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 Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi

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PostSubject: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:06 pm


Ic ~ Sugi arrived with the cookies that she was supposed to sell with her new teammate. She didn't know much about this teammate, and at least had a bit of confidence to think it would be a nice person. She looked down at the cookies. Well, when Aoi gets here, we have to sell to an old lady, a bald man, and a hardened shinobi, she thought as she shivered at the thought of handling the shinobi. Maybe he'll let me handle the old lady, she thought, and hoped. There was rainfall, and Sugi made sure the cookies were covered up properly, so that they wouldn't become damp and be ruined.

Sugi didn't even mind the rain, in fact she found it a bit refreshing that it was raining. Plants would grow because of the rain, people would have more water, and eventually, the cycle could restart again. She took a deep breathe as she raised her glance to people walking by her. She wondered again, whether Aoi was nice or not, and even what he looked like. She wondered if he would be able to recognize her, as the two have probably never met before. Oh well, I can't dictate whether he'll find me or I'll find him, she thought as she leaned against a wall.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:09 am

Aoi skipped along the path up to the designated meeting spot. While her first mission as a REAL ninja on a REAL three-man team in THE GREAT Kumogakure no Sato was to sell cookies to a variety of persons (which was RIDICULOUS.), Aoi couldn't help but be happy. She was going to meet her teammate for the first time. The instructor had said the girl or boy's name, but Aoi had forgotten it, still wrapped up that she had even passed the genin exams and was promptly playing with her newly acquired head-band at the time.

Aoi jumped to the trees, to quciken her pace. She was running late, as usual and didn't want to make a bad first impression on her teammate. ' Of course...I'm already a freakishly weird, long blonde haired girl with nothing on but a tube top and skirt.....but i have shorts on too, so it should be fine..' She smiled to herself and jumped down. As her black boots hit the ground, Aoi's long blonde locks flew down around her shoulders. Her big blue eyes stared at the girl infront of her.

Aoi immediately grinned widely and held out a half gloved hand, speaking loud and energetically.

" Hiya! I'm Semi-ku Aoi. A pleasure...erm.... " Around this moment, Aoi wished she remembered the girls name...or if this was even the right girl. A sweatdrop formed on her head as she stayed in the same position. She decided, that either way and no matter what happened, she'd be able to wing it and make it so Aoi herself didn't seem too.... dumb.

A voice in her hand chimed.

Good luck with that, baka.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:12 am

Sugi listened to the girl, and blushed a bit, realizing her previous assuption about her teammate was wrong. She took quick attention to Aoi's choice of clothing, and long blonde hair. This made Sugi note that she, herself had long black hair. Is she serious about being a kunochi, I mean serious, but I suppose since I don't know anything about her, she thought. She shook any doubts about her new partner, and stood up off the wall. She took note how it was raining and Aoi, hadn't seemed to notice it.

"My name is Hyuuga Sugi, it is a pleasure to meet you, Aoi.", she said as she had both her hands together as ahe bowed foward quickly before standing back up straight. "Well, we should begin soon, we need to sell cookies to three different people.", she said softly. "There's an elderly lady, a balding man, and a hardened shinobi.", she stated as she picked up some of the box's and held them out to Aoi. "We should split up, I'll handle the Elderly lady, and you can handle either the balding man or the hardened shinobi, and whoever you don't do we can handle together.", she said.

Well, at least she'll have an advantage selling to perveted men, Sugi joked as she made sure that Aoi was going to take the cookies Sugi was giving to her, and also to make sure that she knew where she would go.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:29 pm

Aoi handled the boxes casually, peering though the top of one.

'Hmm...these cookies look good...' She thought, while mentally licking her lips. She grinned at Sugi, the slightly shy girl and nodded.

" Got it. I'll take the shinobi first. "Aoi said, looking at the name of the man on her box. Rain pelted down on the box and started to soak her hair, but she didn't really mind. Her jacket was lined with fur and kept Aoi warm and dry most of the time. Tucking the boxes under her arm, she nodded to Sugi.

" Lets meet back up for the balding man in an hour, ne? It won't take that long. " She said in a giggly voice, " I'll be off now. Don't get lost, Sugi-channn~ "

Singing the last of Sugi's name, Aoi jumped off, headed towards the address for the shinobi. She ran through the rain, not really minding it and kept a smile on her face. As she jumped from roof to roof, Aoi wondered what it would be like to sell to this shinobi. She went by the name of.... Asako Naomi..

Aoi stopped infront of some apartments that were rented out to active-duty shinobi. The rent was low, upkeep fine, and it was the perfect place for a shinobi to live during their time between missions. 'Asako..Naomi..Naomi...Naomi..Na-Oh, here it is! ' Aoi grinned a wide grin as she spotted the name and apartment number of the shinobi. 16-24B.

Sixteenth Level. Twenty Fourth-floor. Side B (AKA- Right side.).

Aoi almost signed at the thought of having to climb so many stairs (No elevators here.) but then remembered. She was a ninja! And ninja don't just complain for a couple of flight of stairs. She bared her teeth in a determined smile and placed the boxes of cookies on her head, keeping them in place with her hands. 'Lets Goooo...! '

Aoi ran through the door and started up the stairs, holding the cookies in their place on her head. She took two stairs at a time, quickly going up the first few levels. Her boots made soft thumps as she raced up, and Aoi tried to keep them as quick and quiet as possible. Nothing worse than a pissed off ninja woken up from some genin making too much noise. Aoi kept going, keeping a steady pace, all the way up....to the tenth floor. She reached the landing for it and came to a stop, out of breath and exhausted. Aoi took in quick, deep inhales of air, trying to catch her breath.

' I...really...need to....*breath* work on my....stamina. . .' Aoi thought as she straightened herself up. She took a deep breath and started up the stairs again, this time at a much slower pace, still taking the stairs two at a time. She was a good twenty minutes into her allotted hour to sell the cookies, and Aoi knew it would take some time to convince the seasoned shinobi to buy her cookies. Well, they weren't HERS exactly. In fact, Aoi hardly knew WHY she was selling them or WHAT the benefits would go to once they had turned in the money. Aoi mentally shrugged. She could pull some shit out about orphans or something.

She glanced up on the landing Aoi had reached. Level 16. Aoi grinned at making it, with minimal damage to herself and others. Score!

Aoi grinned and pulled open the door, while checking her precious cargo. They were fine, besides being a little shaken up from their ride on her head. Smiling to herself, she walked down the hall, looking at the door numbers.

' 20....22.....24! ' She smiled to herself as she stopped in front of it. No doubt the shinobi knew Aoi was there, as Aoi had done nothing to hide herself. She had no reason too. Aoi looked at the door in front of her. It was a plain dark wood with a gold-colored handle. She mentally calmed herself as she knocked on the door. Aoi waited.

..... And waited.

And waited..

And waited some more.

Aoi's eyebrow twitched. Maybe she wasn't home? Maybe she didn't hear her? Wouldn't hurt to try again. So she did, raising her fist to knock.

Knock, Knock. And Aoi waited again. And again. But not before waiting some more. That's when she heard it, a faint rustling behind the door. Asako Naomi WAS in her apartment. Aoi's eyes narrowed suspiciously and her body tensed. That shinobi was ignoring her!

'Fine....I'll just keep trying!' She thought optimistically.



Aoi once again knocked on the ninja's door, this time much more loud and demanding. She heard the ninja from behind the door grunt and start her way over to the door. Aoi smiled, holding the cookies up.

'Finally...Now i can get down to bus-'WHAM. Aoi's ninja reflexes made her jump back to avoid getting hit by the door. Asako Naomi stood, looking pissed off on the other side of the door. She had slammed it open with one hand, supposedly and was now glaring at Aoi. Aoi took her in, swallowing her stomach from her throat.

Asako Naomi stood, towering over Aoi and had brown eyes sharper than any kunai. She had long wave brown hair, complimenting her darker, more tan skin. She was barely dressed, clad in a comfy looking silk yukata. It was half off her shoulder, and cut off at her knees. A cigarette hanged from her mouth, a lazy trail of smoking coming from it. Her nails were painted brightly and were tapping on the door frame and actual door. Aoi gulped, taking this as her cue to talk.

" Ah...Hi, My name is- I don't care what your name is. " Aoi was cut off harshly by the obviously annoyed kunoichi.

She took a drag of her cigarette, eyeing Aoi down. Aoi, inside was cowering, but decided to stand up and be forward with the elder shinobi. Naomi growled at her, saying, " What the hell do you want, kid? It's my day off and I don't need a snot-nosed brat here to annoy me. Don't you realize when someone doesn't answer the first time, they don't want to talk to you. Who the hell are you anyways, girl? "

Aoi shivered, swallowing her fear. " Naomi-san, I am Semi-ku Aoi. I am a genin of Kumogakure no Sato, and here to sell you these! " Aoi said firmly, holding out the box of cookies. She pushed her eye brows together, trying to look harsh and determiner. Asako Naomi just stared at her.

Naomi couldn't hold it in anymore. Despite being annoyed and interrupting her daily session of chocolate and soap operas in the morning, She couldn't help but giggle at the younger girl. Aoi seemed so determined and so serious about selling these cookies. Naomi smiled and took another drag of her smoke, blowing the aftermath of it in Aoi's direction. It tickled her nose, but Aoi didn't move, still doing her best to stare down Asako Naomi.

" You're pretty gutsy, talking back like that, Aoi-chan. And all for some cookies..? " Naomi paused. " Might as well take them, since I figure you won't leave me alone if I don't. Why are you selling these things, anyways? They make you fat. Come on in, lemme get my wallet. " She turned from her position at the door way and walked in, leaving the door open for Aoi.

Aoi blinked her eyes, before shrugging and smiling to herself, walking into Naomi's apartment. It was small, but decorated nicely with warm colors. She stopped at the doorway inside and took off her shoes, following the proper customs of the world. Aoi stepped inside fully and followed Naomi, cookies in hand. She glanced at the couch. There was a deep indentation where Naomi obviously spent her time. The table in front of her was littered with chocolate wrappers and other assortments of candy and the TV played a popular soap opera series. Aoi sweat dropped. How did Naomi keep her figure like that?! She shook her head and watched as Naomi walked up to her.

" Here, Kid, are those chocolate? " Naomi said bluntly, taking the cookies from Aoi and handing her the money.

" Ah.. I don't know...they might. " Aoi said, unsure of what to do now. " Thank, Naomi-san. "

Naomi grunted, biting into one of the cookies. With a full mouth she looked pointedly at Aoi.

" Thanks yourself. These are good. Now leave, brat. "

Aoi smiled, knowing the elder shinobi was only kidding with the term " brat" and nodded.

" Hai. Thanks again, Naomi-onee-chan! " She called back behind her, already at the door and pulling on her boots. She only had fifteen minutes before the hour was up. " I'll come visit again soon! "

She could feel Naomi rolling her eyes. Aoi smiled and jumped up, running back towards the stairs.

As she stood at the railing of the stairs, Aoi looked down. It was from the sixteenth story to the bottom floor. Aoi paused.

She could make it.

And with that, she promptly stepped up on the railing, standing up tall. At the time, another, much younger (Younger than Naomi, that is. Still older than Aoi.) stepped into the hallway with the stairs. His eyes widened at Aoi. Aoi simply smiled and stepped off the railing.

" H-hey! " The male shinobi said. Aoi didn't hear him, only the air around her as she flew down between the stairs. Her lips were in a smile as her blonde hair whipped around her. As the floor came closer though, Aoi started to have her doubts, but it was, obviously, too late now.

With a rather loud thud, Aoi landed on her two feet. Shock waves from the stop ran up her body and Aoi momentarily lost her balance, before falling back on her ass. She paused, groaning, but then smiled. She laughed loudly before jumping up and running out the door again. It was still raining, but Aoi payed no mind to it, letting herself go as she ran back to the meeting place. She saved alot of time by jumping so far down, but she still only had ten minutes to get back.

In less than seven, Aoi came to a running stop in the place she had met up with Sugi earlier. She smiled, knowing that she was first back and sat down beside a wall, waiting for her teammate.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:47 pm

Sugi had taken off with a few boxs down the street right after Aoi took off. She had taken her time getting to the elderly women's house. Her name, was, Redi-san. Sugi set her boxes of cookies on the steps of the nice home, and knocked on the door very softly. She smile, expecting a very polite, elderly lady to answer the door. Instead, she heard no footsteps, no "Come on in", or anything of the kind. Sugi sighed, remembering that she might be hard on hearing. She thought about knocking harder, then entering, but that would be intruding and Sugi didn't want to do that. After a few minnutes of squabbling about what to do, she knoocked harder on the door. This time, a loud bark-bark could be heard from the other side of the door. A small doh emerged as the door was open, and Sugi instantly was knocked over and had her ninja headband ripped off her. It covered her eyes as she heard rummaging and then a door slamming shut quickly. She was still being held done as she heard Ryo being placed on the ground. She managed to knock the dog off her and used the Byakugan, and instantly popped up into the Eight Trigram Palms stance.

The old lady seemed surprised. "And here I thought you were just a young child who was being a pest, but I can see that your supposed to sell these cookies as a mission young Hyuuga.", the elderly Redi said as she hardly moved her hand and the money was picked up. Sugi could why it was picked up as everyone else did, but even so more. The fact she had the Byakugan showed her that Redi-san was a puppeteer, and her dog, and two friends were merely puppets that were skillfully manuvered. Sugi returned to a normal stance and the Byakugan and it's veins receeded, returning her to normal. "I'm sorry, young dear, here, have extra Ryo for the trouble I've caused you.", Redi said as Sugi accepted the money from the puppet. "Please, keep your money Redi-san, I am just glad that I was able to sell you cookies.", she said as she bowed. "Good bye Redi-san.", Sugi said as she took off back to meet Aoi. She figured they had about one hour to sell to the balding man, and Sugi knew she wouldn't be much of a use there.

"Aoi!", she held as she continued running to the spot to where they met the first time. "I'll carry the boxes and meet you at his home.", Sui said as she picked up the last of the boxes that were left over from the other two sales, and began moving quickly through the streets. It wasnt' to far away, but wasn't close either. Sugi would be going to the same place that Aoi visted the first time, except two floors higher. Sugi sighed as she reached the outside of the building. Sugi began the long climb up the stairs, taking her time because she took off faster than Aoi had.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:58 am

Aoi glanced at the address on the boxes before Sugi took off.

'What?! I was just there! Ugh, not again! ' Aoi grunted at her misfortune but decided not to dwell on it. While it sucked that she had to run all the way back to the same apartment building, Aoi knew it wouldn't be anything but good for her. She needed to build up her stamina anyways.

Punching the air, she grinned and yelled out, " Bonzai~! "

With that, she leaped up into the air, landing on a nearby ramen stand. Giggling, she ignored the old man that came out, yelling at her, waving around a large wooden spoon. Aoi jumped to the nearest tree, building up her speed. She pumped small shots of chakra to her feet to keep her balance, not wanting to fall from the tall trees. ' This is the life.. ' Aoi thought a smile on her lips as she ran on her way.

And it was. A good life, for now. She knew hard times were coming for her. Once she became older and a more experienced ninja, times would arise that were tough. Hard. That's why she needed to enjoy life now. Aoi didn't understand these genin that worried so much about life. While Aoi knew it was important to harness her skill and grow as a shinobi, she also knew that it wasn't necessary to push herself into the harsh reality. Why not take it slow? She would have plenty of time to learn and grow stronger. These genin, obsessed with becoming stronger were only hurting themselves. Of course...

Aoi's eyes darkened abit.

It didn't help seeing how much they were ahead of her. But she didn't want to dwell on that fact. She was a ninja too; Aoi would find her niche and become her best in it. Sometime or another. All she needed was patience. And as she jumped down in front of the familiar building, Aoi couldn't help but mentally sigh. She would need patience for this.

' So many stairs... And it's on a higher level too! ' Aoi's inner self cried abit as she walked into the familar hallway. The threatening stairs loomed before her. Aoi gulped. She could do it, Aoi knew, but it was the task of actually doing it. Cracking her hands, she stretched her body, glaring at the stairs.

" Okay, stairs, I won't be defeated! " Aoi said, pumping her arm into the air.

" I'm sure you won't. "

Aoi whiped around, blonde pony tail flying around her. She blinked, wide eyed. It was the boy from before, who had saw her jump down.

His hair was a fiery red. Spiked up around his head, long, straight bangs fell from the mop of hair, framing his scared face. His lips were in a cool smile, the scars that attached themselves to the corners of his mouth stretched across his cheek, stitched in with a thick black thread. His eyes were half closed, giving him a tired look to go along with another scar under his right eye. They were dark brown, with a reddish tint in certain lighting. Under both of his eyes were two small tattoos of triangles. He looked to be about 26 years of age, and still young. A white bandana was tightly tied around his forehead, pushing back some of his red hair, but not doing much else.

He coughed once, stitches on both side of his cheeks moving ever so slightly. The stitches, tight, lay across the long scar that seemed to open up for his mouth. Two stitches on the right side, three on the left. The tall, lanky man wore a dark green military-style jacket, closed up with a zipper and six buttons to hold it in place. A lazy cigarette hung form his mouth, a small trail of smoke floating up.

The young man took a deep brag of a cigarette, blowing the smoke into Aoi's direction. He coughed again, looking wearily at the cigarette. “Need to stop smoking these things…” he said idly, as if he didn’t really care.

He flicked it down, stomping on it. Aoi scrunched her nose in disgust.

" Those things are bad for you. They'll ruin your lungs and your health. " She paused. " And by the sound of that cough, they are starting to work their wonders. How long have you been smoking them? How many a day? Have you seen a doctor recently? "

Aoi quizzed him, her medic side taking over. It was a habit of hers when it came to smoking. She grew up, knowing the dangers of it. With her father being a head medic-nin at the hospital, he had drilled into Aoi's head the fundamentals and basic skills that every good medic nin should know. An obvious basic was the dangers of smoking.

The man looked at Aoi with a curious glance and smirked. " Well, aren't you just a little punk. " He put his hands in his pocket, as to pull something out. Aoi narrowed her eyes and tensed up, sliding one foot back, as to get into a defensive position. The man noticed, and his eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and amusement.

" Relax, kid. I won't hurt ya. Besides, we're on the same side, ne? " He said, with a highly amused tone. He pulled out another pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He stuck one in his mouth and lit it, eyeing her. Aoi's face flushed with anger.

" Are you stupid!?" Aoi said, clenching her fist. " Don't you know anything? Smoking will kill you, just as a sword or kunai. It's a toxin. A poison. You're taking in nothing but tar and chemicals that will screw up your system. The only reason you're probably smoking is because of something stupid. "

Aoi's voice was tight and firm. She glared at the man furiously. He smirked.

" You're a spitfire, aren't you? " He took a drag of his cigarette again. Blowing out the smoke slowly, he spoke to her. " Tell ya what, I'll stop smoking if you become a great medic nin within two years. "

Aoi's face lit up with the challenge. She wasn't the best at medical jutsu, but damn, now she'd work her ass off. She smirked, almost making the sarcastic-ass infront of her. She held out her hand, as to shake on the deal.

" Fine! I'll do it. I am Semi-Ku Aoi. I'll become the greatest medic-ninja Kumogakure no Sato has ever seen! Just you wait! "

The man blinked, before laughing heartily. He grabbed her hand and shook it.

" A pleasure, Aoi-chan. The name is Manako Kasai. Call me Kasai. I'll be rooting for you, kid. For now... " He paused, smirking sarcastically. " I'll enjoy my cigarette. "

And with that he walked away and out the door off to god-knows where. Aoi grinned. She'd do it. No matter what. But..she still needed to get those cookies.

Aoi almost tripped over her heels, trying to start running up the stairs. Her head was now in a frenzy.

'Ah, shit! Sugi's probably already up there and sold them! Damnit, damnit, damnit, how long as it been?! I got distracted talking to that stupid man! '

Aoi raced up the steps, once again taking two at a time. Her legs burned from the running but she ignored it, keeping a steady pace all the way up. Her heart raced as adrenlin raced through her veins, keeping her wide eyed and alert. She didn't blink though, when she passed Naomi, who was coming out of the door of the sixteeth landing.

" Aoi..? "

" Can't talk! On the run! "

Aoi waved a hand back to her as she turned, running up another flight of stairs. She panted, but paid no mind to it, only focusing on her goal. The floor where Sugi was. Once she arrived, she threw open the door and raced down the hall, only stopping once she was beside Sugi. Aoi couldn't even speak as she fell face first beside Sugi and twitched. She knew she looked a mess, her hair probably half out of it's pony tail, clothes wrinkled and distorted. Her eyes were nothing but swirls as she slowly climbed to her feet. She placed a hand on Sugi's shoulder and spoke to her.

" I'm sorry... " was all she said, a down cast on her face.

" I got distracted..." Aoi said, eyes pleading for forgiveness. She watched Sugi, and for her reaction.

" Let's just get on with selling these, ne? " Aoi said, quickly changing the subject. She knew that Sugi might be curious as to WHY she was late, but decided that it'd be best to explain it later. 'Besides..what she doesn't know won't hurt her...'

Aoi threw a quick smile to Sugi, before knocking on the door. A grunt was heard and some shuffling of the feet. After a moment or two, a mid-aged man opened the door. He looked tired to say the least, and was clad in a light and dark blue striped bathrobe, dark brown pants and barefoot. But that was the least eye-bleeding part about him. It was his hair line. Aoi took a moment to stare at it. It was...in the middle of his head. The man was half bald, and his scalp was shiny. No doubt a liability in stealth missions. Clearing her throat nonchalantly, Aoi tore her gaze from his head and threw a wide grin at him.

" Ah, hello Mr...erm, Nagasuki! " Aoi had to throw a glance at the address on the last box Sugi was holding. " My teammate and I are here to sell you some delicious cookies! "

Aoi said it in her most charming voice, sure to win over the middle aged, bored looking Mr. Nagasuki. He simply stared at the pair.

" No. " And with that, he turned to close the door. Aoi panicked and grabbed the door, easily pulling it open.

" Ahhh..haha, but you see, Mr. Nagasuki, you simply have too! How can you not buy them, from a cute girl like this?! " Aoi, thinking impulsively, pulled Sugi in front of her. She couldn't see her reaction, as she was standing behind the girl, but Aoi had the feeling she was going to regret holding the little Hyuuga girl in front of her like this. Ah, well. Anything to finish a mission.

Mr. Nagasuki stared at both Sugi and Aoi for a moment, taking it in. His eyes narrowed and his lips turned down. " Look, girls, you're quite charming, indeed.." Aoi mentally cheered. " But, I don't want your cookies. Sorry. Have a nice day. " Aoi's cheering stopped.

" Ah, but Mr. Nagasuki! You simply must! " Aoi put on a fake face of pleading.
" You see, my friend and I are raising money to help the orphans.. You simply must help them, you see, they are running out of money to run the shelter... We just want to help. And by buying these cookies, you can help too! "

It was a lie. A totally, big, fat, in-your-face lie. Aoi, of course, had no idea what the money would go to. But, wasn't that the job of a ninja? To deceive and manipulate the situation to get the mission done? To survive? To sell some damned cookies!?

It seemed to work, as the old man just simply sighed and pulled out a wallet from gods-knows-where and handed them the appropriate amount of money.

" The things I do.. " He mumbled as he took the box of cookies from Sugi. He grunted a goodbye and promptly closed the door in their faces. Aoi grinned and palced her hands on her hips.

" Well! That went well, ne, Sugi-chan? " She said happily, grinning at the shorter girl.

They had successfully completed their first mission, and it felt pretty darned good. Aoi was happy. She had completed her first mission with her new teammate, made a new friend, sold cookies to a balding man, and made a bet, or agreements of sorts with a complete stranger. At times like these, Aoi couldn't help but feel...

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:04 am

Sugi was in a bit of shock to the fact the Aoi hadn't taken to long to catch up. She remained a largely shocked as Aoi had asked for forgiveness. Sugi would forgive her, just after they got rid of these cookies. She smoved up as Aoi knocked on the door and began talking to the man. In turn, sugi payed no heed to his head because she was still behind Aoi, until of course, she was moved right in front. She blushed, the more shy side taking over so that she would be distracted by the balding. I admit Aoi's trying really had, she's more determined than I am, Sugi thought as the man sad no to the both of them.

Sugi was shocked again, as Aoi continued trying. [i]Even I would have given up, but she's still trying to do her best[/i, she thought. Sugi looked back to see Aoi was making a fake face. She then told utter lie. They weren't getting the money to orphans, although Sugi would be perfectly okay with that. She was far too quiet to speak up, and the lie had seemed to work. The man had pulled his wallet out, and took the boxes. she had also ended up with the money, placing it in her pocket. Aoi seemed happy that they had completed the mission, and Sugi was happy to.

She looked at Aoi, before smiling. "Yes, it did go well.", she said in a soft voice. "C'mon, we should go and to the Raikage's office and report on how our mission went.", Sugi said as she began walking down the stairs. Sugi enjoyed Aoi's company, and felt she would for a while to come, because she would be a much needed member in any team, unknown to Sugi at the time. As she continued walking down the stairs, she knew that Aoi would catch up.

OCC - Mission End?
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi   

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Mission Time ~ Bake Sale ~ Aoi and Sugi
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Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:35 am by weishinia

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