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    Happy New Year:

    Year: 0638

    Month: 1

    Season: Winter
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    January 16th to January 22nd

    Konoha: Snow Storm

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    Kumo: Snow Storm

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    PostSubject: Kiyomi~   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:52 am

    Basic Information:

    Name: Kiyomi


    Age: 13

    Gender: Female


    Kiyomi is an all around average looking teenager she isn't very tall, but she isn't quite short either. Although she isn't very short Kiyomi is rather petite, very small in the way she carries herself. This could be caused by her near constant slouch, always keeping herself low and alert. Her hair falls just below her shoulders and is strikingly purple in color, she wears most of it up in a messy bun, her bangs cover her forehead and sometimes tend to cover her eyes at the slightest tilt of her head, she also lets the two tail pieces on the sides of her head hang free of the bun loosely. Her eyes would probably be her most defining feature, the reason for this being because her eyes are different colors, calico if you will, even if it is hard to notice unless looking directly into them. They are both a different shade of purple which coincidently matches her hair color, one a purplish gray, while the other a more bright vibrant purple.

    Kiyomi's style of clothes is rather unusual in the ninja world, while most ninjas choose darker colors to camouflage easier, she chooses to dress in bright colors that easily catch the attention of anyone standing near her. Her dress is a very light lavender color, almost white, with black lace sewn on the sides accenting her thin figure, the length of the dress floating just below the knees. Although the fabric is brightly colored it is also specially made so that even if the thin spaghetti straps are spilt or broken in battle the dress still holds to Kiyomi's body via an inner strap that ties around the waist, this of course doesn't hinder any of her movements. Under the dress, seeing as it is so short, she wears sophie's, small tight fitting shorts. Housing her feet of course are the standard regulated ninja footwear, but instead of the classic blue color she opted for something that would match better, black. Now comes the personal accessories, she is a girl after all. Around her neck she wears a black lace choker, and a black fishnet fingerless gloves, and of course for practical uses she wears a specially made belt which holds all her ninja gear, easily accessible whenever needed.


    Kiyomi tends to be a very sweet natured girl, always caring more for her friends and family more than herself, which of course means she puts others needs before her own. Even though she is such a sweetheart Kiyomi doesn't befriend people easily, part of this is from her sense of low self worth and also because for some strange reason, most others tend to treat her with a cold shoulder, or sometimes even hatred, the reason unknown to Kiyomi which just makes her self esteem plummet even lower. If it hadn't been for a few childhood friends Kiyomi would probably have withered away into nothingness, but she did have them, and so she grows more and more as a person each day, around her friends Kiyomi finds herself unable to hold back the smiles and eruptions of laughter. With her friends it's almost like she's a completely different person, happy and care free always happy to be obnoxious and bounce jokes off of herself and her friends, sarcasm is second nature to her, but when she is away from those few friends she does have her personality becomes stiff, uneasy, and shy making her fall into a very polite mannered girl, which with other kids her age, only brings out the bullying onslaught even more.

    Despite all of this Kiyomi adores almost everyone, always eager to help and learn from others what she can, she bottles up her emotions of hate, anger, and sadness refusing to acknowledge their existence she always tries to put her best foot forward and attempts to do the best she can but Kiyomi is more of a klutz than she lets on, always stumbling, falling, and running into objects, this isn't from lack of coordination though, she just seems to always have her head in the clouds, always daydreaming, she looses track of reality for hours on end, somehow she manages to function normally, minus the few accidents here and there. But there are those rare occasions that come around once in a blue moon when she can't hold back her feelings and she finds herself in an unexcapeable rage and no matter what she does she can't seem to control herself, whoever and whatever is in her wake at that moment isn't very lucky, these attacks most commonly only last for a few short minutes but their destructive power is enormous.

    Rank Information:
    Skill Level: D
    Ninja Rank: Genin
    Village: Kumogakure
    Birthplace: Kumogakure
    Previous Village: N/A

    Special Information:
    Elements Affinity:
      Dominant: Raiton
    Skill Specialty::
      Dominant: Weaponry

    Special Characteristics

    Points and Ryo:

    • Strength: 8
    • Dexterity: 10
    • Stamina: 9
    • Speed: 8

    Total Stat Points Earned: 35
    Mission Points Earned:

    Justu/Item/Other Information:[/center]




    Background Information/ RP Sample


    Kiyomi was raised as an orphan to Kumogakure, her parents were both killed during a mission a couple days after she was born, and so left on the Kage's doorstep all alone in the world, she was taken care of by an elderly couple living in the village until she was of age to enter the academy, she knew from the very moment she understood what had happened to her parents that she wanted to follow in their footsteps and become an excellent kunoichi. From the very first day at the academy Kiyomi showed much stronger determination compared to all the other students in the class, most of whom goofed off or slept, she resisted the temptations of all the games of the classroom and focused all her effort into doing the best that she could. Now Kiyomi was no prodigy, actually far from it, she trained moves for days that took others only minutes to master, but this was no deterrent, she was persistent and there for worked her way to the top training day in and day out, she was so exhausted coming home from the academy one day she barely even noticed the empty house, instead she went straight to sleep, not even bothering with dinner.

    It was when she awoke in the morning that alarmed her, usually the house was bustling with noises of her "grandparents" cooking breakfast and doing other daily morning routines, but that day it was completely silent. Her ninja senses on full alert she scanned the entire house and didn't find a single thing out of place, but they were no where to be found. In one last ditch effort she checked the backyard and was shocked at what she found, the only family she had, had been murdered their corpses strung across the backyard carelessly. Crying out in horror she ran all the way to the hospital to get help, already knowing they were gone, she couldn't think of anything else to do. And so her only family was carried away that day, shocked and confused to the point of sickness, Kiyomi slowly made her way to the academy, the only place she could feel a sense of normalcy.

    She spent the entire day in the training field unleashing all her pent up emotions now even more determined, she wanted to find the murderer who could have killed two innocent old people in cold blood, she wanted to find them and make them pay. Of course only being an academy student, not even a genin, there was nothing she could hope to do, except train and become even stronger of course. With renewed determination and a will of steel she trained harder than ever before. She needed to raise in the ranks and fast, she needed revenge. That's when fate stepped in again, on her way home she had suddenly decided to stop by the neighborhood park and saw a little girl about her age training, to Kiyomi it looked like she was having trouble so she decided to go see if she could offer the girl a few pointers, the two of them hit it off immediately and became amazing friends, forgetting all about getting revenge she decided it was better to use her skills for good, she never wanted to hurt anyone the way she had been hurt. So the two of them spent the rest of their academy days training together and having a good time, by the time the Genin exam rolled around they were more than prepared, and of course passed with flying colors.

    Role-Play Sample:

    Alice sat upon a rather large boulder atop a moonlit cliff that over looked the raging sea, she sat there thinking of what had brought her to this point, the moon was high in the sky signaling that it was around one in the morning, it shown brightly, almost as if it was smiling sadly down upon the earth, making the ink black night seem dreary, almost depressing but in a beautiful and intriguing way.

    The stars twinkled like dying light bulbs as the ocean breeze blew her long hair wildly across her face carrying the scent of the saltwater. She inhaled deeply the almost slimy small tickling her nostrils, exhaling in a long sigh she continued to stare at the sky laying back on the boulder her arms folded behind her head so she could use her soft pale flesh as a pillow as she hummed quietly to herself.

    These voices in my head, why won't they just leave me alone? How can I make you go away? She questioned her own mind in a monotone yet melancholy voice, but all she got back in response was the quiet laughing that set her teeth on edge. They had been there since she was little, taunting her every move, every action, every step she took, they laughed pushing her to do things she knew she shouldn't.

    She tried to tell someone but they all shunned her, called her crazy and left her alone to rot. Alone, she thought what a truly depressing word. Why am I like this? Can't I be normal? She squeezed her eyes shut trying hard not to focus on the voices of her subconscious that pushed her to her limits and beyond. She rubbed the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger roughly. Leave me alone! She shouted angrily a few hot tears trickled down her face, she couldn't handle this any more, silence was all she begged for now a days.

    Sitting up Alice wiped the tears away with the back of her hand when she noticed movement in the underbrush a few feet away from her precariously peeked boulder. She squinted and strained her eyes to see what it was that was rustling around, she wasn't afraid that it would be anything or anyone dangerous this place she had found was very secluded, exactly why she liked it so much it fit her, it was alone and abandoned from the outside world. Just like she was.

    The figured finally came out into the brightly shining moonlight. It was a stray black cat with piercing yellow eyes that made you want to shudder and gaze deeper into them. "Why hello there pretty kitty." She whispered outstretching her hand for it to smell. The cat sniffed her outstretched hand cautiously and then rubbed it's forehead into the palm of her hand. Taking this as a signal of acceptance Alice picked up the cat and set it onto her lap.

    "What are you doing out here all by yourself kitty? Aren't you lonely?" She asked her words biting into her mind, wasn't she lonely? She stroked the cat gently and gazed into the moon the soft purrs were the only sound in the dead quiet of the inky black night.

    Public Profile
    Name: Kiyomi
    Appearance: Avi
    Village: Kumogakure
    Organization: N/A
    Rank: Genin
    Age: 13
    Info: Kumogakure Genin
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