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 Kaji's Digimon

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PostSubject: Kaji's Digimon   Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:01 am

Digimon's Name: Alternate Patamon

Gender: Male



Personal item:

In-Training: Tokomon
Attribute: Data
Type: Lesser Digimon


Bubble Blow
Tokomon opens his mouth and fires a stream of hard bubbles to bombard the opponent. While weak, this attack does provide good cover and can also be used as a great distraction.

Passive Abilities: Tokomon is a big wimp, being alarmingly weak in this state, even compared to most other in-training digimon. However, it does have a few minute surprises. The biggest of these would be that behind its cute muzzle and the harmless teeth it displays at all times, when threatened, will open its jaw ridiculously wide showing off three rows of razor sharp teeth. These are mostly used as a scare tactic but can be used as a weapon if need be. It can also leap fairly far for its size, up to ten feet in a single bound. It is however rather slow when in this form.

Rookie: Black Patamon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Mammal Digimon


Dark Boom Bubble
Dark Patamon takes in a great deal of air through its mouth, causing its body to swell to twice its normal size. This will cause the air to be put under intense pressure. When Dark Patamon opens his mouth, the air will be released in the form of a dark canonball which is used to cause trauma based damage to the target and can also be used to remove obstacles. The dark color is caused by the tainting of Black Patamon's energies. It is still see through however.

Dark Claw
Using this attack, Dark Patamon focuses some of his power to his hand, creating a a dark shadowy aura to surround it. The aura will then transform into the shape of a cats paw with 3, 4 inch long claws which can be used one time to slice at an enemy for an attack. This can also be fired off from the arm as a projectile attack.

Dark Bubble Stream
This is an upgraded version of Tokomon's attack. It is the same basic attack with a stream of bubbles coming from the mouth to bombard the opponent. However, this version is much stronger and is distinguished by its dark tint, while still being see through.

Passive Abilities: Black Patamon is a lot stronger then most of its Patamon counterparts, having a more versatile arsenal of attacks. It also altogether holds a bit more poser then they do. Its main passive traits remain the same though. It picks up some much needed speed in this form, and can even use the wings on its head to fly. These traits aren't all together that impressive, but nonetheless, could prove useful.

Armor Digivolution Champion: Phoenimon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Man Phoenix Digimon


Black Inferno Rampage
When Phoenimon calls out this attack, his whole body will be enveloped in black flames, completely blocking off the view of his actual body, except for his eyes. The flames will form into that of a phoenix. Phoenimon will then rise up into the air and then come crashing down into the opponent in an attempt to cause damage with the dark flames. This attack is very quick and difficult to dodge. However, Pheonimon must go forward while in this mode, unable to move side to side or zig-zag. He can turn but it will take longer then if he could just turn on the spot, meaning he loses some of his agility in turn for speed and power for this move.

Blade of Shade Inferno
Phoenimon will channel his energy around his sword, creating a layer of black flames to cover it entirely. This will not do anything to the sword at all, however, it will allow for a stronger attack when used. The flame will disappear off the sword after it has been used in an attack. In a variation of the use. It will send an arc of the black flame toward the target, making it a potential projectile attack as well.

Birds Eye Flame
This attack originates from Phoenimon's eyes. First a black flame can be seen in their eyes. Then any object of their choosing, most commonly a digimon or human, will be covered in black flames. This, however, will be simply an illusionary effect, as the flames will not be real, but anyone will be able to see them. At first their mind will make the pain of being burnt very real, but no real damage will be suffered, so as soon as the one being attacked realizes that they are not being burnt, the illusion will become useless against that person or digimon. This is a great way to buy a few moments in battle as well as it can be used to chase someone with the flame by starting it off near them. They will think it it real fire and try to avoid it. When used this way, it is a great way to corner the opponent.

Blazing Shade Shield
This technique also comes from Phoenmon's eyes. Like in Birds Eye Flame, the attack starts with a black flame appearing in both eyes. This will then project out into a real flame this time. However, this is used for defense and cant be used directly on someone or thing. When used it creates a shield of black flame in front of Phoenimon, creating a solid and quick defense from incoming attacks. It has two primary uses for different situations. The first is against energy based attacks. This is to try to intercept attacks that can not be avoided. It is also used against mele attacks, even when the possibility of dodging is an apparent one. As the shield is made of flames, it will not only block the attack, but also burn the opponent. The shield can only be made up to five feet in front of Phoeinmon, but after being created, it can be pushed outward or moved around and is controlled by his gaze. Should he blink his eyes, the attack would end.

Passive Abilities: The first thing to note about this digimon is its speed. It lacks much defense in a passive sense, but can move incredibly quick. This is aided by the wings on its back and is extremely agile in the air. Also it is a master swordsmen, boasitng one very capable and well crafted blade. Its attacks also center around an odd kind of fire. This flame is black. This fire is hotter then any fire that can be created by man, and is therefore, much stronger and more potent, causing more serious burns faster.

Champion: Prophemon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Angel Digimon


Judgment Rain
To use this attack. Prophemon will typically take to the skies and use it to attack from above. He will spread his wings at full length. From these wings will come a rain of black energy which will resemble rain of fire. This will fall down onto the opponent to cause damage. To look closely at it, one would see that at the center of each is a feather with the quill pointing up. To get such a look though without being hit is near impossible. This can also be used from a standing position but the attack will go out instead of down in that case. Really it can be used from any angle depending on the direction his wings are facing. In the air, he cant flap his wings or he would attack himself, there fore he is limited by how long he can glide for how long he can use this attack. In a variant which he calls "Judgment Tornado," He will use this attack while spinning around, to attack outwards at all angles. Since this is less controlled and more wide spread, it is typically done if his allies are somehow shielded or simply not present.

Strikes of Judgment
This technique allows Prophemon to shroud his hands in a layer of black flame. He will then strike the target multiple times in quick succession with the attack to cause heavy damage to them. The fire makes this a piercing attack, making it more effective against shields and armors of all kinds. This can also be used with his swords which will instead wrap the blades with fire and can then be used in an enhanced swordsmanship attack. The hands/swords will continue to stay ablaze after this attack is used, but will not have nearly as much energy in them. From that point on, Prophemon's attack is increased by 5% when using basic punches or sword attacks. When the attack is used, the flame will be very dense and block the view of what it is around. When it is in the standby mode, it is a lot less dark, still black, but transparent.

Future Sight
Using this technique, Prophemon creates the illusion that he can see into the future, while he in fact, is changing the past. Simply done, when Prophemon is hit with an attack. He will close his eyes. Time will then reverse itself to just before the attack is commenced, he will open his eyes and Yell future sight, a mere moment before the opponent uses their attack which will happen just as before, only now he will be ready for it. The opposing digimon will have no knowledge of the time shift, and so it will seem as though he can read the future. This consumes a great deal of power and so can only be used 3 times per topic.

Passive Abilities: Prophemon is a beastly powerhouse and is well rounded in most aspects of battle. The first thing to note is that it houses two swords instead of just the one, and is more proficient at wielding them. The wings are also much much bigger then the previous digivulotions though. They are so big that they can create an opal shaped half dome to completely cover Prophemon. These can provide a moderate defense from oncoming attacks. However, in exchange for this upgrade in defense, his speed is considerably slower in movement and he is not as agile in the air. However, his hands are just as quick with his swords. Again, the fire he uses is the same black fire as Pheonimon's, and is only more potent because of his greater power.

Armor Digivolution Ultimate: Centamon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Centaur Digimon

*Addition* Lance goes in other hand

Holy Asteroid Impact
This technique focuses on Centamon's lance. When he first calls out the technique, the half with the pointed end will glow with a white light around it in a way that almost gives it an arrow/missile look. The lance will then extend out wards toward the opponent to smash into them as well as pierce through them. This attack is quite strong and fast, but it has a small point of impact. This makes it devastating if it hits due to its level in one focused spot. This attack can be used in a different way where the second half of the lance detaches after the shining light appears and then shoots out like a tracking missle toward the opponent. It wont stop till it hits something and then will create a small explosion from the energy. The lance will then return to its other half after impact. To determine which he is going to uses primarily relies on the type of attack he wants to use/the opponent he is facing.

Saturn Ring Encampment
This is another technique Centamon uses in conjunction with his lance, though this is much more indirect. To start off, he will draw a circle in the air with the end of his lance as if it were a pencil, creating a bright white line of light where it goes around. When it is complete, the circle will split into 3 different circles in a triangle formation. They will then flatten out into horizonatal rather then vertical. After this they will charge at the opponent, in an attempt to encircle and bind them. They can pass through physical things untill they capture their prey, but can be blocked by energy based deffenses and attacks. They will bind at the mid section/elbows, just below the shoulders, and at the knees. The target can still stand but movment is greatly restricted and for the most part so is attacking. It is possible for this attack to be only semi successful in that only one or two of the rings find their mark.

Solar Phenomenon
When Centarmon uses this attack, he will raise up into the air, standing on only his back two legs. His two others will kick out into the air twice each, each time releasing a powerful blast of supercharged energy. The blasts will be made of strong black fire that shoots out with incredible speed and force. This will be superheated, but they will be relatively small, about the size of a basketball with a streak behind it. Around it the air will be distorted from superheated wind. This creates a wider attack area, so it doesnt have to hit dead on to be effective. Added to this, upon impact, the ball will explode outward creating a wave of superheated air to expand outward in each direction for a short time.

Lunar Tide Control
This is a defensive attack used to enhance Cetarmons shield. First he will have to concentrate his energies into his shield, after which it will glow pure white and turn circular, creating an effect that looks like its very own moon. The way it defends is actually quite different then other shields. It will actually catch the attack using its slight gravity function, like the moon does to control the tides. (Any near by water will shift slightly towards Centarmon when he uses this.) He can then move his shield and cause the attack to go around him instead of hitting him, and does not actually make contact with the attack. It can even be used to send the attack right back to the enemy. This only works with attacks up to the Ultimate Armor level, and cant be used on attacks out of the range of the shield. However, the exception to this is that any water attack up to the mega level will be drawn to it, no matter where its aimed as the moon has a natural affinity with control over water.

Passive Abilities: This digimon is housed with various weapons. The main ones being his giant lance and also a short sword he carries. His head is bestowed with twin horns which can be used to impale something to cause damage. Finally his hooves can be used to kick and trample. He is also quite fast on the ground, though loses all ability to fly. Despite this, he can leap quite high do to his strong legs. He is very agile and swift altogether, being in a high class as far as speed for digimon goes. Finally he is a shield to add for defense.

Ultimate: Mykelimon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Angel Digimon


No Limitation Healing
This technique is based on the four blue fiery areas on his body. It is used when a Digimon or human suffers what would have been a fatal injury, including himself. After the attack is used and the being is in between the state of living and being dead/turned back into a digiegg is when this ability will be used. First the entire expanse of the blue fire in the area will come out of his body and float in an orb before him, after which the hole it leaves will close off, almost like an eye lid. Then The blue fire will completely encompass them, surrounding them like a cocoon. It will float around them almost like water for a few moments, and then slowly sink into their body. The digimon or human will have all injuries removed and be restored to 50% of their normal power. The spot on their body can not be reopened until he de-digivolves and redigivolves at a later time.

Heavenly Distrupter
This is an attack involving the two blue fire spaces on his shoulders. The two will light up brightly with blue light. Then a stream of blue fire will wrap around Mykelimon's arm like a snake until it gets to his wrist. When it reaches that spot, it will completely envelope his hand, and then shoot out ward into the shape of a sword, one on each hand. By extending more power, Mykelimon can extend the lengths of these swords based on how much power he expends. Also, by providing more power, he can shoot them off in blasts of blue fire and replace them with new ones. This effect is permanent unless Mykelimon chooses to release it to conserve energy etc. He can also create these in the form of claws.

Divine Cascade
This a very basic attack used by Mykelimon, but none-the-less, is as powerful and scary to face as his other attacks. First he will have to be in the air, no exceptions. He will gather his energy to the wings on his back, which will be wrapped with blue fire. He will then flap both wings down hard, causing the fire to fall down in two balls of flame. They will at first fall at an angle until the collide with one another, and then merge, forming a phoenix shape. It will then continue to fall pointed straight into the target, smashing into them and causing major damage. This attack is not unlike Phoenimon's Black Inferno Rampage, only it will be blue and is much more powerful.

Doki Barrage
This attack uses all currently open blue fire spaces. When this attack is used, five beings will come from each open area. The beings will be a bit odd in a appearance. They will be similar to worms, only they will appear to be made of blue smoke, and not at all slimy or perfectly round shaped at all. They will also be see through. Finally they will have no features aside from large gaping mouths with razor sharp teeth. They will be guided by Mykelimon for direction. They are completely made of energy, and as such, can pass straight through solid physical objects. They can be destroyed by energy based attacks, and deflected by energy based barriers/armors/shields/etc. Their goal is to pass through a digimon/person and steal some of their energy, weakening them. Getting hit by one is not all that devastating, the true effects showing from being nailed by multiple ones. After they have taken their fill of energy, they will return to Mykelimon, enter through the blue fire space, and give him the energy taken. This energy is split in half, half going to healing him, and the other half to add to his stockpile used for attacks. The fire spaces can not be used for anything else during this attack. It can be maintained for six posts max.

Passive Abilities: Once again the angel form reappears. In this form, he loses the know how to wield a sword as properly as before, though can use nearby objects in a similar manner at a mediocre level. His wings also mix the properties of Pheonimons and Prophemon's. They are not quite as large as Prophemon's and are fairly aerodynamic. As such he can use them to partially shield his body from oncoming attacks while retaining a good amount of speed, though not being as fast as Pheonimon is in the air. His fire is now a blue color, though is hotter then the fire of the previous angel digivoulutions. He is also fairly decent at hand to hand combat. Though not the best with kick based attacks, he is fair at using leg based defending techniques.

Mega: Archmykelimon
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Angel Digimon


Shimmering Inferno
This attack brings back an old favorite and amplifies the power greatly. This is a reworking of the attack "Bird's Eye Flame." Like the previous, base attack, it originates from the eye. Archmykelimon's eyes are already pure white so the flame will appear a very faint grey color, and be nearly unseen against his pale eyes. This will project white hot flames upon a targeted area/object. The stipulation this time though, is that it cant be put directly onto a digimon/human at the start of the attack, though can be directed to target them after it has been formed elsewhere. The flame is controlled by hand motions. The usage of this attack can very greatly, though is primarily for attack.

Apocalyptic Fury
This attack again uses Archmykelimon's unique white hot flames. This time, he loses the control in turn for raw power. He uses his sword as a focus to channel the power from. When used he will thrust out his sword. The blade will glow pure white, and will begin shining with its own light. Then, it will send out torrents of flame in around it and then out in a large outward blast that will cause major devastation to whatever it hits. It will probably even alter the landscape where it strikes.

All Is Forgiven
This is an extreme healing technique that takes up energy based on how much the digimon or human is healed. Oddly though, the amount the target is healed is 8x that of what energy Archmykelimon provides. When he uses this, he places his hand upon their forehead and utters "All Is Forgiven" in a kind tone. A white light will wrap around and then sink into them. For a brief moment they will be cloaked and to look directly at them would cause great strain to anyones eyes aside from Archmykelimon. This will leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Piercing Halo
This is a fairly basic attack. To start off Archmykelimon will fly up into the air. Then he will point his sword straight up into the sky and close his wings around him, with the sword sticking out, completely separating himself from the outside world for a time. He will then begin to spin very quickly. When he has built up enough momentum, rings of white flame will form around his frame. Then he will go up and do a U turn. When he makes his decent, the air around the sword will burst into white hot flame in an arrow shape. When Archmykelimon makes contact wtih the target, all the flame surrounding him will be forced upon them in one instant causing massive damage to them.

Seven Day War
This technique is a highly devastating one, although it is not a direct attack, and its main source of power comes not from the damage it causes, but its side effects. To use it. From beneath his robe, dozens of thick white vines will come and reach out for the intended target. The vines will wrap around the target and entrap them. These vines can "heal" from being attacked to an extent. The vines will render the target immobile and once caught, would take assistance from someone to help them escape. The vines will pierce to just beneath the skin and begin to drain their power. The first effect goes as follows. De-digivolve on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th posts. The effects only goes untill the target reaches rookie level. At this point, it will cause damage to them every post they remain trapped till the end. The damage taken will be equivelant to one Rookie attack, which if happens enough, will be devastating. When used on a human this only causes damage as they are incapable of digivolving or the reverse. The vines will only remain active for 7 posts and will remain connected to Archmykelimon.

Passive Abilities: Archmykelimon is the most unique in this line of evolutions. The most prominent being that he has no true physical being. Beneath the armor and robes, he is merely filled with light as substance and thought. As such he floats about two feet above the ground. He boasts condierable strength as he is bound the laws of momentum and energy and not by muscle limitations. His wings have mastered aspects of defense and being agile. This is by having four wings like Mykelimons. This provides greater defense and greaters speed. He is still quite a heavy digimon so is still not as quick as Mykelimon was, he is faster then Prophemon. His fire is a white color and is the hottest fire there is known to either universe. To hit his robe below the ab line is futile as there is nothing there. All attacks must hit above this on the body, head, arms, or wings. He also carries a hefty shield to provide additional defense.

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Kaji's Digimon
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