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 Bijuu arc [The second arrival]

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Kaji Kanto


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PostSubject: Bijuu arc [The second arrival]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:00 pm

Alright were here to release the bijuu today, so a little story for you all remember its only the first part.

The coming of the gods

Quote :
The start of this new era called for peace and more to the call of neutrality. The worlds bent to this point in which the order was created and built up and chaos was trapped. The world needed the chaos to return so a secret order that was directly under the god themselves. There were nine of these order member one for every physical god. The first night the world turned calm and the night in which everyone slept the world seemed to bend into lifelessness only thing that stirred was the wind. The wind blew harder than it ever had before and longer than anyone would believe however it seemed like only a second passed then the calm was restored. However in that second everyone would awake with words in there mind. A Ghastly legend that told of the tales. However the legend was only a piece not the entirety.

The first part

The first elemental god the one that breathes the life into the world the one who was taken down by the man of sand the one who sealed the god away from the world in the shrine that shares his element. This god stricken down by the man of his own priesthood. Turned to tea with no redemption shall be awoken when thy riddle has been solved. The god of life one who was 8th in power the last to fall and the first to disappear. This one shall be the first to awaken by the opposing forces and the man who has sealed him into his prison. The riddle of wind is first to those who beseech the quest to find the beast.

Everything beyond this point I beseech is a truthful lie that I so do say when I shall die. I behold the key to the gods of our world. Nine that slumber and the first on the breach to be quenched. In the par-chest of lands with the flowing air constantly shifting the landscape the beast of wind sleeps with no regrets. The higher slumbers in a place that brings satisfaction to the old and even causes drowsiness to ensue from the sound of its whistle. With the item scattered amongst the old in an open market. The item holds sand but once filled it does not awaken the beast. Only the hero's tear can awaken the beast and awaken the monster to where the tear falls. The beast will arise with full flowing anger and if one shall not prepare they shall fall. However if one does not acquire the hero's tear and lets the container empty the container shall be forever lost to them.

I now call upon you foolish mortals which one shall find the key to the first god?

Alright, anyone is able to quest for these bijuu and more will be explained as you get further throughout the legends and closer to finding it. Have fun on your search and remember, Read carefully ^.~

First one to find it gets it so have fun and good luck [With a slight change-up thrown in]. A hint will be given out after two weeks if no progress is made on finding the bijuu. Remember, to think and use all your Naru intellect to find the bijuu. Even some filler information might help.

Note: All bijuu searching topics must have the tag [Bijuu] in the title

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Kaji Kanto


Posts : 335
Join date : 2010-05-29
Age : 26
Location : Uhh, everywhere?

PostSubject: Re: Bijuu arc [The second arrival]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:33 pm

Time for your first hints!

Now first off i know it seems hard and impossible, but you just gotta think from a Kaji perspective ^.^

First clue: The Tea Kettle is Not in WIND!

Second clue:
Quote :
truthful lie
Contradictory much? Think about it and have fun ^.^
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Kaji Kanto


Posts : 335
Join date : 2010-05-29
Age : 26
Location : Uhh, everywhere?

PostSubject: Re: Bijuu arc [The second arrival]   Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:03 pm

Sorry for the delay but the next bijuu is now released. Remember the bolded part is the important bit.

Quote :
As the riddle of the ichibi was found the tea kettle taken and captured. The worlds chaos was slowly growing however this was still not enough to satisfy the balance. As the spirits all restled and when the wind yet again stopped the whisper was heard again.

The second scroll

The next god one of an illusion miscalled and misnamed the one god that has all yet none. He slumbers away from the world and the others his tailed wrapped around the worlds roots. Crafted from the biggest roots in an the land of food. One that is brought together by all five elements and then the releasing of ones internal spirits upon the roots shall let this one god of illusion arise to claim his meal. Or the searcher shall claim thy god. However before the beast is calmed heat shall arise, liguid shall fall the air shall move and the earth will tremble and electricity will collapse once all has been done.

Well have fun folks I hope this one is much easier and simpler for you all. Now lets have fun and remember play nice ^.~ and always put [bijuu] in the name of the search

Last edited by Hanashi Shikyo on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:56 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Red annoyed some of the members, made it white.)
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PostSubject: Re: Bijuu arc [The second arrival]   

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Bijuu arc [The second arrival]
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