

D - 1 post for gravity technqiues
C - 1 post for all gravity techniques and others that are S rank
B- 1 post for all gravity technique and all others above A rank
A - 1 post for all gravity technqiues and all others above B Rank
S - 3 posts for all gravity techniques, 2 posts for techniques above B rank, 1 post for any other techniques.

Clan Traits:

Rank Information:
Skill Level: [S=Kage, Jounin. A=Jounin. B=Chuunin. C=Chuunin D=Genin]
Ninja Rank: [Kage, Jounin, Chuunin, Genin or Academy Student]
Village: [Konohagakure or Kumogakure]
Birthplace: [Where were you born? Was it a main village or lesser village?]
Previous Village: [Did you come from another village?]

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:[Katon, Doton, Suiton, Fuuton, Raiton]

Skill Specialty:: [Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge, Weaponry, Puppetry, Medical]

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

  • Strength:
  • Dexterity:
  • Stamina:
  • Speed:

Total Stat Points Earned:
Mission Points Earned:

Justu/Item/Other Information:
Use the Appropriate template for each item, whether it be Jutsu, Items, Summoning, seals or Pets. All templates can be found within the modifications section.

Background Information/ RP Sample


Role-Play Sample:

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Posts : 272
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PostSubject: Re: WIP KUMO GENIN   Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:09 pm

Archive, going with a different character now

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