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PostSubject: GAH TRAINING?!?! OR JUST MURDER?!?!   Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:07 pm

(cara I have no idea what you are going to do....)

Hana was training with her kunai at the training ground. She lazily threw one at the target on a wooden pole. It was close to the mark in the middle. Perhaps a few centimeters off. She sighed boredom reigned supreme. She had nothing better to do than stand there throwing kunai. Perhaps if someone trained her to fight better she would have more to do. Right now she was no more dangerous than a small kitten. A cute blonde haired, big chested kitten but a kitten nevertheless.

She sighed and began to throw another kunai. Only using one eye as she aimed lazily. "Bored bored bored..." she muttered. Hana sighed growing a bit angry at being so bored. Not knowing what to do now she wondered how sharp her kunai was. Shrugging she lazily and slowly put the blade to her left arm. Making sure not to cut anything but skin Hana slowly began moving the blade up towards her elbow. Leaving a red line. Soon the blood made way to the surface and began spilling out slowly.

Smirking Hana lifted her arms to her mouth and slowly licked the blood off. The coppery taste was both delicious and disgusting. Her tongue wanted more and her stomach felt queasy. Yes this was what happened when Hana was bored. Cutting ones own arms like a knife through butter was interesting to her. The red on the olive skin tone was pretty. Like something on oil and canvas to her. She licked her lips to get the excess blood back on her tongue.

Hana smirked again and watched as more blood trailed down to her fingers. Bright red droplets slowly dripped onto the luscious grass like morning rain. The red on green contrasted nicely. It was almost beautiful in a sick way.

She sighed sadly. If she began to cut herself up there would be nothing left of her. Perhaps she could go home and cut up something. Or maybe if someone came to spar with her she could cut him or her up. Shaking her head Hana wondered what had gotten into her. Cutting people? She was a sweetheart. Why did she have the sudden urge to cut people? Perhaps she needed a hobby. Or a boyfriend. Yeah, one of the two would be good.
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