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 Gekko's Storage

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PostSubject: Gekko's Storage   Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:02 pm

Name: Yami
Founder: Unknown
Location: Orignally Konoha but now they are spread


It is said the Yami clan stemmed from the Uchiha clan, while this is simply speculation. The current accepted history of the Yami clan states they are. Long ago around the second shinobi war there was a man name Uchiha Yami. He was a great genjutsu user, even better then most Uchiha. But there was something special about Yami, he was not a full Uchiha. His father was an Uchiha but his mother was not. Yet Yami still gained the sharigan. He soon learned of the Mangekyo Sharigan and sent out to gain it. At this point in history it was not fully known how to gain this power. When he finally did gain the power it was not a regular Mangekyo it was very different. It has similar powers but they were more centered around Genjutsu.

Yami had three children. Two had the new sharigan but one did not. Yami focused on training the two who did and neglected the third child. The third child was jealous and gained immense power of his own and plotted to kill his family. Through the power of the new sharigan Yami found out about this and abandoned his son and moved to another village. One child stayed in Kohona while the other went with Yami. The child in Kohona had more children before he was finally killed by the third son. Today there are very few Yami left and they are scattered throughout the ninja world.

Special Info:

The Genkakugan or the Yami's doujutsu must be acquired through birth. Its techniques are lost if transplanted. At the begining of the history of the Genkakugan it was similar to the Sharigan but now has developed very differently. This clan has no natural affinities and more information on the Genkakugan if given below.


Must be born into clan, can not be kicked as there is no formal structure as of now.

Current Members:

My soon to be character

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:


Type of Kekkei Genkai:

The Genkakugan is a genjutsu doujutsu mostly, it could to a degree be considered sensory but not very much. In the final stage there is ninjutsi


E-Can use Genkakugan to make known genjutsu more realistic and convincing.

D-Can use Genkakugan to create own genjutsu, as well as making genjutsu more realistic and convincing.

C-Can use genjutsu to create own very ealistic genjutsu as well probe the enemies mind to a degree to search for fears to tie into genjutsu

B-Genkakugan can do all of the above, can probe opponents mind even more allowing for customization of genjutsu. The user can now activate their custom ninjutsu

A-At this point genjutsu can only be broken through physical harm, but once again same all recent ranks just more powerful

S- Can do everything of previous ranks but more powerful. Now user can find opponents emotions


The Genkakugan has two stages. The first stage has one functions, to make genjutsu as powerful as possible. To create a genjutsu the user must have eye contact with the opponent. Then the Genkakugan can create a genjutsu of whatever the user wishes. But to make the genjutsu more power the Yami have developed another technique of the Gankakugan. The Gankakugan can probe the darkest corners of the opponents mind for their secrets and biggest fears. At higher ranks it can even tell if the opponent if lying and what emotion they are feeling. This allows the Yami to make a genjutsu that can perfectly affect their opponent, because it is exactly what their opponent fears and loaths.

The second stage is similar to the Mangekyo and is thought to be a direct descendant of it. The genjutsu are the same but now they are activated through the left eye. The right eye can be used to use a jutsu of the users creation. They only get one and can only use it when the second stage is active. The second stage can not be active often because it drains massive amounts of chakra and the techniques cant be used often.


No special jutsu
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Gekko's Storage
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