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 Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)

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PostSubject: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:19 am

Name: Katsuyu Nami
Nickname/Alias: The Blue Wave

Age: 18
Age Appearance: 23


Nami is very tall, he is around 6'8" and towers over most people. He weighs around 185 pounds. This makes him very tall and slender but he is also muscular and toned. His skin is a translucent blue color, on his back he has blood red streaks that look like scars, the front of his neck and torso is a pale blue almost white.

His face is the same blue color as most of his skin. He has no hair. His features are very defined especially his jaw line and nose. His eyes are rounder then most and they are a dark blue green. Overall Nami is pretty handsome.

Nami wears black pants that are all little baggy. They are also lied around his ankles. He doesn't wear a shirt over his pants. But he does wear a black cloak. It looks just like a akatsuki cloak except without the red clouds and it has a hood that Nami usually keeps up, the zipper goes up to just below his chest. He wears black ninja shoes. He also wears his ninja head band around his arm up almost to his shoulder.

Gender: Male

Skill Level: B
Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Village: Missing-nin
Birthplace: Kohona
Previous Village: Kohona

Clan/Bloodline: Katsuyu


Calm and Collected
Nami is usually very quiet and collected, he simply sits there and listens. He does talk but usually just when he is responding to someone, and if he does talk its usually some sort of sarcastic taunt. He does not anger very quickly at all usually does not show many emotions besides indifference. In battle he is also very calm and does able to keep his cool under the worst circumstances.

Nami is very smart and bright. He is also very quick on his feet and able to think battle responses very fast. Not only that but he is a very skilled tactician that can easily think of battle plans.

Leader and Follower
Nami is a very good with authority, as long as he respects the person he will follow them to the ends of the earth. He is good with fulfilling orders to the letter and believes if you want something right do it yourself and do it right the first time. But he can also be a leader. His menacing presence often helps with this.


To gain the Samehada
To become more powerful
To be entertained

Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality: Itachi id say maybe

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu
Recessive: Kenjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Water
Recessive: Earth


Childhood and Academy
Nami was born to a very high ranking Katsuyu clan member. He was special because he was his parents only child and was going to be trained to become the next clan leader. So when he was chosen a very powerful battle hardened slug was chosen to bond with him. The slugs name was Guufu and he was a very powerful slug. The slug was very competitive, but was also very isolated from the other slugs. These traits would affect Nami later in life. Nami grew up and was watched and protected by the whole clan. He was trained by the elders and his father in the ways of the Katsuyu clan. He was taught all the jutsu in the clan. His father, who was the descendant of San was very proud of him, and believed he would be the best water ninja the leaf village had ever seen since the second hokage. Nami then went to the ninja academy. Nami was very smart and excelled in most of his studies. But he did not work well in a group and was often very quiet. As such he never had many friends. When he graduated the academy he was the top of his class.

Nami was put in a team with two other gifted ninjas. Nami's relationship with them never went past that he was very indifferent even to his sensei. Nami was very bored with the simple missions he had to perform and often tried to get his sensei to get them higher ranked missions. On a higher ranking mission Nami was injured very badly in a battle against an enemy ninja. This made him feel the need to become more powerful. He became very competitive with the other ninja on his team. This boosted Nami's skill to an even higher level. When he was 12 Nami was put into the Chuunin exam. He passed on his first try. He was the only one in his group to become a chuunin.

When Nami became a chuunin he separated himself from his group and his sensei. He felt he didn't need them anymore. He even refused to take missions with them. Not because he didnt like them but mostly because he didnt need them anymore and would rather work by himself, or if that was not possible with people he didnt have to see all the time.
Nami proved to be a very powerful ninja performing missions higher then what most chuunin his age would perform. He wanted to prove to others, but mostly to himself how powerful he was. So would take missions that seemed to test his abilities. People were very impressed by his abilities. But they also slightly feared him because of his violent indifferene to the saftey of his teammates. He would often put them in harms way in order to accomplish the mission.
During his time as a chuunin he became more interested in the art of kenjutsu. He saw it as a mark of a powerful warrior to be able to weild a sword well. His clan on the other hand did not fully agree with this. They believed a Katsuyu should focus on water jutsu, but Nami never let that stop him. So the clan let him continue simply because he was so high ranking in the clan. He also found he had a knack for earth jutsu. He had to train these techniques mostly on his own because the clan did not approve of this.
On a mission he met one of the seven swordsman of the mist. He was in awe by the mans skill in kenjutsu. Nami effectivley hid that he was a ninja from the leaf. He gained information about the group and their skills and also about the special sword known as the Samehada. Nami knew that the next step to becoming more powerful was to gain the sword. While the man didnt know its wereabouts at the time he did have some information for Nami. Nami completed his mission and went home even more conviced that he did not belong in the village

When Nami was 16 his clan was getting worried. Not only was he seperating himself from his village but now his clan. One day Nami simply left, he nailed a note on his parents door. Simply saying the village and the clan no longer served his purposes and just like that left. The clan searched for him. At first to try to get him to return. But then later to try to keep their techniques secret. One day they found a clan member that was searching for Nami killed outside of the village. Nami's name was carved into the tree next to him. From then on he was a criminal to his village and most other villages. He wandered from minor villages and countries to the next gaining power and training. He would hunt down and kill ninja's who people would say were more powerful then him. Soon Nami became a criminal in many other nations.

Eventually he heard about the Akatsuki. He soon searched them out and decided they could help him further his goals and if he was to be accepted as a member it would prove how powerful he was. He joined them as an apprentice.

RP Sample:
Special Characteristics:

Elemental: This skill gives the user excellent elemental control and a wide variety of uses for the element. Most people with this skill can master an element of their choice and will use it like none other. People with this skill are, Kakuzu, Nidaime Hokage and Asuma.

Summoning: This skill gives the user the ability to be proficient with all types of summoning jutsu under one animal. They can summon the said animal and complete several types of jutsu with the summoned animal, or some times even summon body parts of the said animal. These people are able to control their summons very well, or are just friends with them, making control very easy. Characters like this are Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Sensor: This skill gives the user the ability to sense chakra to a more advanced degree than the average ninja. Those with this characteristic have increased chakra awareness and are to be able to feel chakra and sense how strong or weak it is and most notably to determine the source and direction of which the charka is coming from.

Speedster: Due to physical training, character's with this trait are much faster than the average ninja. [Requires Taijutsu or Kenjutsu]

The Human Polygraph: Character's with this trait are able to pierce through a lairs veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning their polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

The Wall: Character's with this trait are very adept at hiding their feelings, keeping them under lock and key. Emotions will not be easily noticed by those who do not know the user very well.

Eidetic memory: Characters with this trait are able to recall memories with extreme accuracy, rarely do they forget information

Public Profile
Name: Katsuyu Nami
Village: Missing-Nin
Organization: Akatsuki
Rank: B
Age: 18
Info: Nami is a high ranking criminal and a member of the Katsuyu clan. He is not considered randomly dangerous and seems to only harm people that get in the way of his objective. He is proficient with swords and weilds a large blade. He is also very skilled in water jutsu as well his poison jutsu.

Ok so i already sent a rp sample to Riku when he gave me permission to be an Akatsuki apprentice, so do i have to do another one?

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Kaji Kanto


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PostSubject: Re: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:31 am

*clicks Rp sample spoiler repeatidly* Uhh, yah it seems you are missing the rp sample. Can you please put that in?
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PostSubject: Re: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:45 pm

Eeeep sorry, edited and added rp sample.
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Kaji Kanto


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PostSubject: Re: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)   

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Katsuyu Nami (Akatsuki)
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