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 Nostalgia? [Self]

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PostSubject: Nostalgia? [Self]   Sun May 16, 2010 7:04 pm

A casual stroll proved to be rather relaxing for the puppet-like woman. Her muscles in her arms felt a bit limp and yet at the same time she felt strong; proving that a good workout did quite a bit for the body. The side of her cheek held a burn mark that still made her cringe slightly, proof of her training. She did not really feel the mark, her skin used to burns in most areas and protected in others. She was a Katon user and thus she had to be able to handle the heat of her own flames just in case things didn't go as planned. One foot in front of the other, the cold grey stone beneath her feet glistened in the sun light, setting a rather pleasant feeling due to it's beauty. This alone was not the only thing that was beautiful. As she walked she gazed around at the tall trees at both edges of the path; their branches spreading far as they attempted to reach the sun. Song birds of different sorts, some native and others not, sang a rather cheerful and yet calm tune as they glided from one branch to another in search of food and companions. It was spring in Konoha, and because of that everything was rather lively. Unlike other villages that find themselves covered in piles of snow or enduring the hot desserts that occur all year around; Konoha was a rather special place. Everything was always blooming and the weather was normally pleasant. Yet, spring still brought forth more excitement than usual.

As she drew closed to town down this long stone path through the park, she soon crossed the peaceful line into the chaotic busy side. People were everywhere as the many colors of their clothing passed by Sanzen in blurs, making her a bit sick to her stomach. She enjoyed bright colors but to many at once only made her sick; most likely Kairo’s fault.

Eyes open, mind wide awake, her sense of hearing quickly tuned into the outside world around her. The darkness felt like a void, but one that was not empty. There was someone there, a dark figure she could not seem to make out. It was familiar in a sense and yet not. It made her sick as her stomach seemed to churn, the speed of her breaths rising as her pupils dilated in the darkness. She saw him, her, it, but did not know what to make of it. It seemed angry, it seemed sad, it seemed anything but happy and yet it seemed to hold no emotion. What was this it? She did not know. Much like every child, she feared the unknown due to the fact she did not understand it. Her wide eyes continued to stare at this motionless figure, the storm raging outside as water pelted against the glass of her window like bullets. The tree occasionally scrapped it as well while the wind howled, yet she continued to stare at this figure. Why had it not move? Was it even real? Her anticipation was growing, her fear was rising, and as her skin began to loss its color she felt cold. Had the temperature of the room change? She could not tell, her main focus being on the thing in front of her. It looked human, it seemed human, but she knew and felt there was no way it could be. But what was it!?

It shifted as it let a deep horrifying breath, the scent of death filling the air and causing her to cringe in complete fear before freezing. Like most horror movies, the being did not move and she did not make a sound until that one stream of charged electrons from outside caused the room to light up. She saw it, but again, did not know what to make of it. She let out a sharp breath , nto even noticing she could now see her breath as the thing let out a deep growl, its eyes glowing red and causing her imagination to run wild. She did not know what to make of it still, her child mind settling with ‘it’s a monster’ while her ignorance made her hurt. It suddenly moved at a quick speed, its claws and long arms stretched out as it jumped and leaped right for her. She let out a blood curdling cry, hoping her parents would run to her aid as she drew her arms up to protect her head. The thing let out a screech back as she soon felt a burn on her shoulder, the beast letting out a screech. The room was then dead silent, minus the store raging outside, and yet she did not move. Where did it go? Why had it not attacked her?

Her questions were answered an hour later as a hand soon touched her shoulder, causing her to jump and take a sharp breath before the hand rubbed her skin lightly in a calming way. As the hand retreated, she shuddered more before barely moving to peer up at another rather familiar face. As the man stepped forth, his hand grasped her wrist, pulling her up and off as she simply stared in confusion. He guided her forward, opening the door for her as she stepped out. As she turned to look back at him though, he had disappeared. Scanning the area, she then burst down the hallway as she ran straight towards her parent’s room. The door burst open as she gripped the cold golden handle, her lungs gasping for air as her eyes scanned the dark room. Flicking on the light to wake them up, she flinched from the brightness before her eyes finally adjusted. Lowering her arm that shielded her eyes, her pupils dilated not from the light but the surprise and fear she now saw before her. There her parents laid, their bodies covered in scratches with looks of fear on their faces as if they had seen a ghost before they died. Streams of blood dripped from some wounds as well, only adding on to the scene.

Sanzen backed away, her body shaking as her stomach turned. Tears began to fill her eyes before she staggered and fell onto the wooden floor, unable to handle what had occurred before her. She curled into a ball there, feeling vulnerable as ever as she broke down. Her mind was unable to comprehend anything going on. As her ears perked at the sound of soft footsteps crossing the floor boards, she stiffened in fear again. She did not want to look, fearing this may be the end of her. She decided she rather not see how she was about to die or gaze at the person who was about to murder her. Little did she know this approaching being was not going to kill her, and in fact was going to help her anyway he could. As he approached, he kneeled down beside her, placing a firm hand on her side that caused her to jump. She sensed a familiarity again and peered over at a familiar face.

“Did you… do it?”

He shook his head and at the same time it was as though she knew he did not without a reason as to how she did. His hand soon pressed her back down to the floor lightly before he moved her hair out of her face.

“Time for you to rest… Sanzen…” he said in a soothing voice. She wanted to say that wasn’t her name, and yet, accepted it.

It was hard for her to forget the spirit who came to her just about every night. He was her guardian in a way, always caring for her and protecting her from whatever he could; even the other spirits like Bankotsuu and his violent personality and Shisshou with her hyperactive one. Yes, Sanzen was surrounded by spirits, more so they lived within her. Why? Even she did not know.

As the smell of ramen filled her scent glands, her nose led her like a blood hound to a rabbit as the hunger for food grew. This was the reason she left her training and headed towards town in the first place; for food. Ramen sounded good of course, and seeing as how Konoha had the best she did not hesitate. Passing through a heard of people, some walking and others holding a group conversation, she soon lifted the colored flap of the ramen stand and entered. It had had an upgrade over the past so many years from the way Kyouki described it in the past. Kyouki was the youngest of the spirits in age, followed by Kairo, Tsukimi, Bankotsu, Shisshou, Nagori, and the ever so mysterious Kutsuu. Shisshou was the youngest looking though, taking the appearance of a child where as Nagori was the oldest looking; even though they all knew Kutsuu was older. In appearance it would be Shisshou, Tsukimi, Kyouki, Kutsuu, Kairo, Bankotsuu, and Nagori; but this did not matter too much. Besides, half the time they thought Kutsuu may even be faking his appearance; not much is known about him and he was always the silent lurking type.

Taking a seat at the ramen stand the owner immediately greeted her, a smile on his face as he carried a wet dish rag in his hand. Tossing it over his shoulder he took out a pencil and notepad to take her order; the fumes of the dirty rag caused him to grimace. Sanzen raised an eyebrow at him before he sighed and held up a finger to single her to wait. Picking up the rag, he retreated to the back to grab a fresh rag as she chuckled to herself. It was her time to investigate her surroundings now, her eyes glancing over everything as she soaked in the colors and detail of the room and the people inside. An old man read a newspaper, obviously reading a good article due to the tension rising off of him. Kairo shifted in the back of her mind, obviously a sign that he sensed this and was growing restless. Sanzen ignored it though, her eyes flowing to the next person. He appeared to be in his 20's and looked quite a bit like Kairo or Kutsuu. Dark hair laid on the top of his head in a soft fashion. He sipped from a white cup as he read a book in front of him. His green hues scanned the pages, his tan face relaxed. He appeared to be enjoying himself with what appeared to be a mystery; this was an assumption though. Sanzen turned her head back towards the entrance and exit to the kitchen as the man approached, her head shifting to the sound as he sighed.

"Okay! Now may I take your order?"

His cheerful attitude and bright smile only made her react in a happy way. How could she be angry or upset with such a man? Then again, why would she be in the first place?

"I'll take a cup of tea and a bowl of the house special."

His hand moved quickly, closing the little black book in his hand as she finished before placing the pencil behind his ear. As he placed the book in his black apron pocket he smiled at her again, "it will be out shortly." She thanked him and with that, he retreated to the back. She gazed at him, her eyes zoning in on the back of his white shirt; and then the world faded around her.

Her eyes rested on the white vase before her. It was a pretty vase, one that was filled with dazzling flowers and gleamed in the light of the chandelier. She was in a nice room, one that appeared to be recently refurnished and cleaned. She could still smell a very faint fume of paint. The walls were a nice tan, the carpet a deep blue like color, while the room itself was well-lit and filled with interesting decor. She had to admit, it was all very nice, but being a young child she could care less for any of it. At this moment in time, it was a simple vase that kept her interest. She could look at the large marble statue of the ninja, apparently the owner himself, or even the tiger skin on the wall. But no, she was standing there staring at this white vase filled with flowers she could simply step outside and see.

"Yoo hoo...... Miss Takeshi......hello.... HEY!"

She jumped at the sound of the man yelling, her eyes wide with shock as though she had seen death.

"And she returns to us...." he mumbled before beckoning her to follow, his body turning towards a door, "come along, he's ready."

With a blink of her eyes she simply stepped forth and followed the man. He wore very formal attire, the colors matching the room almost perfectly and making her sick. Everything seemed perfect, from the pure white curtains to the man's unwrinkled attire and even his black hair. It was perfectly aligned, and an annoyance. Following him in silence, she was led into a new room. It held the same perfection like the rest, except this one was a tad more personalized due to the desk that sat in it's center. There were casual trinkets on this maple desk. The normal desk supplies and even a plant. A fish swam in the crystal bowl beneath its roots and soon Sanzen imagined herself as this fish; swimming about but only managing to figure out that she was trapped in a crystal bowl. She could see the outside world beyond the glass but could not pass through it. As the swivel chair behind the desk soon turned, Sanzen laid eyes upon a man. He made eye contact with her as well, a kind smile crossing his face while he moved a hand for her to sit in one the two chairs before his desk. The usher behind her cleared his throat before she sat and peered at the man. She knew what she was here for and wished to get out as soon as she could. However as the older man in the chair began to speak, his voice deep and drawn out, she knew this would take a while. She also knew if she didn't pay attention to the best of her ability, she would fall asleep as well.

"Well Sanzen, we are sorry for your loss. However, due to the fact we cannot relocate anyone else in your family, do you have any idea what this means?"

She shook her head, lying. She knew she was about to get pawned off to the next highest bitter, just like livestock. She was the quit type though, and as such she didn't plan to ruin her reputation by saying a single word. The man sighed before reaching across his desk to a stack of papers, taking a folder out of the middle and opening it before him. She could see a little tab on the side, one that read her name and obviously her files. Pushing it before her, he allowed her to take a look while he clasped his hands before him.

"We must put you up for adoption until someone decides to take you in and care for you. If we happen to locate some of your family members, we will call you back in to decide on what you wish to do. Understand?"

She was young but she wasn't stupid; she nodded. Sighing, he placed his hand on the files and dragged them back over before peering over them once more. Closing the file he slid it to the side.

"Lucky for you, there's already someone who has already claimed you."

Her eyebrow raised, she didn't even get to see the orphanage they would throw her in with all the other children. Picking up a new file he soon slid this over to her and opened it, her eyes wondering over it.

"Mr. Kita Tishuto, a man who works as a well respected Jounin of the military. He will be your father for the time being, he does not have a wife or any children nor any pets so if you wish to play with anyone I would ask the neighbors. You will be sent to him to stay for a month, if you do not enjoy him then we will move you elsewhere. Is this okay Miss Makai?"

She nodded again, not even sure if she was okay or not. She felt it would be better then living on the streets and besides, she figured she might even come to like this guy.

If only she knew....

As the memories of the past, how she ended up into the hands of the military which soon led her here. To think how she ended up in this shop, what she went though day by day and more. Now she was an experiment, one that would be studied for them to grow a better understanding of... something. What? She didn't even know, but she didn't care. Returning to her surroundings she had not noticed the bowl of ramen paced in front of her and the cup of tea; steam riding out of both. At least they were hot. Picking up the chopsticks and tearing them apart, she began to eat as her mind wondered more. She felt as though she wasn't even there, her mind elsewhere in the dark abyss. Of course, she knew where she was though, and that's all that mattered.

"So, what are my current plans?"

"What do you mean..."

Sanzen let out a sigh as the familiar body of Kairo stood before her. They each walked down a hall towards the meeting room. Kairo chuckled back at her with amusement, he enjoyed her character and presence. To some, Sanzen would probably seem crazy, which in a way all these rooms were designed by her. The spirits personalized things with their influence, making the house or building or whatever, a bit more interesting in its own way.

"You know what I mean"

He couldn't help but chuckle again. To all the other spirits he always seemed serious but to her he was more relaxed and even a tad playful. It was a tad strange, but after being around it for so long she was used to it and besides; his type of play wasn't as bad as Shisshou's.

"Of course, right now we are meeting with the others to discuss actually. We've each been talking. As always, Bankotsu threats that if you do not train more and work on your fighting skills he will force himself upon you."

"Can you refrain from saying it like that?"

Another chuckle escaped him, "you know what I mean and it's not like anyone else will hear besides the two of us."
In a sudden motion Sanzen froze as Kairo's hand grasped her chin lightly, bending down to grow closer to her face. She held a shocked expression at first until it turned into more of a snarl.

"Of course you would Bankotsu," he said before sighing and releasing her, "it's a joke, let her be before you give her more stress."

With that said Sanzen's eyes soon turned to more a silver as her face continue to hold it's aggravated snarl. This did not phase Kairo, he was used to this, and because of being used to it and not caring, he simply turned away.

"Kairo, you know how serious it is that she stays on track. No matter what the other spirits say, we cannot allow her to become more relaxed. What if that damned military were actually plotting something hmmm? You willing to let her die?"

With that said tension rose from within Kairo before a spiritual pressure grew around him, and Sanzen's real life body. His face grew a serious and yet threatening expression, his eyes piercing into Bankotsu who's expression returned. They stared at each in other in silence, having a secret war even though they were merely assuming what the other was saying. Being around each other for so long, from soul to soul, they each COULD practically say what the other meant. Kairo could easily tell anyone what it was like to have Bankotsu's soul within him; his spiritual force, his war consumed mind, and of course what he was known to provide Sanzen more then anything, kill intent. Kutsuu, the oldest spirit, held a lot of kill intent. But Kutsuu was also very quiet and introverted, much like the young Sanzen after the death of her parents. So, being this way, it was rare he expressed it.

"Bankotsu.... Kairo...."

Sanzen's gaze stayed on Kairo despite the voice, however after a few more moments Kairo gave in. He possessed to much respect for the owner of the voice; the oldest looking and the most intelligent that they know of in their group, Nagori. Bankotsu's threatening gaze turned to the old man now as he stepped forward, his gray hair glowing in the low lights of the hallway as he walked towards them. Not even realizing it, Kairo was in a fighting stance before finally becoming relaxed. It was then Bankotsu did what he always had and stepped forth, drawing a kunai from Sanzen's pouch. They knew Kairo wouldn't hurt Sanzen and that Bankotsu wouldn't stop but they knew who could stop him. A small shadow rose as Nagori let out a whistle, summoning Bankotsu's repel as the small girl suddenly leaped out of the darkness and pounced on Bankotsu. He let out a large grunt as the girl hugged the front of Sanzen, causing his tainted spirit to come out and appear 5 meters back. The young girl looked up at a now dizzy and confused Sanzen before chuckling and letting go. Running around her, the small girl soon tackled Bankotsu in a glomping hug before squealing, "BANNY!!!!!"

The girl swayed once before a deep sigh was released from her lips, her legs buckling slightly beneath her. She would have easily fallen onto the tile if it weren't for Kairo. Quick to aid, he positioned his body so she would land on his side and thus he placed her arm over his shoulders. She would be somewhat sleepy now which would stall the meeting but lucky for her; her real body wasn't affected. In fact, it kept eating and drinking tea.

"Well done Shisshou, quick as ever," Nagori said, giving the girl praise. The small girl, otherwise known as Shisshou, grinned happily up at the older man before hitting Bankotsu on top of the head and leaping off. Although she appeared to be the youngest, she was actually older than Bankotsu and Kairo themselves. Bankotsu was created after she was, thus why she knew how to restrain him and what not. Kairo knew Bankotsu's spirit was overpowering but even thinking about Shisshou made him cringe. Bankotsu and Shisshou were practically polar opposites, although both held some love for blood and fighting, and during Bankotsu's time Kairo could only imagine what might have happened. They already have trouble restraining Shisshou as it is.

Shisshou picked on Bankotsu some more before finally getting off. Meanwhile, Sanzen rested against Kairo who peered over at Nagori. With a sigh, Nagori walked over to them and pulled up Sanzen's head by her chin. She appeared to be dead asleep, which is how should we be for a while thanks to Bankotsu. Bankotsu stood and brushed himself off before peering over at Shisshou and soon Sanzen herself. He shot Kairo a rather aggravated expression as Kairo narrowed his eyes; they always didn't get along like this; especially with Sanzen involved. Turning away, Bankotsu soon vanished with Shisshou after him; leaving Nagori, Sanzen, and Kairo to themselves in the dark lit room. It seemed to grow a bit more lonely and in a way they couldn't help but feel as though they were being watched.

"Kyouki is taking over for Sanzen at the moment, I warned each of you it wasn't a good idea to do these things in public. We should have all waited until she was home alone, it's much safer anyway."

Kairo's face held a rather sorrow filled expression, he knew Nagori was right and yet he couldn't help but grow more restless to see her. He was over protective of her, no doubt about that, but he had a good reason to be as well with the way things were in the past. Eventually, once she was high Jounin level at least and the military backed off, he would allow some slack. For now though, he needed to protect her, especially from the controlling spirits and until she was able to figure out who she was, why her name was Sanzen, about the spirits, etc. There was a lot to do, and maybe Bankotsu was right. Shifting her body so she wouldn't slip from his grip, Nagori peered at them again with his hands behind his back before turning his attention towards an imagined picture. This was one Nagori created that he remembered seeing as a young boy, that is, when he was alive. It was a pleasant hill landscape with a forest to the right side and a pond to the left. It was made out of oils from long ago, obviously re-created by him with the mind but close to the original. He sighed once more, "We'll have Kyouki take her home, she'll only be out for a little while. Bankotsu knew this would happen, I don't understand why he does this sometimes. And what's strange is that it's only him that makes her do it."

Kairo nodded and of course Kyouki knew now. She would take care of Sanzen in the outer realm and hopefully would notice Sanzen's red eyes soon turn blue and that Sanzen was a heck of a lot nicer than before; but someone usually did. Turning her body and bending down, Kairo placed her on his back in the piggy back fashion before sighing, "We'll hold the meeting when she awakens, if not then we will do it when she is asleep. We tend to get more done when she's in her dream phase. For now, i'll take her to one of the dorms."

Nagori nodded and with that Kairo soon faded away with Sanzen into the shadows, leaving Nagori to himself. He peered at the painting some more before drooping his head and vanishing as well; a third form moving in the shadows before vanishing as well.

As Sanzen continued to eat in the regular realm, her eyes soon shifted blue as a calm aura surrounded her. Those who were tense before soon felt a bit calmer as the man with the newspaper even released a deep sigh. A faint smile crossed Sanzen's face as she then finished the bowl, drank her tea, and sighed. She dug into her pockets for some spare change, luckily Kyouki remembered when she kept it, and paid or her meal and tip. Spinning around on the stool the owner wished her a good day as she smiled back, thanking him and walking over. He seemed a bit puzzled but as she left, he had nothing else to say. Humming a melody, Kyouki made her way home while the other spirits waited for Sanzen herself to wake.

Placing Sanzen in a bed, Kairo brushed away her hair before standing and making his exit. Some may say he was attached in a way that was more than just as her guardian, but others could say he was just looking after her like he should. Of course he wouldn't tell his intentions keeping the world oblivious, but one other spirit that did know was none other than the shadow. As Kairo exited, this shadow soon rose and crept across the floorboards before taking form before Sanzen. His form hovered over her, his onyx hues peering down at her in the dark room while she rested. He stood there for a good while, mocking Kairo by brushing Sanzen's hair back as well before he retreated back and faded away. Only he knew Kairo's intentions, but he would never reveal anything to anyone about anybody. He isn't even the type to reveal himself.
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Nostalgia? [Self]
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