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 Koga Konoha

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Fisshu Kashikoi


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PostSubject: Koga Konoha   Sun Nov 21, 2010 10:05 pm

Name: Konoha Koga
Nickname: White Devil Doctor
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Konoha is 5' 10" tall. Her hair has turned a silvery gray that shimmers in the moonlight. She doesn't have any outstanding features. Her hands are often covered in ash from her fire bending jutsu. She often wears nice Kimonos but, will opt out for a more practical dress when needed.

She's never seen without her sword which she protects like it were her own flesh and blood. It never leaves her. She wears her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She keeps medicines and herbs in her sash that she wears around her waist. Her kunai and shuriken are kept in a holster she wears on her right thigh. She carries a backpack all the time. The hair tie isn't just for looks either. Bound along with her hair are twelve senbon needles that she can easily pull out of the ribbon.

Konoha does make use of her luscious boobs. Within her bosom can be found many paper bombs and various other items of importance. She likes to keep things out of there when she's not on a mission though, it's not the most comfortable place to keep things.

Personality: Konoha is rather confident in herself and her abilities. Living for a life time will do that to a person. She won't ever back down from a challenge. She has a high sense of honor she feels the need to uphold. however, if she's out on a mission she will not hesitate to turn and find a way around things she would see as dangerous. She becomes a much more serious person while on a mission, in a fight, and on the hunt. It would not be advisable to get in her way in these situations though, she is not deaf to collaboration or criticism.

Among her friends, she is a lot more open than she would be in the company of higher ranking officials. She is generally extremely happy and over excited about things. She won't hesitate to drag you on a shopping adventure or gossip about the latest who's who in the village. She likes to stop and smell the roses too. No, literally. She'll stop whatever she's doing to smell flowers. It's one of the few things she does in her past time, when she has some. It may be considered an obsession.

Clan Information: Nasaki
Konoha does not have the benefit of being able to switch from human to vampire form at will. She is permanently in vampire form.

Rank Information:
Skill level: B
Ninja Rank: Chuunin
Village Konohagakure
Birthplace: Konoha

Special Info:
Element Affinity:
Dominant: Water
Recessive: Lightning

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Taijutsu
Recessive: Medical

Special Characteristics:

Points and Ryu
  • Strength:26
  • Dexterity:26
  • Stamina:26
  • Speed:27

Total Stat Points Earned:
Mission Points Earned:

Justu/Item/Other Information:

History: Descendant of the famed Koga ninja of centuries past her line has gone largely unnoticed, and that's just the way they like it. She was trained to fight the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans, in that she is able to launch a series of attacks that may or may not be feints. Even though the ninja of old (Naruto's time) were not trained till they were five, Konoha's family started traning her as soon as she could stand. She runs 10k to warm up. Her upbringing has been and is very strict, like that of the anbu (but obviously not being taught the same things). She does everything she can to get away from her family. Anything from staying out late to jail worthy vandalism. However, there is no denying her skill in the things she's been taught.

She is constantly training herself no matter where she goes. Whether it's limited to ab crunches in a jail cell or outright fights in a bar. She also avoids excessive use of her chakras, prefering to store what she can so that she can be more powerful when the need arises. As a result, she relies heavily upon her natural strength and stamina.

Time Skip + MIA:

Konoha wondered away from her team in the middle of the night, being a vampire that does not need to sleep she became the designated night guard. While wondering about she was caught in a landslide. When her team woke up, they thought she had gone on ahead to scout out the rest of their journey home so, they continued on without her. It took quite some time for her to dig herself out of the rubble. Once on the surface though, she saw that someone was waiting for her. A strange man dressed in all black, bringing out the extreme paleness of his skin from lack of sun. The man looked at her and said, "You and I are the same."

Konoha looked at him with confusion but, replied anyway, "How so?"

The man flashed a quick smile at her that would have been too fast for a human's eyes to capture but, Konoha could see the fangs in his mouth before they were once again covered by his lips. The man reached a hand out to Konoha and helped her away from the rubble she had been trapped under. "I was a great a powerful vampire of the anbu clan. However, my human counterpart died in combat and we are now forced to share this form." He looked down at the confused look on Konoha's face. "You do not share your existence with a human, do you?" Konoha shook her head slowly. "I see." The man thought for a moment before continuing, "In any case, you will need some training and who better to train a vampire than another vampire?" The smile her gave Konoha was deep and meaningful, and Konoha felt this as she walked with the man. She knew he would not hurt her.

"It is sad," The man said, "How many vampires go on without knowing their full potential." He gazed up into the night sky for a minute before walking onward to their destination. It was a quaint little cottage in the middle of the wood. Smoke was coming from the chimney, it was obviously inhabited. The man walked straight towards it and opened the door to reveal a vast open plain shrouded in darkness. As Konoha stepped inside she turned to look back at the door. The plain continued onward infront of the door, leaving it to stand on its own in the vast open space. There was a building inside the door, to the left as soon as you walk through. It was a small shack with one inhabitant.

The strange man introduced him to Konoha, "This is Jeb, he is very human. As vampires cannot use genjutsu he is the one who created the illusion of a small cottage in the wood you saw earlier." Konoha curtsied before him in greeting.

"So, can I still use ninjutsu?" Konoha asked the strange man.

"Yes but, it will be extremely weak as compared to a human who cast the same jutsu. With practice you may be able to overcome this disadvantage though."

And so, Konoha stayed with the strange man and Jeb, practicing with her new vampiric skills and changing her mechanics in how she cast jutsus. Now when she casts a jutsu, instead of using the blue chakras we are all so familiar with, she uses the black aura which changes the nature of all the jutsus she casts.

((She can still cast the regular set of jutsu, however. She uses a different set of seals and the overall nature of the jutsu is different. For example, if she were to cast a bunshin, the clone would have more evil intentions rather than being a straight copy. Also, if she were to cast, for the sake of argument, the water dragon jutsu, the dark aura would actual find a water source and move the water. This would give the dragon a black appearance rather it's normal blue color. Finally, all her jutsu would simply feel more sinister. As though the jutsu itself has the intent to kill.))

Upon completing her training, Konoha decided to see what had become of Konohagakure. Last she had heard, it had been blown to bits and the reason they were heading that direction before her training was to search for survivors. But that had been seven years ago.

Upon approaching the gates of the great village she took a deep breath before walking through and seeing that Konohagakure had been rebuilt and was better than ever. Even the monument of the great Hokages past had been refurbished. Konoha gazed upon the monument and her face turned to shock as she saw Dean-sama's face on the mountain. She hoped that it did not mean that he was dead but, it definitely meant that he was no longer Hokage.

After standing there for a minute she moved into the heart of the village, glad to finally be home again.

Not banished but, ran away
After having killed a doctor and two nurses, Konoha went into hiding to wait for things to cool down in the village. As she was waiting she began to think about how the village would react to a vampire being amongst them. There is that wolf guy and several others of strange appearances. However, they did not pose any type of real threat to humans. Konoha decided it would be best if she simply left.

Konoha spent the first few years training herself in various jutsu that she now had to create on her own, having no teacher or scrolls to speak of. She based them off what was available to her and what she thought would benefit others.

She would spend the years after this traveling the world. She met many new people and shared in many new cultures. She came upon the tragedies of war. This disturbed Konoha greatly and she began to perform humanitarian aid to those in need on both sides.

Often times she would been seen drinking blood from the bowls of patients and this earned her the nickname 'White Devil Doctor'. She spent many years doing this and killed any who dared to interfere with her work. No one could tell where she would be next so none of these people were above chuunin in rank or C in level.

Many people feared her, many people loved her, and many still didn't know what to think of her.

As she journeyed across the land, she discovered the 'safe house' of the people from whom she "inherited" her gift. She spent a long time here, helping those that came for their aid. After a few years the people began to fear her for they noticed her inability to change into a human form and she was forced to leave there as well.

Years passed by and Konoha went into hiding. She had all but come to terms with her lonely existence, when one day. Konoha was hunting a rather clever beast. It stood eight feet tall on it's back legs and had large tusks that curled out and around it's head. Konoha had been tracking it for quite some time. If she managed to slay the beast, she wouldn't need to hunt again for another week. She found the beast sleeping, entwined in the roots of a large tree. Konoha waited for the right moment to strike. She held her hand up, ready to snap and shoot needles of fire into the beast's four knees.

The beast twitched at the sound of travelers on the road that was nearby and Konoha snapped her fingers. The beast cried out in pain and Konoha leaped on the beast and ripped out it's neck and relished in her reward. It was short lived though. The traveler's had heard the beast's cry and were tromping through the trees to investigate. Konoha launched herself, high into the tree and watched, unnoticed, as two men appeared.

Konoha took a closer look at them and noticed that they were Konohagakure shinobi. The men picked up the beast and carried it to the village. Konoha stalked them the whole time, careful to stay out of sight and just short of detection. Once they entered the village, Konoha stopped and starred from inside the trees.

The gods had lead her home again.

She made her appeal to be allowed back into the village and after several months of negotiation, she was finally accepted.

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Fisshu Kashikoi


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PostSubject: Re: Koga Konoha   Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:12 am

Bump!! C'est fini!! ^.^
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Fisshu Kashikoi


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PostSubject: Re: Koga Konoha   Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:03 pm

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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Koga Konoha   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:32 pm

First off, go into the SC thread and copy the entire explanation fo the traits you wasnt. Bold what level you have. Second, you FAR exceed the amount of special characteristics someone of your rank is able to have, even WITH the clan traits. Without the clan traits, you are allowed 4, all of them must be level 2. Be reasonable, unless youve been a chuunin for 10 odd years, you wouldnt have the necessary training and experience to have level 3 traits.

Given the minimum ages for each rank, you would have maybe 4 years as a Chuunin, maybe 5 given your age. Not nearly enough for level 3 traits.

Snake Authority Spell: You do not have the snake contract or have any relation to one who would have the contract. Remove.

Advancing Blades is a weaponry technique. Remove.

Gloves: Remove.

Sword: Put in correct template. Unless you have Weaponry as a Specialty, you are limited to a C-Rank weapon, removing the fire characteristic and making it a normal Katana. Refer to the template in the modification section for those rules.

White Lightning: Edit that. The coding is messed up and the element, etc needs to be filled in. Dont put I dont know, etc. Fill it in. If it doesnt have an element, itd be N/A.

Quote :
Name of Jutsu: Soften Modification
Rank: C
Users: Konoha, Orochimaru, Tsurugu Misumi
Type of Jutsu: Supplementary
Element Affinity: --
Description: A ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to make their body very malleable. It was originally developed for spying activities. This technique can be done after surgery and actual body modification. When used the ninja can stretch and twist their body at any angle, allowing them to surprise their opponent.

Read the description. You havent received surgery or body modification to be able to use the jutsu. Remove.

Lightning Fingers: There is a A-Rank jutsu just like this one in the raiton portion of the bookstore. Remove since it is the same thing essentially.

Your jutsu explanation makes no sense. Jutsu, unless summons, have no minds of their own, otherwise Sasuke's chakra nature when using the cursed seal, etc, would cause his jutsu to act the same way as you are describing. Remove all of the information relating to that since your chakra nature would not affect how the jutsu performs except for strength.


Leon Tavolin
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PostSubject: Re: Koga Konoha   

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Koga Konoha
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