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 Musubi, 結び – (Ending)

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Kai Tetsuya

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PostSubject: Musubi, 結び – (Ending)   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:49 pm

Musubi, 結び – (Ending)

Name: Musubi, 結び – (Ending)
Founder: -
Location: -

History: In the Shintō religion of Japan, Musubi is known as the power of becoming or creation. In the accounts of the creation of heaven and earth in the Kojiki (“Records of Ancient Matters”), it speaks of how three deities were formed. The Kojiki relates that they appeared at the beginning of the creation of heaven and earth and were the basis for the birth and growth of all things.

The Sage of the Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudō Sennin) was said to be the legendary figure who founded the ninja world and was the creator and first user of modern ninjutsu (essentially making him the first shinobi, in the modern context of the term), as well as the first jinchūriki. While this may be true, recorded in the Kojiki, it speaks the name of a clan in which Rikudō descended.

Before the birth of Rikudō, another man, scripted to be from the same clan, became infatuated with his own power. Wishing to transcend the gods, the man experimented with the life force, also known as chakra. Over powered by his inner strength, the man transformed into a demon. Baring ten tails, he was soon referred to as the Jubi (Ten Tailed Beast), and wrecked havoc across the land.

Both of these men were descendants of a clan known as Musubi. The bloodline itself, as described in the Kojiki, randomly appears within the human race every few decades and grants the members unique and special abilities.

Special Info: he Musubi Family (, 結び 一族, Musubi no ichizoku) consists of six human descendants and can be identified by a birthmark/seal. Musubi share an inborn drive to ascend the boundaries of time (immortality), but otherwise possess unique will and mindsets. They claim to be immortal, however, a Musubi’s human body can be destroyed after suffering enough physical trauma. The Musubi will reincarnate into another body in time.

Each of the Musubi are gifted with a unique ability known only to themselves. These abilities are represented by the six types of Jutsu and the different aspects of the Musubi as a whole.

In addition to enabling them to quickly master various jutsu, the "Soul of the Musubi" is able to absorb a defeated enemy's dominant elemental affinity, eventually allowing the use of all five forms of chakra nature transformation. This literally allows its user to eventually use any elemental technique they wish.Only able to use Elemental based techniques.
Along with being able to cast genjutsu on sight alone, "Mind of the Musubi" is able to instantly recognize and reverse any genjutsu cast upon themselves. After having defeated an enemy, the "Mind of the Musubi" is able to absorb any and all memories the target possessed, granting them untold knowledge.
Only able to use Genjutsu and Mind based techniques.
After defeating a target, the "Body of the Musubi" is able to absorb their body. Doing so allows them to sprout and use the target's limbs as if they were their own. Also, by using the cells of the absorbed body, they are able to regenerate at will or even shape-shift by swapping bodily features.Only able to use Taijutsu and Body based techniques.
Kekkei Genkai
Known as the "Blood of the Musubi", they are able to absorb and use the Kekkei Genkai of any defeated enemy. With the ability to regulate their blood production rate, the "Blood of the Musubi" can manipulate their blood to form various techniques.Only able to use Kekkei Genkai and Blood based techniques.
With Fūinjutsu as their basis, the "Desire of the Musubi" is able to use any sealing technique. Along with this, a seal is present on the palms of each hand, allowing them to seal anything with their right hand and then summon it with their left.Only able to use Fūinjutsu and Seal/Summon based techniques.
With complete chakra control and the ability to see chakra, the "Nature of the Musubi" is a strong individual. In addition to manipulating their chakra to form various weapons, they are capable of absorbing any chakra, regardless of any shape or nature transformation.Only able to use Healing and Chakra Manipulation based techniques.
Requirements: Must obtain permission from myself to join. Along with that, any limitations set for each member must be obayed, such as not being able to use specific jutsu types.
Current Members:

  • Kai Tetsuya

Mikasuki no Juin, 三日月封印 - (Crescent Moon Seal)

Name: Mikasuki no Juin, 三日月封印 - (Crescent Moon Seal)
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Description: All members of the Musubi form a mark known as the Crescent Moon Seal upon realization. This mark is located on the body, over the heart, in the shape of a ‘Crescent Moon’. Once the seal is activated, a glowing blue circle(chakra color), will form within the crescent moon seal. The user will then experience an increase of chakra control in and outside the body. This is the base line for many jutsus that will allow the user to use their chakra to gain speed, strength, heightened senses and basic sensory as well as communication, chakra distribution and conjoined senses and abilities. As each member activates their seal, they will be linked to the others and will now share chakra, senses, consciousness and abilities; who also have their seal active at the time. As time passes, the blue circle, acting as the link between their chakra, will slowly begin to dissipate, representing the 8 phases of the moon.

Limitation: The seal is used as followed, and any god modding of the seal will be punished with a temporary ban on your use of it:

- After receiving the seal, 1k of training must be done in order to fully control it, in which you will have 8 posts of constant seal usage. Upon reaching the limit of 8 posts, the seal will deactivate and requires a cool down of 8 posts to use again.

- While sharing chakra and gaining usage of the abilities that the other members possess, 1k of training for each 'unfamiliar' ability is needed. Along with this, any jutsu for the new ability must also be trained, aside from the original 1k.

- Should a member be killed, or they deactivate their seal, all other members loose the link from that individual, and initially, the chakra and ability gained from solely them. Along with that, if only one member of the Musubi has this seal activated, there is no chakra or elements in which to share.

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Kai Tetsuya

Posts : 4
Join date : 2011-01-24

PostSubject: Re: Musubi, 結び – (Ending)   Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:52 pm

To sum up this clan, it consists of 6 members that will join later on down the road. Someone wishing to be one of the Musubi will pick which aspect their character will represent. Upon doing so, they gain the abilities AND the limitations shown above. Added to their limitations, the jutsu they use will also have individual weaknesses that will be posted within the jutsu section for approval. Eventually, I would like to make this Clan a Group in which will join together as a small Org.
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Musubi, 結び – (Ending)
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