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 Jutsu|CC|Beast Form

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PostSubject: Jutsu|CC|Beast Form   Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:17 pm

Subject: Nasamea


  • Add Jutsu
  • Update Chakra Control spec from level 1 to level 2
  • Beast Form

Ryo & Points Gained: -

Links: Training Link

Name of Jutsu: Kyoubou Honoo (Raging Flame)
Rank: C
Users: Nasamea
Element Affinity: Katon
Training Link: Click

Description: Utilizing the Katon element the user performs the necessary handsign (Tiger) before surrounding themselves in chakra. The user may then extend the chakra outside their body and ignite it as they please (must still hold handsign). This creates a fire armor around the user that can add a flammable edge to their attacks while protecting them from oncoming Taijutsu attacks; unless the opponent fights through the burn. Users whom are B rank and above can manipulate the flames to where they only cover certain parts of the area. This mostly requires a level two chakra control and above.

[Imagine this but you get to keep your clothes; unless you lose control.]


Name of Jutsu: Kasai Bouhatei [Fire Mole]
Rank: B
Users: Nasamea
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: Katon
Training Link: Click

Description: Like a mole crawls underground through its tunnel this fire jutsu crawls beneath the surface in nearly the same manner. The user performs the necessary before extending their chakra towards the target. This causes the fire to burrow beneath the surface of the earth. When the user places their index finger against their thumb, the chakra will then rise out of the ground beneath its target as a flame pillar which is a meter wide and two meters tall. A rank users and above have the ability to extend the width to two meters and height to four if they wish. Overall, the jutsu can travel up to ten meters for B, fifteen meters for A, and twenty for S; providing a decent close to long range attack. Of course, the further the distance the longer the user has to remain in contact with the ground. Removal of feet during chakra travel results in waste of chakra.

Users can extend their chakra up to 10 meters but must have physical contact with the ground at all times.


Name of Jutsu: Enkou Heki [Flame Wall]
Rank: B
Users: Nasamea
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: Katon
Training Link: Click

Description: The user will perform the same hand seals like the Flame pillar except add another Tora seal at the end. This jutsu allows the user to extend their chakra through their body, preferably through the hands and feet, that will then rise out of the ground in a circular ring around them as fire. These flames are mostly used as a defense and create a circular wall that can be up to three to five feet high. Degree of burn range can differ between first and third depending how much focus is put into the flame.

*Only S ranks can make the degree up to three and they can cause the height of the wall to extend up to ten feet.

These flames have the capability to block Taijutsu moves, unless the opponent decides to leap through them, and other flames that are C rank and below. This is because the fire will take the attacking flames and utilize them as their own.


Name of Jutsu: Kasai Bushin (Fire Clone)
Rank: A
Users: Nasamea
Element Affinity: Katon
Training Link: Starts Here (5 posts)

Description: The user creates a shadow bushin that works much like a rip off of the exploding bushin technique. These bushin though are comprised of mostly katon chakra, and little of the other abilities/elements the user posses, which allows them to have a heftier explosion and an increased overall burn rate. The amount of katon chakra supply compared the other other elements they posses within them is what determines their burn rate. Through training (+1,500 word requirement for degree control in clones) the user is able to determine the degree that the clone will emit; from first to third. This all depends how much katon chakra is placed within them. Typically only S ranks can use clones that can cause third degree.

Blast range per clone has a min of one meter and max of seven meters; degree varies within that range. Force of blast works much like a regular exploding clones' would.


Name of Jutsu: Hi Shoumon [Fire Palm]
Rank: C
Users: Nasamea
Type of Jutsu:: Taijutsu
Element Affinity: Katon
Training Link: Click (2 posts) + Click

Description: Hi Shoumon is a ranged Taijutsu technique which allows the user to add an extra burn to their attack. The user first begins by drawing out chakra from their body and extending it outward through the thrust of a palm. This extended chakra will then launch out towards the target as an invisible wave capable of knocking the opponent off their feet. Aside from that this jutsu incorporates katon chakra; adding a burning force to each generated strike that is capable of giving the target up to second degree burns.


Name of Jutsu: Suimen Hokou no Waza [Act of Water Surface Walking]
Rank: E
Users: Any Ninja
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: -
Training Link: Click

Description: A variation on the Kinobori no Waza (Act of Tree Climbing), the art of water surface walking allows a ninja to walk on water as if it was a solid surface. Focusing an even amount of chakra out of the soles of their feet, they can balance themselves on the very surface of the water.


Proof of Purchase: Click
Training Link: Click
Word Count:

Basic Control: You have a understanding about the amount of chakra you put out but being a beginner, you have basic knowledge on the matter at hand. You're able a put forth little effort with basic techniques and a few C rank techniques.


Advanced Control: You have understanding about the amount of chakra you place into your techniques. Techniques that require little to almost no focus, you have control over techniques from A-rank rank and below. The lower the technique, the better you save on chakra.


Training Link: Click
Link: Click

Beast Name: Oblivion
Clan Rank: Kisaki
Rank: E - B

Personality: Her personality doesn't change to much from when she's in human form than in beast form. One notable factor is her true side tends to come out more but this goes for both her true negative and true positive. Also, her head typically becomes clearer and she possess more focus. Her emphasized traits while in this form include leadership qualities, loyalty, protectiveness, and mother like qualities.


Basic Info: -Calculations of Full Form-
Height: 4ft (on fours) - 7ft (standing)
Weight: 180 ibs - (170 without wings)
Length: 9ft
Wing Span: 19ft - (One Wing: 9ft 5in)


Transformation Times
When transforming to and form her beast form it takes one to three posts depending. For partial it takes one post, half takes two, and full takes three due to development of the wings. When it comes to transforming back she must wait at least one post no matter what (two for full body transformations) so the D-base has time to prepare itself for reconfiguration.


Due to possessing wings, this gives Nasa the ability to fly and carry up to one person while doing so. These wings can also serve as a decent defense due to being made out of tough skin (think bat-like).
They provide a block against Taijutsu/Kenjutsu attacks and basic tools. In elemental terms they can be used as a way to lessen the heat of a flame around her but the flames can still burn her. Her wings have the ability to resist up to D rank and below jutsu depending upon the attack. This counts for most Doton, Suiton, an Fuuton jutsu but Raiton attacks will still zap her, Katon attacks can burn her, and sharpened Fuuton attacks can cut her. Of course the wings cannot stop genjutsu from occurring.

Just like her wings her skin becomes slightly denser, especially along back, to where it can provide a better defense. Normal cuts from basic tools appear as scratches but directly inflicted blows will still effect the user. She can withstand anything indirectly below first degree burns but anything above that and if directly will burn her normally. Otherwise, she's mostly normal.

The further half of tail is prehensile, meaning she can bend it and wrap it around things. This can allow her to grab a skinny body or knife and sword-like weapons (does not mean she can easily control said weapon). If she were to hit someone with her tail the force will instantly cause bruises and bones make be broken (refers to someone with normal skin and bones).

Two or Four?
Nasamea is capable of standing on either two feet like she normally would or she can stand on all fours. She can easily run both ways but is typically faster on all fours.

No Hands
Can utilize jutsu without the need of hand seals. She can simply draw forth her chakra and release the attack. It still takes a bit of time to focus the chakra of course.


  • Possesses the same Jutsu she has in human form except does not have to form hand signs to use them.
  • Any form of jutsu or tactic utilizing weaponry or tools are rather difficult.

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Jutsu|CC|Beast Form
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