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 Hayaku Shikyo

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PostSubject: Hayaku Shikyo   Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:09 pm

Name: Hayaku Shikyo
Nickname/Alias:Hai Shikyo

Age: 14
Age Appearance: 14


Gender: Male

Skill Level: D
Ninja Rank: Gennin

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Birthplace: Kirigakure no Sato
Previous Village: N/A

Clan/Bloodline: Shikyo/Kami no Karada

Personality: Hayaku is more of a free spirited type of character that is in touch with his "Urban" style in which he speaks in continuous slang that is mostly made of words few people could understand though if he chooses too, he can speak in the general accent of the average man. Hayaku is also a flirt and considers beautiful women his prime suspect to happiness and pleasure, emphasis on the pleasure so it's not too strange to see him showing of to some as a means to impress them.

Hayaku also has a more positive look on life and though he's not happy 24/7, it isn't unnatural to see him joking around quite often. Though Hayaku makes others think otherwise, he is also extremely intelligent for someone of his age, often thinking of inspirational poetry, metaphors, etc. as well as think of amazing tactics when in battle or survival training. Though he is a bit more on the quick thinking/instinct side rather than long term memory wise, so he isn't necessarily the "book smarts" type to know alot of rather big word, or remember a team strategy but more of the "street smart" type.

Hayaku has a very deep determination in himself and tends to not exactly know when to stop fighting until his body let's him know for him, usually by failing to operate, causing him to eventually pass out, evident from the multiple wounds that seem to literally grow on him. Jay is also a lover of Hip-Hop & Rap, practicing it's rhythmic styles since he was just a kid, having somewhat of a inspiration to his fighting style, clothing, manner of speech as well as movement. It isn't unusual to see him rapping on occasion in the streets as a form of entertainment or yet another sort of odd job to earn money in forms of tips.

Goals: To be stronger than his brother/To get the shinobi world more interested in Rap/Hip-Hop
Alignment: Nuetral

Canon Personality: Killer Bee

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Raiton - Lightning

History: Kirigakure. The village hidden within the mist. Hidden from the world in it's small corner, it's brutal ways of the past resurrected by the land's government. The mist was exceptionally thick on a late fall night 14 years ago. on that dark night, the mist was so thick it suffocated the small ninja village as two children were born. The first, born two minutes before his brother was Nibui, his skin a pale white. The second, Hayaku the 'younger' brother, his skin the opposite of Nibui.

Their mother, who's name they never learned died as Hayaku left her womb, exhaustion and perhaps a previous condition causing her life to end as she brought two within the world. His father was another unknown variable, Hayaku having never met him. A woman, name Hikari Koori of Kiri took the two boys in after their mother's death. She raised them as her own child caring and loving them. Each of the twins entered the Ninja academy of Kirigakure at the age of 8, moving forward to become ninja of Kirigakure.

Hayaku did his schoolwork and maintain at least average grades, but really, his mind was focused on fame and girls so he did his very best to be recognized. Though it was a bit difficult due to having a different appearance than most of the other classmates, he did have a clean status amongst the children as he excelled in the skil areas of the academy, though the more thinking wise weren't really his thing. However after four year's Nibui and his brother both graduated the academy. However before either of them made much progress as a Genin, Kirigakure was destroyed by an unknown enemy, the destruction nearly claimed Nibui and Hayaku's life, but with luck they escaped..

Having barely escaped the destruction of Kirigakure, Nibui and his brother fled with the rest of the refugees to two other main villages. A large group of the refugees made their home in Konohagakure, however Nibui and his brother made their home in Kumogakure with the rest. Where they have been Genin ever since. Since living in Kumogakure, Hayaku noticed that there were people who shared his appearance via skin color, unlike most of the citizens in Kirigakure and began to be around them more often, eventually picking up on the culture and style.

RP Sample:
Special Characteristics:
Vigorous: Hayaku is in excellent physical shape. He is generally slightly stronger, heal faster and are rarely ill.

Strength: Hayaku is stronger than your average ninja, due to intense training.

Speedster: Due to physical training, Hayaku is much faster than the average ninja.

The Human Polygraph: Hayaku is able to pierce through a lair's veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning his polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

Strong Willed: Hayaku is often hard to dissuade when he sets his mind on something, anyone attempting to convince him to do something else may often find themselves leaving very flustered.

Public Profile
Name: Unknown
Village: Unknown
Organization: Unknown
Rank: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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Hanashi Shikyo

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PostSubject: Re: Hayaku Shikyo   Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:06 pm

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Hayaku Shikyo
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