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 The Return [Shi]

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PostSubject: The Return [Shi]   Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:35 pm

With each foot step taken by Shihouin, a calm and collective Nasamea was not to far behind. Her roaches were guarding them along their journey home; their senses open to all as were Nasa's. The return was fine though and nobody was injured or stalked as far as they knew. Once they sighted the gates not to far ahead, Nasamea motion a hand signs and casted the roaches back into the roach realm. She had thanked them first with clacks; for the most part their duties were done for the day. The checkpoint soon came into play soon after, sticking the two behind a line of tourists that could only make the rushed upset. However, these two could easily access the station and slid by due to their positions of power. They wouldn't have to wait, especially considering they had just returned from a mission.

Nasa pushed past Shi a bet, her anticipation to get away from him growing strong and setting forth a steel barrier between the two. She was watching him with a careful eye along the way as though sizing him up; her guard heightened. The hostility she possessed was a bit obvious, her jaw occasionally clenching and eyes posing a glare. These expressions faded behind a veil though when she was acknowledged by the checkpoint staff. She showed them her ninja ID and allowed them to check for the seal she apparently had on her hand before she crossed through. From there she opened her pouch and slipped the ninja ID back in before waiting on Shi; no matter how much she didn't want to.

'It's almost over...' she thought, studying him as he went through the system, 'once it's over you can just forget about him for the time.

She knew this was a lie though. She couldn't forget about him no matter how much she wanted to. That small sense of butterflies lurked like the aching feeling left behind by a needle injection. It was faint but still there and rather annoying.

Once he was out of the checkpoint she would start to move again; following by his side. She kept her eyes forward while her face took on a determined and serious expression. She showed no signs of leaving him be until given the final word of dismissal from he or the missions providers.

"Should we both bare presence to the mission providers or can you handle it on your own?"

She knew he could and figured they should both go but the truth was she was just trying to grind some gears. He did it to her all the time and now she wished to return the favor. No matter, she followed close behind until she need not to any more.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return [Shi]   Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:34 pm

A small skinny guard with wiry black hair ran through the check point several times as he handled some of the civilians and tourists going in and out of the village gates. He had a tired look on his face, dark shaded bags hung under his eyes and a scraggly tired hand could barely process all of the information that was going on through the computers. They were next in line, and as rude as she could be, Nasa’s ugly attitude pushed her way in front of Shihouin. Some temperamental problems she’d been having there. The village headbands had their own codes and seals which processed through village security with ease, so she simply walked through the check point. Ninja ID was necessary to some point, but this time it wasn’t. Just an extra precaution.

Being next in line, Shihouin looked at the guard as he walked through the checkpoint eyeing with a positive smile on his face. The guard tried to keep his hopes up, but it was to no avail. He had been swamped with work, and without the needed help, the rest of the day was looking terrible. Sure his Friday check would be a lot thicker, but the mental pressure was killing him. He pushed out some half assed grin which could barely be even noted as a smile, much less a shiver of his lips as they trembled to reach up that far. A deep breath, a long sigh, and his fingers and body moved robotically to the next individual, then to the next one and then to the next one. Luckily for him the other guards had returned, but his chores seemed to be much more arduous than theirs.

Out of the check point, she wondered did he want to go return information to mission management. Was Nasamea being serious? Shihouin smiled as she spoke, walking next to her as if he had been walking alone. “You go do it. What else better do you have to do besides sit around and play with roaches…” Disgusting tone and playful grin decorated his face as he jest her. Hopefully the buttons he was pushing would end up making her mad. “Yeah you go do it. I’ve got better things to deal with.” His image flickered and disappeared, a small cloud of smoke wallowed around her legs as he left, off to do something better with his time.

*Note to RPers*

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PostSubject: Re: The Return [Shi]   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:06 pm

"Good f***ing riddens.." she murmured to herself after he disappeared. She sighed and placed her hands in her pockets before walking off towards the mission provider. The details were still pocketed in her cloak and all she had to do was show up, give details, and then they would be finished. Typically those who requested would have called in by then to inform the staff of the completion. All that was left now was their awards. Nasamea walked the whole way with her head a bit low. She was beginning to see the darkness of the place only strengthen as her heart slowly vanished. She may have been a ninja but she was also a human being. Nobody could fully lose their emotions 100% unless they had a mental disorder or became mindless zombies. The later was possible when people were in the hands of others as minions or pets. What was Shi's deal? One minute he seems crazy about her and the next he's being a complete asswipe. She hated it.

Trudging through the snow and fighting through various citizens; Nasamea would finally arrive at the mission station. Shi never left her mind this whole time; causing internal conflict of both hate and love which casted her soul deeper into oblivion. She wanted to be with him, wanted to love him, call him her own... or at least this was the original plan after he showed feelings for her. However now that was left was a withered rose, its petals lying at the base of the stem and crunched into particles. It didn't make sense at all. What about the whole ordeal with his father?

As she went through the process with the mission provider she soon retrieved her money, sent Shi's to a the bank so he could access it later, and exited the place. She told them she would be back soon, which was more of a promise than anything, and head back to her apartment. For the most part she had finally decided that she needed to be over Shi. Needed to be very humanity just like she was years ago. She felt she must let go of everything and sink into the fate of a Toushaba; or runner. She could lurk the night and feast upon individuals as a run away. Murder whatever she wanted and drain the victim completely. In other words, be a real monster. But she wasn't satisfied with giving up so easily.

With new goals in her mind she took off in a run towards her apartment; her feet making light crunching sounds in the snow that were drowned by her thoughts. She had a fragment of hope left; her path as a ninja. It could hopefully keep her sane as it guided her to success. This was her staying positive though. For the most part, she had decided to blank Shi out of the picture and drown him in the abyss of her mind. She was tired of his bullshit and ready to move on like he had with her. Problem was, could she do this as easily as she thought? She wasn't sure.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return [Shi]   

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The Return [Shi]
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