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 A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]

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Posts : 761
Join date : 2010-04-23
Age : 25
Location : Everywhere and Nowhere

PostSubject: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:29 pm

The sun's beams shown brightly from the sky to the ground below. There rarely any clouds and the earth around the area had already managed to rise from the average degree of 70 to about 78. To some it was perfect and others to hot but either way, it was a pleasant day. The robins chirped as their dark forms flew from one perch to the next, joining a different chorus each time. The grass and trees danced from the light breeze that continuously blew about while children's voices were heard as they played. There was laughter, happiness, and soon an explosion.

The world around the blast grew silent as green flames rose out of completely nowhere and reached towards the skies. Some people gaped in aw as others naturally began to scream and run in terror. The green flames did not move though and did not bow down to the light breeze. The simply burned in one place, a rather strange thing for flames to do until suddenly they burst into a larger blaze. More black smoke bellowed then but the flames did not spread further. The people scattered as the birds took to the skies from this strange occurrence. Yet, out of every bunch of people there was always that curious one who couldn't help but draw near. The young girl, separated from her mother, tip-toed to the green blaze as she stared at it in confusion, fear, and curiosity.

Once more, the flames let out their final snarl as they burst again. This caused the girl to instinctively back up before she fell onto her bum and stared. A cough was heard from within the flames now which then turned to two and made the girl jump to her feet in a new terror. A figure rose from these flames before falling to the grass before the girl. As though she could not be surprised any more, an animal then came out as well on all fours before falling to its side beside the woman. It was a dog, in fact, a Shiba Inu to be exact.


She sounded so weak, so fragile and to the woman before her this meant she was most likely not a threat. The woman's head moved as red hues gazed into the girls and messy black hair fell to the sides of her face.

"Who...are you..." the child asked shakily.

"Where am I"

It was then the woman realized the strength in her voice compared to that of the young girl. But this did not matter.

"New....New York City...Central Park in Manhatten..." the girl squeaked.

The dog rose to his feet and shook the debris from his fur before the woman pushed herself up. The firl squeaked as she peered up, her size shorter compared to the womans.

"I...I have to go.." the girl said, taking her leave as the woman and dog stood before the fire. Their eyes scanned the unknown area as their nostrils absorbed the unknown smells. The area they were in was full of grass and trees with a small pond to the side. However, what bugged the woman the most was what was around this grassy area. Huge unbelievable buildings she had never seen before in her life. It was unreal, they were huge, nothing compared to Konoha. She had seen large buildings before in books but nothing compared to this.

"Sanzen...how did we get here?"

"Takao.....I honeslty have no idea...."

Taking one step forward into this unknown world, the strange flames behind her began to fade as though never there. With Takao at her side, she began to explore this strange place. She didn't understand a thing. She had never heard of a 'New York', never seen such a place, and had no idea how she got there. Last she remembered, she was in Konoha training with Takao and the other summonings. Where were they at though?

"Do you think we're alone?"

"I wish I could answer that... lets keep looking..maybe something will tell us why we're here."

And thus they kept walking.
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Nonko Ryuuza

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Location : Your moms house ;)

PostSubject: Re: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:56 pm

Birds and other critters of the forest chirped and squeaked all through the trees. Matsu sat with his back against a tree, looking up at the canopy above and thinking about everything that had happened to him in the last few years. Many things flew through his mind and then disappeared again as if he had never thought it. His breathing grew heavier as he started to doze off in the warm weather and soon he was fast asleep.

A deep rumbling filled the forest around the Shinobi. Birds took flight and rabbits shot towards their dens. Matsu slept on, unaware of the chaos that had just erupted in the forest. A fissure split the earth directly beneath the man and before his brain had registered what was going on he was free falling into the hole. Another hole formed at the bottom on this one and he fell straight through it. For a second or two everything was upside down and then it righted itself. With a thud he crashed down into the grass and looked around.

Before him lay a huge city made of metal. Matsu had to shield his eyes to keep the glare of the sun out of his eyes because it was reflecting off the buildings. Everything seemed so different from where he had been only seconds ago. There was a smell that he could not put his finger on that filled his nostrils. It was pungent and caused his nose to burn. Matsu groaned and pushed himself up, looking around at the people near him.

There were people staring at the oddly dressed Shinobi who had just appeared out of the ground. Most of them looked shocked but some were laughing and talking about how it was probaly some new Hollywood thing that they were testing out. Matsu had no clue what a "Hollywood" was but he knew it was something the people liked. He cleared his head as he started to walk away from the people. Ahead he could just make out a girl walking who looked to be similarly dressed. Quickening his pace he quickly caught up to her. Sure enough she was wearing a headband and Shinobi clothing. Matsu stepped up in front of her and stopped her in her tracks.

"Tell me what this place is, Leaf Ninja"

The girl was from Konoha. It was obvious from her headband. His own headband had a line through it where he had scratched it out with a kunai. Seeing how he was a member of the Akatsuki, he had no reason claim that he was in that village. He tilted his head to the side and rested his hand on Raiden's hilt as he waited for her answer.
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PostSubject: Re: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:22 pm

Sousuke yawned as he settled down into a grassy area with Kiba. The pair of wolves settling in for a small break from their usual traveling. Kiba nuzzled Sousuke's white fur as Byakko and Zurui settled into play fighting a few feet away. Everything seemed peaceful around them save for one thing; animals around them began crying in alarm. Before Sousuke or Kiba thought to investigate, the ground opened beneath them and they found themselves in free fall. Sousuke landed first, slamming into a similarly grassy field. He stood quickly and began to get his bearings before Kiba fell on him.

With a strangled yelp the pair collapsed back to the ground as both began shifting, Kiba's features became more human as Sousuke's change took him completely back to human. Expecting a fight both men were on their feet and ready to fight just before both Byakko and Zurui fell and were caught by Kiba. “Sousuke what the hell is going on?” Kiba whispered looking around quickly as the vulpine's struggled in his grasp.

“Like I know.” Sousuke mumbled in reply before his eyes caught sight of buildings in the distance. “What the fuck is that?” Sousuke said in a stunned manner. The buildings in Amegakure where puny in comparison to what he assumed were buildings in the distance. “Come on.” Sousuke said to Kiba before the pair began running towards the buildings.
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Kaji Kanto


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Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:58 pm

A man laughed with such insanity that it seemed he was going through pure ecstasy as his legs straddled around something large and blue as they fell through the air. The man had his hand in the air and one just under the blowhole of the creature laughing like a madman. As the whale fell through the sky it was blowing its horn as it was falling through the sky falling towards the Kumogakure Raikages residence. Kaji was laughing and only 20 meters from impact something odd occurred just below the whale a portal opened that the whale fell through.

Kaji and the whale both went through an odd sensation as they fell through the odd and strange black hole like structure. However just as soon as they entered the void it re-opened and they appeared In a completely different landscape. This landscape was breathtaking however the whale didn't get much time to enjoy it. As soon as they entered the whales body made a massive impact at about 650 mph right into the world trade center. The whale hit both towers causing there collapse one right after another. The whale carcass was cooked an burned into whale blubber. Kaji foreseeing the impact had made a hasty jump off the whale and slowly fell after the whale feeling as if he could float for some odd reason.

As the whale and towers hit the ground a mushroom cloud and wave of ash flew out and people screamed in pure panic. Kaji had to cover his mouth and nose with his cloaks sleeve to protect himself from inhaling to much and as he fell he landed a perfect ten off of the whales now singed and completely unidentifiable head. Kaji felt himself shiver as he got off the whale. He bent down and touched it's corpse. ”You were a good whale Hugh, one of the best's I'm sorry it had to end like this I really am. Have fun up there in that great big party Hugh the party whale.”

Kaji then made a swift exit from the scene since he was in a new place things were going to be strange from what he knew this place was completely different than the shinobi world and from the way they got here it must be a completely different place. Possible a different dimension... This made kaji wonder what he could find here. As he walked he noticed people stared at him oddly due to his clothes since he was wearing an all white cloak. This made him wonder just where was he again? He shrugged it off and suddenly stopped as he passed a building with a window. In this window was multitudes got Televisions that were flashing the words “Channel 9 news”. Kaji looked at this as he watched the odd numbers 9/11/2001. He deducted that this was possible the date for today and then watched as the clip of planes crashing into two buildings. He looked at the buildings and wondered strangely since they were familiar. Then he realized those were the whales Hugh and him had just Ko'ed. He watched the towers collapse without a single reporting of a whale. ”How do you get that two planes crashed into the towers when it was obviously a 7 ton whale hitting down on them at 650 mph. Damn whoever these people are run by must be complete morons. Ehh may as well see whats here in this place called new york.”

Kaji then began his walk looking around the city he had gained just a slight headache since it seemed there were more people in this one city than the entire world from which he had just came back from. This agitated Kaji and his hand moved under his cloak going towards his swords almost ready to start hacking down people to shut them fucking up. He decided agitates this since he didn't know how strong these people were yet. He let out a yawn and just continued walking. He soon came to a park and saw someone he recognized and what appeared to be a leaf shinobi. He heard matsu's question and was quick to answer him.

”Were in New york city Manhattan, central park I suppose. Somewhere located in a country called the U.S.A. And on a planet called earth. It seems we were all transported here and it was a strange phenomenon wasn't it? This fucking anomaly just ruined my plans of body slamming the Raikage's residence with a whale. Instead I just took out two of what they call world trade center buildings. There however very stupid since they blamed it on something called planes which look a lot like metallic birds when it was obviously a whale. Tsk, stupid people annoy me. Oh and by my calculation theirs a good million people plus in the surrounding area. Nice to see you matsu it's ben a little while hasn't it? You training hard kid?”

Kaji let out a final yawn as he finished explaining the situation and he then looked over the female leaf ninja. She was average in looks in his opinion and he just mentally pushed that aside. From her mental activity she suffered from the similar condition he did. MPD, meaning she had an increased mental activity so it probably wouldn't be smart to invade her mind here. Kaji however wasn't hostile yet as he waited for what they would do.
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Posts : 761
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Age : 25
Location : Everywhere and Nowhere

PostSubject: Re: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:38 pm

Her hearing tuned into the sound of running behind as the footsteps came closer and closer. Slowing her pace, she was ready for an assault but it appeared this wasn't on the agenda of the 'attacker'. At least, not yet anyway. As the person stepped before her she took a step back from him and narrowed her eyes. Takao watched the man run up this whole time and upon stepping before her, obviously trying to create a block, he emitted a protective snarl and slightly bared his teeth.

"Takao...." she said softly before the shiba inu became a bit more relaxed. Her eyes left the shinobi before her as they picked up on a familiar headband with a cross through the symbol. She knew what this meant. Opening her mouth to at least say one word her ears then tuned into another voice. She barely glanced over at the new oncoming person, his clothing holding a familiar essence that could only mean he was a shinobi, or an odd coincidence. Takao's ears twitched as his amber eyes stared at this new fellow; he had the familiar scent of where they were from.

As the fellow shinobi answered the question of the first, Sanzen also noticed what appeared to be a relation between the two. Seeing as how the first, or Matsu as the other called him, was a missing-nin. Chances were the other man was as well and she happened to be the only one close to a village. Just what she needed....

Waiting for any possible conversation between the two to subside, Sanzen wished to speak out a bit. She tended to not talk to any missing-nin unless she had to on missions and such but at the moment, considering where they were, it sort of didn't seem to matter what rank they were or whose standards they followed. Now, they should most likely worry about getting back. Problem two, they easily had the advantage to take her out before going back. Problem three, there were numerous citizens from this strange world and nobody knew what they were really capable of. Only that they are apparently idiots who cannot figure out the difference between a giant living organism of a whale or a metallic bird called an airplane. Was the information this new shinobi even accurate? She did not know who to trust considering she knew nobody in this place and these two before her were supposed to be the enemy. Especially Matsu or whatever his name was.

Finally she started to talk, actually thinking of setting ranks aside rather than fight. Odds were against her of course just by the looks of things. There was only so much she and Takao could do.

"Sorry to ruin your friendly conversation and greetings...but shouldn't we be figuring out how to get back to where we actually belong. The people here are already freaking out and they won't stop staring. We don't know what they are capable of."

The other spirits watched within Sanzen's mind as her eyes took on a slightly brown color unlike her original red. She could admit, she was a bit nervous being around them but there wasn't anything she did to show this. No obnoxious tapping or movements that would give it away, she appeared just like she normally was thanks to her wall. She just had to fight it, and hope that just maybe they were willing to follow or help rather than run around killing everything they seen. They were missing-nin for a reason, which made her contemplate their internal thinking. What was it that they saw that made them different from the average person? Probably kill intent but who knew.
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PostSubject: Re: A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]   

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A fight to the end of Stupidity! [Nasa, Nono, Sou, Kaji - Pm to Join]
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