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 Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin

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PostSubject: Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin   Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:34 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Sendo Ketsueki


Age: 15

Gender: Male


Physical Make up
How do you say average, not Sendo, not those letters in that order. He is not superb by any means either. In fact his general physique is anything BUT impressive, at least when viewed by a quick glance. He is skinny. As in he is taller then the average boy of his age, but also much lighter. This gives him his smallish appearance, but that is a genetic thing that he can not over come. It is impossible for him to get "big". Though he is fairly thin, it is easy to see, if you actually take a second to pay attention, that he is quite toned. All his muscles are well defined and he even sports a six pack. Many are taken back by this at first, but due to his small size, still dont take this into much account, but he is just as physically fit as any other shinobi his age. To sum up his general physique is put quite simply: toned.

He has a gaunt and boyish face, though it will only be on a rare occasion that you see it above the middle of his nose. That is because his eyes and the rest of his upper face his covered by the medium length of dirty blond hair, that falls like straw around his entire head, though is slightly longer in the back. His eyes, if you ever did manage to catch a peak, are a deep red. The reason for this is unknown, as it is not a typical eye color. He is not even entirely sure himself and thus far no explanation has ever been presented on the matter. His skin is paler then most, but it is not pasty. He just lacks a tan.

What he likes to wear
Sendo, as goes with his personality which is described below, are kind of more on the dark nature. As basics he wears a simple red t-shirt that has several bold and wide black stripes that go across is diagonally from left to right, right being slight lower then the left. The slope is nothing major but it is noticeable none-the-less. He also wears fairly tight, but not skin tight, black felt pants. They are button up and are designed like jeans but are made from a much more comfy and lightweight material. He wears a double belt around his waist that is very wide and is the color white. This sticks out against the other colors that make up his outfit. Over all of this he wars a black trench coat. The collar is always standing up and goes all the way up to where his hair ends. It trails all the way down to about an inch or so above his ankles. It can be taken off with great ease. Around his left arm he wears a white band a lot like his belt. He also wears his ninja head band above that white band, but changed the material for the headband from blue to white to match. To end he typically wears boots, though these too are as lightweight as possible, but also have fairly thick soles.

How does one accurately describe a pure sadist? Sadistic perhaps, that might be a good word for it. Sadism can take its root in many ways. Social sadism, physical torture sadism, emotional sadism, anyway you can make another person suffer and then draw it out. That is what sadism is. What makes Sendo special, is that he is the master of them all. He is a quite observer, and can connect with people well if he so chooses, or simple get to know them to the point of finding various weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is his specialty, and he takes a sound delight in it, or so it may seem.

To the outside observer just meeting him, he is a very sweet young man, if that is what he wants to be to you. This is how he gets in with people. He can play the role of a gentlemen perfectly. He knows all the proper conducts of society and how to act in any given situation like a proper man. He can be sophisticated, a winer drinker if you will. He is also eloquent. His vocabulary can be extensive and his manner of speaking is for lack of a better word, different. He tends to talk in a half riddle format. It is not something that is in the norm. He is not a ladies man though, he in fact, distastes women for their ways. From his experience they are all malicious and self centered, thinking only of themselves in the end and how to get what it is they desire. No matter how sweet they can be, they are all harpies to him. He can however, play it cool so to speak and give a very tranquil aura.

In turn of this aspect, he is very snide and sarcastic when he lets his guard down, or rather when he does not care whether or not you know this side of him or wants you to know for whatever reason. This side of him is dark and some might even say, dangerous. At least it comes off that way. This is where the chaos of his personality comes into play. It is disorderly, cynical, and the worst part, logical. He is capable of making a logical case for anything, able to convince most off of any path that he so desires. He is even able to step outside himself and change his own outlook at any time by picking apart his own views and completely reversing them on himself. In this set of personality traits, he does not seem to give a care about anyone or anything nor the outcome of any event. He can be extremely passive aggressive and is difficult to deal with. It is very difficult to convince him he is wrong when he gets like this and is even combative in a highly aggressive way.

That all however stems from an even deeper part of his personality and it is what gives him the ability to act proper, but it is his covering it up that creates the cynical side. This side is the pessimist. He is in fact a broken and scarred boy who is incapable of truly opening up as he has a fear of connecting to other people. This is an abandonment issue, and a tactic he uses to keep his heart from pain, even though he winds up hurting himself most of all in the long run. He is filled with an internal and eternal sadness that nothing has been ever able to counter, manage or righten. Beneath the shell, rough exterior created by his chosen career preference of shinobi is a shattered soul who finds death an all appealing venture. It is these three conflicting sides that have disabled him from holding a relationship for very long at all of any kind, romantically, family, or friendly.

That however comes to his true nature, all though the pessimist is who he truly is. the way he acts, when he is not acting, coincides with the cynical side. He plans and plots and keeps himself busy to keep his mind off his true thoughts. He does not like his true self and so has created this ghastly persona. He became a shinobi so that he would legally be allowed to kill others, and can be very much viewed as a cruel person. His goal is to spill as much blood as possible and make certain people suffer in the fullest amount. Though his actions are in a way geared toward good, in his mind. It is not truly so as the actions he plans in his mind are more cruel then they should be and he is ultimately, for again, lack of a better term, weird.

Rank Information:
Skill Level: B
Ninja Rank: Chunin
Village: Konoha
Birthplace: Unknown
Previous Village: -

Special Information:

Elements Affinity:
    Dominant: Suiton
    Recessive: Katon

Skill Specialty::
    Dominant: Ninjutsu
    Recessive: Medical

Special Characteristics

Points and Ryo:

Total: 105
  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 20
  • Stamina: 40
  • Speed: 30

Total Stat Points Earned:
Mission Points Earned:

Justu/Item/Other Information:

Medical Jutsu

Blood Ninjutsu

Water Ninjutsu

Fire Jutsu

Other Ninjutsu

Name of Weapon or Item: Blood Capsule
Owner: Sendo
Location: His Belt
Rank: D
Description/Abilities: This item simply contains blood with in it. It can hold about a half gallon of blood in total. It has been lined with a gel that keeps it from deterioration due to corrosion of the Ketsueki acidic blood. It also has one explosive tag glued to it on the inside in between the layer of gel and the glass used to make the casing. At any given time he has four of these upon his personnel.
History: This was simply an invention to carry a bit more extra blood with Sendo into battle. His jutsu require its use and creating more blood is quite costly, therefor this was made as a way to more effectively use his blood line limit in battle. It has proven to be quite the useful item over the years.
Appearance Akin to a time capsule the size of a half gallon jug of milk.

Ninja Tool List
Kunai x10
Shuriken x5
Wire Spool x 25 meters
2 meter long log chain x3 (no special characteristics)
Explosive Tags x 10
Senbon x20

Background Information/ RP Sample


Role-Play Sample:


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PostSubject: Re: Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin   Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin   Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:37 am

Approved Unless said otherwise.

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PostSubject: Re: Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin   

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Sendo Ketsueki, Leaf Chunin
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