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PostSubject: Limitations.   Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:40 am


Sendo had been traveling for a little under an hour. What had taken him not long, had seemed like forever to him. The tall wooden trees that had lined his way for the vast majority of the journey had been his only company. He didnt even have a travel bag with him. Just his normal attire; black pants, trench coat, red striped shirt, dirty mop of hair, pale skin, and his typical ninja gear. Hell, he wasnt going for a journey. This was just a quick hike, a little go around with some monk who thought he was good enough to stand against a shinobi, and then it was back to the village. All in a days work. He didnt really understand these proceedings. Well he did, they were helping build relations, not that Sendo cared one way or the other about that hooblah. No, he picked this mission because it was a free fight. Scratch that, it was a fight he was going to get paid for. Relish, thats what this was called. The topping of an already excellent ordeal. Money, fighting, prestige. Perfect.

That journey was over now though. The winding dirt road and the light tapping of rain on his head had brought him here safe and sound, creating a rythm of its own nature to keep him company. Truly, he only needed himself to be entertained but, what fun was just you when you had the whole wide world of creation to hold your attention.

He had to admit, this place was beautiful. The monastery was tall and layered with many slanted roofs. It didnt cover much area of the ground, but had to have held at least four floors. The beige and browns mixed well in an odd way, and the cobblestoned steps with the small river flowing beneath them and around the building fit in nicely with the rest of it all. The green of the bushes in boxed in. He didnt pay attention to the exact types but he caught glimpses of yellows and whites. Lilies perhaps. After having taken in this large building for his drunken eyes to uphold, Sendo walked forward towards the steps, but was not expecting to get stopped as he was after having taken the action of movign forth.

Like a typical monk, his head was shaved. he had a mean face and he was young. About Sendo's own age in honesty. He wore typical orange robed garb, thick, but comfortable and roomy for easy movement. Sendo had actually had the pleasure of being allowed to wear the garb once before in a research project he had undertaken way back in the academy. They thought it was important for the kids to learn these kinds of cultural differences. He hadnt been allowed to choose either. Due to his somewhat psychopathic nature that had been apparent, even in those days, he had been focred to study a way that was all about peace and tranquility. Of course such a life style had no meaning to him but, it was something he had to do so he did ti. Unwillingly, but he did it.

This monk had taken the liberty of placing his hand upon Sendo's chest. This was a mistake. Sendo didnt like authority, nor did he like physical contact that suggested an arc of someone trying to control him. Disallowing him passage was a clear cut case in his book. He didn't like it, so he took care of it. The monk had begun to utter a few words, What busi..... That was all he got out, for now, Sendo had taken his own hand, wrapped his slender fingers around the obstacle's wrist, and forced it around and up, forcing his palm up in the air, his shoulder locked back, and the control was now the shinobi's, not the holy mans.

Sendo only grinned at him. His head was slightly bowed, and this angle combined with his heavy mop of hair cast a shadow over his eyes, unseen by the one standing before him in his grasp. Even with out the hair, his eyes were closed, but they were smiling all the same. The Monk did not like this act of defiance. Why you little. He reached over his shoulder for the staff that had been concealed there, broken in two parts and folded, connected by a heavy chord in the hollow centers. He removed it and snapped it into place with his other, free hand. He bothered with no fancy hand tricks as he brought it swinging down toward Sendo's cocky face, ready to pummel this intruder for his discourtesy.

Miyori, Enough

The young monk stopped at the sound of a voice coming from behind him. The squared door of the monastery had slid open, revealing an old man in the same garb as his guard, leaning on a raggedy cane for support. He too was bald but had a long mustache and beard set, pure white and showing his age and wisdom. The staff was only an inch away from nailing Sendo in the face but he had not flinched, only continued to smile. He had seen the old man before he spoke. He knew he was in no danger here. The tip of the staff dropped out of the air as he brought it back to his side. The call from his master had been a cease and desist one, but he was not ready to drop all caution yet. This stranger was still yet unidentified. As the staff droped, so did Sendo's grip slacken, allowing him to have both his arms back.

With the hand that had been used to hold the stopping hand, he flashed open his coat, pulling out the side to expose what was beneath and within. He reached in with his other hand and down into the slang coined "mafia pocket" that was on the inner lining. From it he produced a scroll, and brought it out into the open, letting go of his coat and letting it drop back into place around his body. Instead of unrolling it, he took clever aim, and launched it toward the old man. Surprisingly, his reflexes were still good, and he caught it with a swift hand. Instead of opening it, he simply launched it back in the direction it came, only slightly altered the course. It landed in the outstretched hand of the one called Miyori.

Read it young one. He is the guest from Konoha. You would have known that had you cared to take note of the forehead protector with their insignia he has wrapped around his left bicep. You have a lot to learn still my son. With a defeated sigh, Miyori unrolled it and checked the credentials. It was true, he had stopped a guest they had invited, and treated him like an intruder to boot. Miyori stood still, not sure how to react. He didnt have too. Sendo made the next move.

No hard feelings kid Sendo said as he walked past Miyori. It was almost an insult considering they were about the same age, but then again, Sendo often referred to anyone of any kind as "kid". It was nothing personal. He didnt have time to hold onto such things, and in fact, he hadnt been at all pissed from the get go. He was just messing with him. Getting in his head. He really had no respect for this place, but at the same time, against his own personal preference, he still had to be somewhat professional. He continued up the steps until he wasnt too far from the old man.

My name is Mishida. The old man revealed his name as he dipped his head in a bow. Sendo returned the sign of greeting and acknowledgement with a slightly deeper dip, including his upper back in the motion. Not to offend, but being physical with out call is hardly the way to be a diplomat. You are here represent your village so we may higher your shinobi in the future so we dont go to some lesser cheaper nation are you not.

Sendo kept his smirk. The old man read him like a book. He wasnt one to act with in the guidlines, and now it was being thrown in his face. However, he wasnt just some snot nosed kid. True he had a disregard for order and loved Chaos, but he wasnt one to act with out purpose. He generally had some logic to his work, even if it was twisted and disoriented at times from any pure thinking. You speak true Mishida, however, your highering us for our power and ability, not our social skills. I assure you the majority of the leaf doesnt share my traits in this aspect, but I am one of its best warriors of my rank. Thats why they sent me. Just to give you a taste of what were capable of, and why you need to go with us, and not some mediocre second rate village. Were a higher cost for a reason. His face never wavered as he said this, walking past what was undoubtedly the head of the household and intot he monastery which doubled as his home.

Mishida shook his head and smiled. The boy was clearly misguided but he did have a clear point. They would only be using shinobi for the dirty work that was needed that a holy man had no business soiling his soul to complete. With no furhter words he turned to head inside and motioned with a wave of his hand for Miyori to follow suit.
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PostSubject: Re: Limitations.   Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:55 am

Sendo waltzed into the first corridor/room of the monastery. It was wide, but it wasnt very deep. Nor was it very high. It was less then two of Sendo's heights, and he wasnt all that tall. The floor was made of perfectly lined and polished wood. It also looked as though it had been stained, an extra coating that made the texture look darker and richer. The bottom half of the walls were the same. The top had several thin lines of the wood which created a several squared pattern grid that was filled in with a white material. Judging by the way light easily poured in, it was paper, or another material that was akin to it, and most certainly very thin.

He cocked his head. Paper? Why on earth....... He shook his head and ignored the notion. They were holy men, not construction workers, and he was sure that whenever it was damaged, which probably wasnt very spacious between incidents, it just gave them something to do besides meditate and pray. Standing in roughly the middle of it all was sort of welcoming he had to admit. A guy could get used to living in these kinds of quarters. Granted, he knew he would never be allowed to take residence in one. He just wasnt the type that got let in to a pure man's world. He would have to pull some serious strings, jump through some small hoops, and put on a major act it he ever wanted to do that. It was just to much effort for too little of a pay off. A pay off that was only a small inkling of an interest anyway. It wasnt important enough. Even if he was the type sanity wise, he wouldnt want to go through the effort to get into one. Seclusion was not his thing.

You are welcome to a meal if youd like before we begin this test. I am sure you are famished after your long journey. I could have a fulfilling meal prepared with in the hour if you would like.

Sendo realized the man had followed him in. He looked over his shoulder, still grinning that devil smile with his eyes just barely visible, no teeth exposed. He saw that Miyori had followed him as well. He wondered why the gaurd had been made to leave his post. Maybe they werent so worried about security after all. That or they were just way to lax with the measures they took. Then again the kids shift could have been over and he had just missed the replacement in his rush to get inside. Sendo was leaning toward the being lax in measures taken. After all, they were just a couple of fighting monks. That did not make them a military force by any means, and military organization was what he was used to. Especially with their current Hokage running the village.

That man was absolutely obsessed with security. Some thought, and Sendo included, that this went a bit past the security and stepping on civil liberties, but he wasnt strong enough to question the shots that were called just yet. Instead of speaking up and not being heard or being heard and getting ripped for it, he just went with it. Much simpler that way. He drew enough negative attention to himself with his insanity quota anyway. The role of a rebel wasnt something he wanted tagged to his ear ontop of everythign else he had to put up with.

Thanks for the invite, but Id just as soon we got the reason why I came. You guys wanted me to put on a show right, So put on a pot of coffee, show me the area we are going to do this at, and relax while I show you what we leaf shinobi are capable of. Sendo was in no mood for food. His lust for blood and battle had been brewing in his head since he had departed from Konoha. It was overdue as it was.

The two monks looked at each other, who, by now Sendo had figured out, were most certainly father and son. Their gazes crossed and met in the middle. A few blinks and eye motions were exchanged. This guy acted nothing like the monks who trained here. They fought as a way to hone their bodies and minds as one. This....Sendo.........seemed way to eager to be natural in their world. They had met shinobi before. None had been quite like this. However, if the man was ready, so were they. There was no need to hold it off. They nodded at the same time in agreement.

Mishida, the old man, walked forward, past Sendo and to what seemed to be a wall a moment earlier. Now that he looked closer however, it was clearly a large sliding door, or well, part of one. Mishida took his cobbled hand and put it in the middle of the "wall", splitting the two halves as though his fingers were a wedge, and moved the right of the wall to the side, just big enough for them to pass through. Through his new opening, he saw a hallway as big as the new doorway that had been made that went back for about twenty meters, the length of the building.

This time Mishida led the way and he eagerly followed. The footsteps revealed that again Miyori picked it up from behind, trailing his foot steps toward the other end of the cooridor and to what Sendo expected to be the outside on the other end of the monastery. It didnt take them long, for their walk was brisk. He was beginning to wonder why he hadnt seen any other monks so far. He knew the answer when they came out the other end of a second sliding door and into a grassy area on the other side.

Sendo had been wrong. This wasnt the other side of the monastery, this was the center. He had misread the exact dimensions of the place. It was much bigger then anticipated. Twice as big actually. The courtyard was pretty decent in size. It had a cross of concrete with a larger square of the same material in the center about 25x25 feet. The whole area of the yard was twice that. The areas between walkways were paved with rich green grass. In the center of the slab of concrete sat a platform of the same wood used to make the walls of the temple, stained coloration and all. It was about a foot thick with a slight over hang. On the grass sat an uncountable number of monks, all in the same orange garb, all bald, all sitting in perfect fashion. Sendo was sure they were glad he had chosen not to eat, for it was clear they had been waiting. What discipline.

Alright so which one of these dedicated holy men am I facing

That would be me

Sendos head snapped up toward the platform again, seeing Miyori standing on the end of the platform opposite of him. He had too busy taking in the site of all the squatting monks he hadnt seen the kid move. Even so, the kid had some speed to move in that duration of time unnoticed. He didnt let it bother him. If thats who it was, so be it. He had no qualms one way or the other. A fight was a fight and he knew none of these people. Miyori was the most personal fight he was going to get out of any of them

He took a flying leap with out bending his legs and landed on the end closest to him, crouching as he landed, his coat flaring about him as he his knees then snapped back into a straight up position, his hand in the vertical pockets on either side.

Lets get started then
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PostSubject: Re: Limitations.   Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:01 am

Miyori was more or less trying to stare through the back of Sendos head. His eyes held almost what seemed like a malice, but that wasnt it. He was too calm and uncontrolled by his emotions for it to be considered a malice. Such a thing was raw and heart filled. No, he was using his head here, and his training with the monks was probably to be attributed for that. It was quite impressive to see in all actuality, and even a man like Sendo, deranged nearly out of being able to leave a sane life, had to give that his due credit. Their eyes were locked and neither one of them were blinking. What was troubling Sendo was that he could not read this boy. Not entirely. He knew that the guy wanted repayment for his act upon him earlier, the twisting of his hand which was meant to be quite uncomfortable. Hmmm. Maybe he just wanted to teach him some manners. That could be it, but he couldnt be sure. He wasnt so akin to these types of people to relate to them in even a light fashion, let alone be able to connect on a deeper level.

Sendo's grin was still emanating from his face. Almost like he was mocking the intensity of this character before him. In all actuality, he was. He was only here to have fun with the battle, to spill some blood, and sate his lust for pain. Pain unto others, he was no masochist. This was merely a game to him. The only disappointing fact here was that he couldnt kill the lad. Granted he could, but then he wouldnt get paid, and while going with out a full pocket for the next week or so, he wasnt going to deal with the referendum from his peers in dealing with it and he would probably be sent back in a troubling repair of diplomacy mission. He had had to suffer through a few of those already to date, and hed just as soon never have to do it again.

Miyori reached behind him and grasped his staff once more. He was forbidden to carry a weapon inside the temple itself, but carrying it in its open and broken manner was acceptable. This was a law that could be broken if they were ever attacked, and in this way, he was all ways prepared for such an occurrence. Miyori loved the monastery more then his own life and like the shinobi were willing to throw their life away for their village, so was he for his family of monks here, for all of them were his brothers. The staff snapped together and he held it between him and his opponent, ready for Sendo if he were to make a move.

Sendo wasnt interested in getting into an all out brawl. No, his style of battle was more of a psychological method. He wanted to get inside his head and destroy the gears that made the wheels in his thinking cap turn. To see how smart he was, to deduce his weaknesses with out ever having to actually see them. Such things could be picked up by mannerisms, muscle twitches, even simple phrases that were uttered. Granted in battle, small talk was far and few between at best, but Sendo had his way of getting it out of people. And if not, body language would always scream aloud was words could not. Whether he took every precaution in the book or not, Miyori would broadcast his every move to him, for Sendo did not operate by the book.

He walked towards the young monk, not expecting him to move and give his ground, which he did not. This was because already, Sendo was manipulating the tide of battle. Normally when the opponent moved forward, it was an initiation of the fight to come, and both parties began to react to each other. Sendo was merely stepping closer and closer, almost inching his way towards him. There was no threat to his movements. No sinister hint to his step, and so to that end, Miyori stayed put, unmoving, and unsure if he really should or shouldnt keep his ground here. He had no clue what Sendo was up to, and at this point, Sendo didnt know it either. The crowd of monks watched, not knowing what to think as this shinobi simply treated the battle like it was a casual stroll through the woods.

What are you doing, you realize this is a fight right Miyori hissed his words as Sendo got with in two feet of him, close enough to touch with out trying. They were cross angled, not directly across. In fact, it was their left shoulders that were opposite each other, not their faces.


It was that single questioning word that spurred it. It was said so playfully, so relaxed, that the well trained and dedicated, fully devoted Miyori couldnt comprehend it. In his head flashed the thought, that if this Sendo kid wasnt here to be serious and do his duty to his nation, then Miyori sure as hell was gona do his to his own. He would show him respect. He wasnt one that should be underestimated. Whatever blood this Sendo had flowing in his veins, by genetics at least, Miyoris was more powerful that was certain. The staff came lightning quick. The bottom end came up in an angle in an attempt to catch Sendo in the right of his chin. If it connected properly, it was a knock out blow. If not, it was enough to send him spiraling and at least put stars in his eyes, neither of these happened, because the staff didnt meet its mark. It didnt even travel the full distance.

It was stopped halfway in its journey. Sendo had taken a half step back and switched his weight to the side, his shoulders now creating a line perpendicular to the one created by Miyoris. His hands still in his pockets, his right elbow jutted out as the hand lifted slightly, taking the fabric of the black coat with it causing it to rumple. The smack of bone and wood reverberated through out the enclosed area. It hurt, but Sendo didnt even flinch. He was no stranger to pain. He didnt enjoy it, he had just felt enough of it already in his day to not be affected by it quite as bad. He turned his head which had remained square with his body, to face Miyori dead in the eye once again. That same sick grin still stuck to his face.

Nice Shot

His condesending words and tone were let loose the same time Miyori switched his grip and brought it swinging up to nail him in the chest. Sendos hand leaped out of his pocked, the left one, and stopped it midswing once more with an open palm this time. There was only a thud this time as it hit meaty flesh. At the same time, his right hand escaped the pocket containing it, aimed as a back fist to knock his foe across the arena, or at least make him step back signifying him as the first controlor of the fight. This was not to be as Miyoris own hand snapped out, leaving only his left hand to hold the staff while his right hand crossed his body and intercepted Sendos punch. The two were of similar strength, so it was a stalemate, though technically the block was the successful technique. Then again, the block had been an opener for Sendos final in the three point combo. Everything worked best in a three point.

Sliding his foot up in a diagonal fashion, he quickly snapped his hips, bringing the left one up and around as his body curved forward and snapped back up as it turned, his heel driving for the back of the kids shoulder. He was blocked again and this Sendo hadnt really expected but he anticipated it all the same. it was too early to underestimate his opponent. This time the back end of the staff slid between his knee, over his shin, and then behind his ankle. Miyori flipped it upwards and around, effectively tossing Sendo away, who merely flipped and landed on his feet, keeping his face towards the target and sliding back two feet once hiw own sandals had hit the boards of the platform once again.

So far the two had been stalemate, but this whole exchange had lasted less then seconds. Sendo was merely gauging his opponent at this point. Playing with him. The play time was something normal fighters didnt understand, even amongst shinobi. Sendo didnt take anything seriously unless he absolutely had to. Now he had to decide what move to make next. There was no coverage and the trick of his casual advance wouldnt work. He knew that Miyori had accepted the fight as having started, so no doubt in his mind was to be had that he would make the next move and come at him with that staff, and as the fates would have it, he was right.

The staff came hard and fast once again, and Sendo had decided he had had enough of it. He simply held his arm forward as the staff came at him from the side, and a blindingly fast line of metal escaped his sleeve, wrapping around the wood staff and digging into it with ease. In total it had made three coils around the object. Next he jerked it up and to the right, ripping it from Miyoris hands. Already he had disarmed his opponent. He let the staff fly out and the chain flew back in his coat. Normally these were around his waist, but he had taken the time to prepare them around his arms, careful to arrange them so they wouldnt cut him, so they wouldnt be obvious upon his arrival. The staff flew to the side.

Sendo hadnt been sure about what happened next, but what he had thought would happen, fortunately did. Miyori did a half cartwheel half flip towards the staff, bending over to pick it up. This is what he had been waiting for. The kids side, and back if positioned himself right, were wide open. Sendo came across the wood planks as fast as his feet would carry him, bearing down on him with a freshly drawn kunai just as Miyori was standing back up.

He saw the glint in the monk's eye before he saw it coming. The totally unexpected event he had not forseen or even thought of. A brown blur flew from the staff and knocked him back off of his feet. He hit the platform hard and rolled a few cycles and finally back up uto his feet. He made it look smooth but he had been caught off gaurd, and he had been hurt. Miyori had struck the first blow. Sendo was obviously more skilled in the mind, but he had grown careless in his small early victories over his opponents mind, and now as he looked at the extension of wood coming out of the staff at an odd angle that made it look like a lower case y, he knew. This was the mokuton release, wood manipulation. Miyori and his father, they were of Senjuu decsent. Then the impact of the real dnager this provided set in. The arena they were battling on was made of mood. In a nut shell, the enemy had had him surrounded the entire time. Miyori had let Sendo play, he had been the one being tested. This kid was better then he had thought, and now he was in a real jam, one that had been unavoidable since the moment he had accepted the mission.

He mumbled under his breath, completely to himself

You have got to be shitting me

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PostSubject: Re: Limitations.   Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:43 am

This was bullshit as far as he was concerned. The monastery had more or less been stacking the deck against him before he had even arrived. The mere fact that he had had a slight confrontation with the person who was now his opponent was nothing more then coincidence. He needed a way out, and he needed one fast. Having himself so utterly surrounded by wood, was not good. He couldnt exactly just up and expand the territory of the fight either. If he resorted to that, the other monks would be dragged into it, and then he would have his ass handed to him on a silver, prayer blessed platter. He was in no mood for taking a pounding today. He was still sure he could win this fight. He would just have to do something to take away Miyoris edge given to him by the stage they fought upon.

His initial thought was to burn it, but that would be stupid. Sendo had noticed from before they had even entered the monastery that all the wood used through out was stained and this was no different. Such protection mixed with the thickness of the wood would take more then too long to burn to be effective, he would be effectively giving his opponent the ability to brandish torches at his will. Not to mention wood was made of water and earth, so any fire he tried to start would either be used against him via the wood, or just be put out with a water technique. Either way here, things were looking steep. None of his fire attacks were strong enough to incinerate the wood in this quantity on the spot in an instant. it was out of the question. His water could aide him here but it would not get rid of the wood. There was only one option left here. He was going to have to combat this kekkei genkkei with his own.

Only momenta ago he had been faced with a seemingly unbeatable situation, and now he knew exactly what he would have to do. However, he was supposed to put on a show was he not. He was going to toy with his food once more, putting him back in control in the mental scope of the battle. These people wanted to see how well a Konoha shinobi could handle themselves. What good was it if they could just bitch there way out of anything. What happened if they couldnt bitch there way out by removing the problem and had to face it. He needed to show them that. Simply defeating this monk wasnt enough, though beating him quickly and effortlessly would be impressive. He also didnt come all this way for a close and shut fight, no matter the skill of his opponent. He was going to milk this, at least for a short while. There was no need to end it yet. Though, there was also no telling what other tricks the guy had up his sleeve. Sendos usual strategy would have been to draw it out and check the opponents whole scope, but no doubt, with this great of an advantage, the use of the stage being made of wood was going to be utilized by the enemy for all it was worth. Show time.

Sendo snapped back to reality just as Miyori began to move. His mind had been running a mile a minute. He was thankful that his opponent was not taking him lightly and had probably been running calculations of his own. It wouldnt seem like much time to the on lookers around them, but for a quick thinker and strategist, it was plenty of time to win the fight based on brain power alone. Now all that was to be revealed was who had the better plan, and who could execute it more effectively. True that Sendo was sure that what he had in store would not go well against Miyoris movements if he didnt act first, but he was good at reacting to the situation, so he need not worry. He had his confidence back, and still his smile never wavered.


The wood beneath his feet cackled and snapped as a pillar came up through the boards below between his two feet. He had not noticed what Miyori was doing. He wouldnt have even he had been paying attention. The boy was good at hiding his movements and cloaking them as other things. The bo staff was butted up against the arena they stood upon, and it looked like he was thinking intently. To be truthful, he had been concentrating, but not on the next move. He had been focused on the move had been making at that exact moment.

The wood splintered off yet again, this time from the pole which had been made previously and was no doubt weaved underneath the boards he could see, connected back to Miyori. This time it was thin strands, almost like strong twig branches. Sendo didnt have enough time to move, and they wrapped around his ankles, securing him down to where he stood. Now he was in trouble. The enemy could have his way with him more or less. he had him trapped, surrounded by the very thing he was master of. There was just one problem with his approach. He had left Sendos hands free, and that was all a shinobi needed, for handsigns were key to most jutsu, and just about all of em that Sendo used, save for the one he sued next. He put his hand inside his coat and in the pouch strapped to his waist. All the while he could see Miyoris hands flying, trying to make the seals before Sendo could escape.

The pouch had in it a spool of wire that could stretch quite a ways. However, it didnt need to go far for what Sendo required. As soon as the chakra filled hand touched the metal, the wire shot out of pocket like a thread searching for something to nit. It almost looked like a very thin snake the way it moved. It was going to be hard to see unless someone was paying attentions, which Miyori was too busy focusing on his next jutus to do. The wire slid down to his ankle quickly and slipped between his ankle and the wood. Being so thin, this task was not difficult. It lopped around once, and then went and did the same with the other leg, connecting them. In the final step, his charka retracted the wire straight up, with out uncoiling it, causing it to cut through the restraints, ending the jutsu. Instantly, Sendo leaped backwards using all his might he could muster to his feet. He was too late as it turned out though.

As soon as the wire had retracted back into its resting place to wait for the next time Sendo needed to use it. Miyroi crashed forward at the end of the signs, slamming his hand to the ground and activating his next entrapment jutsu on the leaf shinobi. Four Pillars Prison. Poles erupted all around him, cutting off his leap and nulling his mobility down to a very short area. Finally it closed off just a foot or two above his head. The enemy didnt want him going anywhere. Well that was just too bad. He already his way out of here. Again the chain exited his sleeve as before, and so did another from his other sleeve, and yet another from his right pant leg. The chains pierced the wood and splintered it outwards, finishing up by moving out wards slightly, and then plunging their manipulator forward towards this impending wall as they slid back into his coat and around his arms.

As he exited, he felt a slight pressure begin to build upon his right ankle which was still slightly in the cage. He glanced up and saw Miyori with his hands still on the ground, focusing his chakra yet again. He didnt need to glance back to know that he was trying to close up the hole and put him in a very awkward position. Instead, he just kept his gaze focused on Miyori, who in turn had his eyes locked with Sendos. He took careful aim, made a handseal, and fired.

From beneath Sendos right eye, a jet of red liquid spurt into the air for a five meters distance. Miyori was only 4.5. He was in range. The monk child didnt know what exactly what was being thrown in his direction, but he didnt care to find out either. Anything from the shinobi was potentially harmful, especially if it could not be named, though it oddly looked a helluva lot like blood. He couldnt explain that, but he didnt care. He just dived out of the way, and in doing so, stopped the enclosing wood on Sendo's ankle. With the wood not fully formed and hardened, it was nothing to bust his leg through the thin layer of brown obstruction as he finished the hand seals he had started himself after shooting the line of blood. When the blood hit, it began to sizzle and pop as it melted the wood away, being the acidity level of stomach acid. Highly dangerous if contact was made to the skin. it was too late for Miyori though. This gig was over.

When his fall was finished, his hands slammed on the ground, not dissimilar to Miyori's style of manipulation so far. The battle was more or less who could control the arena, and Miyori could because he manipulated wood and it was made of wood. However, Sendo could turn any playing field into his own, he had the power to transform it, and there was no changing it back. When he slammed his hands on the ground, A ripple of red spread from his hand and quickly encompassed the whole platform and continued further an stopped froming a red circle just past the platform in the concrete. Miyori had no idea what this was, but he was getting a singking feeling. Quickly he began to luanch into another jutus. That was all he could do. There was no where ot hid and bide time, this was his only option, but it was too late. The jutsu of Sendo's was already complete. He and Miyori both sank as everything that had been colored red liquidized and splashed down into a large puddle of blood. Luckily for Miyori, this wasnt acidic, yet.

Miyori instantly leaped up and over, landing on his jungle gym of broken wood, the only thing in the touched vicinity that had not changed. This was the only weapon he had left now. He was much to inexperienced to begin using the type of jutsu that created whole forests for him to control. For now, he just needed to play on the defensive and guard himself. He didnt realize that there was no escaping the mad man known as Sendo now. He futilely jumped into his own cage, and after forming a few hand signs turned it into a protecting dome, attempting to keep Sendo out. Not that it mattered.

Sendo stood up and turned around to face the dome his opponent had used to try to escape him. There was no escape, this was the devils playground, and right now, he held the title of Satan. No doubt Miyori was either waiting for Sendo to try to breakthrough and attack or preparing for his own next assault. He wouldnt have the time. The look on Sendo's face was pure malice. This ended here. His expression exuded blood lust, it was no longer the sarcastic and smug grin. It was wide toothed, the hair thrust back and caked in blood, his eyes wide and wanting. His nostrils flared like an angry bull. He was damn near laughing in the sheer, exhausting containment of all his psychotic desire at the moment. He wasted no time in performing the jutsu, focusing his chakra inside the dome.

Miyori was waiting. In truth he was a bit frightened. This was blood, he could smell it. There was no mistaking the odor he had trapped around him and was increasing. There was just enough light seeping through, making the dome inside seem red everywhere, not just the liquid at his feet. Suddenly it began to ripple in two places beside him. Suddenly it rose up and formed into a human esk shape. The excess liquid fell away, leaving behind two potent and blood red copies of Sendo. He panicked. This monster had to die. He was going to use his trump. He completed his handsigns once more and either side of the dome folded back into two seperate cones fo wood, each pointed at one of the blood clones. Sendo couldnt have been more happier as he activated the bacteria that would turn the blood inside the clones acidic just as these new weapons pierced his own makes. He watched as the flecks of red splattered across the face and body of his victim and relished that moment of realization Miyori would go through just before the pain set in. He had dropped his guard because the blood that made the lake ha not burnt anything like the stream from Sendos eye had. However, he hadnt known Sendo controlled that elment as well. The next moment, his flesh was on fire as the acid ate away at his flesh, forming holes that slowly began to spread over his body.


Sendo had quickly realized he was not allowed to kill his opponent this time. It had been strictly mentioned in his briefing. He quickly revered teh acidosis by forcing the bacteria in the blood to produce a base that would cancel out and neutralize the acidic material that had created earlier. It was over. Sendo waded over to his fallen foe and picked him up by the shoulders and dragged him to the side on the concrete. He placed him out of the blood and used his acute manipulation of it to remove all traces of it off of him. He turned back to the lake and scratched his head, back to his old playful self.

He needed to get rid of the blood or these folks would complain, and hed get bitched at later. No matter, they were on dirt, and concrete, and the concrete he had turned to blood was on dirt as well. In a flash he had the blood draining into the earth below, soaked up deep below the complex where it would do no harm nor make any mess. There was still a slight stench, but what did these guys expect, hosting an arena indoors. He glanced over to Mishida, the owner of the place, looking for confirmation. He had a look of horror on his face. Sendo understood, he had seen it before. Though the display had been nothing spectacular by his own standards, seeing blood thrown around the battlefield in such a way was a shocker to most people. It was down right grotesque and nasty to them.

You need to leave now, we will have the report to your village of whether or not we will contract with them with in the week, but right now, you simply need to leave.

Sendo couldnt have been more happy. The man was scared of him. When he had gotten serious, and wasnt busy being tricked, he had down right decimated the kid. He didnt stand a chance. Sendos abilities were sort of like that. Once he had you snared, there was no where to go. The only way was to hide and bide your time, or at least get out of range. In this type of fight, your only chance was getting in close and not giving him an opportunity to use his techniques at all. Miyori had failed to do so, and so he had lost, and nearly died. He would need medical treatment, but he would be more then fine once hed recovered, and he would have gained some much needed battle experience. These monks were good, but they were no shinobi.

As Sendo made his way to leave them by going back through the monastery and out the door he had come, he could feel all their eyes upon him. He knew there fear, could smell it. Blood just was a beautiful thing to cause that amongst the simple men who were not used to constant bloodshed and dastardly acts a shinobi had to deal with everyday. To them it woudl haunt their nightmares, for him it was all in a days work. More then likely, Konoha had the monastery in its power now, for fear was power, and he had done his best to enstill fear into them. Well, as far as he could with a simple sparring match. He had pushed the bounds of the missions as it was in that aspect, but that was just how Sendo did things. Pushing the edge as far as he could till it gave or it snapped. Maybe one of these days he would snap, but today was not that day.


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