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 Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]

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PostSubject: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:56 pm

Name: Senjuu Sangure
Nickname/Alias: None yet

Age Appearance:17

Appearance: Head: Sangure's hair is a dark azure blue color, with light purple highlights in a few areas. The hair is slightly messy, and at medium length, it hangs down covering his left eye down to about his upper cheek bone. The hair there is in slight segments, so you can see in between them. The other side is parted so that it goes to the left eye, and stays out of his face on that side. The top of his hair is parted to the left, but not very far from the middle. His face has a soft slenderness to it, but still has a slightly pointed chin. He has a small, petite nose that slightly curves up, and his eyes are slightly close together. His eyes are a rich, beautiful blue color, and they look segmented as if cut out of a diamond.

Upper Body: Sangure has a slightly skinnier chest then most, due to his lack of physical training. His upper muscles are slightly less than most, and you are able to see the muscles on his sides and chest with ease, but not because he is buff. His collar bones are slightly more curved than most, but not really noticeable unless you are a medical ninja. Over his chest, he wears a dark green Kung-Fu robe made out of a denim-like material. This robe is ripped at the shoulders, and at a little below the waist. It is partly closed, exposing a little bit of the higher part of Sangure's chest. It has thick borders where it closes, that look like a big, solid stripe along the edge of the parts that fold over each other to close the robe.

Mid Section: Sangure's midsection has well defined muscles, but that is simply because he is slightly skinnier, so he doesn't have fat to block the sight of the muscles. He has muscles on the sides of his stomach slightly showing. His midsection is covered by his robe, but also adorns a beautiful black silk body band around it. The body band is about four inches thick, hiding a little of his abs, but they are still slightly visible. The body band is adorned with a highly decorative gold dragon running the length of it.

Arms: Sangure's arms are slightly thin, but well defined, showing almost every muscle in the arm with some detail. On his left arm, near his elbow, he has a rather large scar running from the tip of the elbow to the middle of the forearm. The scar looks slightly like a lightning bolt, and is neat, like it was cut from his arm. His hands are slightly bony, with long, slender fingers. The palms of his hands are soft and smooth, and they would probably be good for hand modeling(lol). His hands are wrapped in white bandage, from the knuckle up to just before the elbow, hiding most of the scar on Sangure's left arm.

Lower Body: Sangure's legs are defined, like the rest of his body, but are still kind of skinny for a 15 year old. He has moderately sized feet, no one would call them large. His knees are bony, just like his knuckles, and are slightly offset, the left knee to the right and vice-versa. Most of the time, Masato wears dark green monk pants made of the same material as his robe, only slightly darker. The pants have no zipper of any kind, but the stitching is so that it hides the pockets and such. The pants are also ripped at the ankles. Masato's ankles are tied like his hands with bandages, but only a small strip on each ankle. He wears normal black kung-fu slippers, with gold kanji symbols on each of them. "Heaven" on his left shoe, and "Hell" on his right.

Overall: Masato's skin is a slightly tan color, like a mixture of vanilla and coffee colors giving him a very rich tan. He is five feet, nine inches tall which is tall for a fifteen year old. Overall, he just looks like a tall, skinny fighter, but he also looks mysterious. His dark hair and toned body make him very handsome, but his face is still very soft and beautiful.

Gender: Male

Skill Level: B
Ninja Rank: Missing Nin - Ex-Chuunin

Village: Ex-Konohagakure
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Previous Village: Konohagakure

Clan/Bloodline: Wood Manipulation

Personality: Smart: Kei is a very intelligent man, he has traveled the world learning from the smartest minds of the world, due to his wealthy upbringing. One such teacher, taught him battle strategies for almost every situation. He was also taught about the various clans from most of the villages. So overall, he was grromed for intellectual perfection.

Confident: Kei is smarter than almost all people, having a rediculous IQ of 232. He believes in himself far greater than most people. He believes that with enough will power, he could do literally anything. He focuses on hard work, and hates when people say that they are strong just because it is destiny, or they think they are born powerful.

Giving: One of the things that make Kei a very strange individual is that he will constantly help people with whatever they need help with. This is contradictory to his other personality traits, but he will not hesitate to help out. He doesn't help out everyone though, only his friends and acquantinces. Also, whenever he figures out something new, he will try to immediately share his findings with his superiors or his team mates.

Master: Kei is far wiser than his years would dictate, being able to think outside the box and solve almost any problem. He also absorbs information extremely fast, and has learned and memorized almost every fact about a whole palette of different information, including everything from weather patterns and reading to animal behaviors and psychology. He almost literally knows everything.

Determined: Kei is determined, and he will almost never give up at anything he does. Whether it be fighting someone, or going on a difficult errand for his superiors, he will get the task completed at all costs to himself.

Goals: To get stronger. To avenge his parents.
Alignment: Nuetral

Canon Personality:

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Ninjutsu
Recessive: Fuuinjutsu/Seal Knowledge

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Wood
Recessive:Water, Earth

History: Birth Arc: Sangure was born into a very wealthy, high class Senju family, and was taken care of by his mother and father, who were very loving. They were the perfect little family, with his father being a very successful jounin in the village, and his mother being a medical ninja. His mother took time off from her ninja job of course, to raise Sangure, and his father was also very supportive of his mother. There was no sign of abuse from the very happy parents.

After he was born, He started to explore the world and crawl almost immediately. People thought that it was impossible, but he started to speak before he could walk. As a baby, he was a very social person, having fun with the other babies of the village. When other babies were a little mean to Sangure, he wouldn't cry, showing the beginnings of a strong individual.

Early Childhood Arc: Sangure was taught the way of the ninja very early in life by his parents. He was raised to be a genius, and liked go out and study in the library or public record areas. He would sometimes go to the hokage and study what he does all day, the Hokage thought it was interesting. His parents thought that this was a sign of a true genius, and decided to start traveling, and to hire extremely smart ninjas and scholars to teach him. This made Kei very happy, so he started to learn the ways of his clan, and figured out that his elements would be Water and Earth. He got to visit various countries, and were taught he ways of the ninja by master Swordsmen, Doctors, Fuuinjutsu Masters, and the like.

Learning/Travel Arc: Sangure went traveling around, learning from all that he could for a few years, learning from the best. He was very happy that his parents had all this wealth to be able to give him these great advantages, but he had to work himself to the bone every night to get all this information in. By the time he was done with his travels, he was ready to take the chuunin exams when he got back to his village.

Chuunin Exam Arc: Kei was a fantastic prodigy, learning everything that he could at all times. He was almost too worn out from learning, but he was still good enough to enter. Before they were put into the exams, he was randomly assigned two other genin, which was a slight problem, considering he didn't know what they were capable of. They all passed the exam portion, Sangure with a perfect score, but then it came to the survival portion of the exam. Sangure and his team met up with another team early, and had to steal the other half of their scroll from them. They defeated the other team rather quickly, and it appeared that he had an Uchiha and a
Yamanaka on his team. It was then on to the one on one fights.

Sangure entered his one on one fight on the day of his thirteenth birthday, so it was sort of a birthday fight. He had been training intensely the previous weeks, trying to learn another element, so he could start using his clan's ninjutsu. He learned water very well, but he failed to learn any of his clan's ninjutsu. He entered the arena, to the crowds of excited people, a little bit from every village. He had to fight a man who could manipulate sound, which was very interesting. Sangure was losing rather badly, until the other person got too close, and then Sangure sprung a trap on him. He used close range earth trap, and a water jutsu to knock the man out. It was a close victory, but an interesting battle none the less.

Chuunin Arc: Sangure was now a chuunin, and was entrusted with the secret scroll of his clan, or at least a copy of one. It didn't have most of the powerful jutsu in it, but it was still great for Sangure. He started learning immediately, and was very good at it. It took him a while to actually learn, but he had a rather high chakra supply, so he could train for longer than normal people. His Father was very helpful, and asked Sangure if he would like to learn anything other than ninjutsu, and he replied that he wanted to learn the art of Fuuinjutsu and seals. His father arranged for a Fuuinjutsu master to come and tutor Sangure immediately.

Fuuinjutsu Arc: Sangure awoke to the Fuuinjutsu master rudely awakening him. It was time for his training. He had to train in extremely precise chakra control, and how to have a steady hand so that he could paint the seals. He was taught how to make them from scratch, how and where he should place them, and how to maintain them. Sangure was learning a lot, until a rogue group of missing nin attacked the village.

Loss and Run Arc: Sangure was too tired from his training to defend his village, and was defeated. Some took him towards the local hospital, and it was just up to his parents and the other available chuunin to fend off the attackers. When Sangure woke up in his hospital bed, the attack was over, but they had taken some significant losses. It was nearing Sangure's Fifteenth birthday, when he figured out that his parents had both taken fatal wounds to protect the village. The village didn't even hold a funeral for the two jounin, which set Sangure over the edge. After the attack, the villages defenses were a bit low, so Sangure decided to take up a guard duty position. He took the opportunity to run, and escaped without anyone knowing until weeks later.

The Run: Of course, after he had escaped, the Hyuuga ninjas noticed that Sangure had deserted the village, so they sent Anbu after him. He was instead caught by the Kiri Hunter nin, and was put in their prison. The time in the prison taught Sangure to be stronger, and more determined in his goals. He was going to be traded to the Leaf for another prisoner that the Leaf had, but the meeting was ambushed by the Akatsuki, so Sangure escaped. He learned to be more careful around people, and so he left for the more mountainous areas outside the Fire Country. He set up a small house there, and stayed there for a little bit, until he actually turned fifteen.

Akatsuki Apprentice Arc: Sangure had been traveling towards the Rain country, to get some technology and supplies that were only found there, and ran into an Akatsuki apprentice. He challenged him to a fight, and was very impressed with Sangure's wood style jutsus. He offered to arrange a meeting with the Akatsuki, to see if he would be good enough to be an apprentice. Sangure agreed, seeing how powerful he could become while being under an Akatsuki's wing.

RP Sample:
Kei was just standing there, waiting, and enjoying the nice hot day that there was. He was from Suna, which made him extremely tolerant to the heat, so this heat outside today was almost cool. As he sat there, his eyes were closed as he was enjoying a particularly long breeze. As it was hitting his face, he heard someone approaching him. His eyes suddenly shot open, and without moving his body, his pupils found the other person. As he took in the other person's looks, he immediately found out two things. One, the other person was wearing a Suna headband around his neck. He didn't know if it was the real deal, or if it was sort of like a trophy.

The second thing he immediately noticed about the man, was that he looked older than Kei himself. It looked as though he was in his early twenties. Kei thought that he must be at least jounin in level, if he was indeed a Suna shinobi. Kei decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and when the man asked him what he was doing there and if he invited some friends, Kei was his usual obnoxious self. He balled his fist and addressed the man. "Yes I'm waiting for someone, but what do you care? What are you doing here?" Kei said defensively to the man. He was about to say something else when he heard a sliding noise, as if a small rock slide was happening behind him. As Kei saw the second person suddenly appear, he noticed that the area was getting a little too crowded.

As the second person appeared, he noticed that the other person had a Konoha headband, and a ninja hound. He was beginning to think that the ninja villages were just sending people to the quarry for some unknown reason. "Ah, what now? Where did you guys come from?" Kei said. He started to get really loud and obnoxious, when a messenger falcon came and gave him a small message. The message said that his friend wasn't going to be able to make it. This got Kei frustrated, and he just stood there fuming.
Special Characteristics:

The Human Polygraph: Character's with this trait are able to pierce through a lairs veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning their polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

Strong Willed: Character's with this trait are often hard to dissuade when they set their mind on something, anyone attempting to convince them to do something else may often find themselves leaving very flustered.

Name: Fast Hands
Rank: B
Type: Skill Based
Description: Character's with this trait have very fast hands due to training in Fuuinjutsu. This allows them to form hand seals faster than most, and get items out of pouches faster and with little accident.
Open: Yes - Requires Fuuinjutsu/Seal knowledge

Public Profile
Name: Senjuu Sangure
Appearance: A tall, 17 year old looking young man, with dark blue hair, slight purple highlights, and a handsome face. Has a green kung-fu robe with ripped arms, a black silk body band that has a gold dragon on it. normal kung-fu shoes, dark green sweat pants.
Rank: B-ranked
Age: 17 looking
Info: Wood Style, Characteristic Highlighted hair, Escaped from Konoha after a missing nin raid, joined the Akatsuki as an apprentice. Records show he hasn't killed anyone yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:20 pm

User inactivity

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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:48 pm

sorry, I was inactive because I was waiting for people to post, and they never did. I checked into the site frequently, and I hope to actually do something soon. I'm not sure if I can still use my character, or if I have to wait for a staff member to re-approve this...
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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:53 pm

Well, if you want to remain in Akatsuki, you'll need a full fledged member because apprentice is closed for now

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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:26 am

oh damn, well then I guess I will simply make a genin, you can lock this for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:49 am

Locked & Archived

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PostSubject: Re: Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]   

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Senjuu Sangure - [B ranked Missing Nin/ Akatsuki Apprentice]
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