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 The Nightlife [Closed]

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PostSubject: The Nightlife [Closed]   Mon May 24, 2010 10:17 pm

It was turning towards the evening, the sky transforming from the pale shade of blue to a deep orange. The blazing star in the west began to set behind the gray village walls to create this colorful image much like it did everyday and soon it's heat would begin to fade as well. Majority of the citizens and ninja of Konoha were now changing as the time for slumber was approaching. The mass of humans in the streets grew more and more slim as they headed towards their homes; the children growing quiet as the time of play ended.

A shadow lurked amongst these people as its red eyes found a seat on the edge of a roof. Time and time again this shadow would sit on a ledge as it simply watching the people while waiting for the night shift. The shadow would watch, listen, soaking in as much information regarding the village as it could. The form watched steadily too, appearing like a statue to avoid being spotted as the red burning eyes simply followed. The most movements coming from this shadow were its eyes flickering due to a swift motion catching its attention; normally a ninja passing by. The shadow was a human girl, a chunin of the village, and this was her time to roam about Konoha. She disliked the day time for the sun hurt her eyes and she was able to think more clearly at night. It was normally peaceful, the moon was beautiful, and interesting people came out of the darkness in the night. She did what she always did this time of the day, sat casually with one leg propped and the other over the edge of the roof. Her arms wrapped around her propped leg as she rested, waiting for her night shift to begin or something interesting to occur. Many times her mine would wonder, especially as the voices of the spirits began to talk to her, but it was the smell of the food that brought her back to reality. It smelled like ramen one moment from the local shop and yet hamburgers. Sometimes she could even smell the sweet scent of the blooming cherry blossoms.

Finally leaping from her hiding spot, she dropped to the stone paths below with a graceful landing before walking casually forward. A few people passing by, the little that was left, glanced at her in surprise while she herself continued to walk. She was used to this for she loved giving people the element of surprise. "Expect the unexpected," was a saying she used quite a bit and she lived up to it. Strolling through town, it wouldn't be long before she reached her destination. The was a place she enjoyed starting her night shift. She would enter, sit down, order a non-alcoholic drink or two, watch the people become idiots, laugh at them secretly, and straighten people out here every once in a while; the bar.

Yes, the bar. Entering like she always did, she glanced at the waiter who smiled. They both knew each other fairly well, no matter what disguise Sanzen tended to wear. Today, she was herself, and actually nobody really knew it was her based upon their expressions. It humored her. Walking across the wooden floors, the sound of the rock music from the jukebox played in the background while a few people sat about waiting for another round of drinks. The normal pimp sat in the corner with his various girls; all giving him 'the eye' as they all giggled about nothing. Sanzen rolled her eyes, requested a water, talked a bit to the waiter, and drank. She couldn't help but feel entertained by these people, as stupid as they were, and waited until something interesting happened. One or twice the perverted pig of a male would smile at her in a rather sexual way but of course they were given a furious glare as she ignored him. Having Kairo within her did not help either since he was not only protective or her but also had the ability to change her facial expressions. Of course, he and the other spirits were hidden and nobody suspected a thing.

Getting a refill on her drink, she sighed as she sat in wait. Someone interesting was bound to drop by eventually.... or at least she had a bit of hope someone would.... a little.
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Posts : 761
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PostSubject: Re: The Nightlife [Closed]   Tue May 25, 2010 10:54 pm

Closed since it seems people lack the interest to RP with me; moving on.
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The Nightlife [Closed]
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