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 When a hero Cries [Bijuu]

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PostSubject: When a hero Cries [Bijuu]   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:28 pm

Waterfall Country was really a bit bland for his taste in the fact that it almost perfectly resembled all of Fire Country. It is of course a much younger version as the trees themselves were much smaller, but still very thick making quick travel a bothersome task. Amegakure and The Grass Country on the other hand were very quick and easy to travel through, as Amegakure was rather flat in comparison, and Grass country was carved up in trails and trade routes due to its central location; had heavy foot traffic. He had traveled all day, and had hardly slept the day before. He was beginning to feel the effects of this fatigue but wasn't mentally tired, thus putting the setting in the night once again. He had only find the waterfall that the hidden village was positioned behind and get there.

For a nation prized on its waterfall; there were only a single one that was worth any note, seemingly spawning from an underwater aquifer, the water that poured out into the small lake was easy to find by following the creeks that bleed out from its flooding seasons. These led north steadily until the thundering water crashing into the basin of the lake was obvious to the ear. He climbed quickly to the top of what was otherwise the height point he could readily get to. He could see the waterfall close in the distance and jumped from from limb to limb toward it. He stopped to hesitate for a second. This was a missing village and if that was the case there was bound to be one of two methods preventing him from simply walking in. He wouldn't necessarily be going to the village itself, rather the underground waterways carved from the aquifers themselves.

He scouted it out, taking his time as the dusk fell into the dark of night. The night here was much different then that in Sunagakure, as without so much to shroud in shadows it seemed much more of a dark. It allowed him to move about with a bit more caution but also with the security that his cover would be well constructed with purpose. Finally coming up with both the courage and the thought required to approach, he used a transformation technique to mask his appearance as if a bear native to the area, and crawled out of the line of the woods into the the water. The moment he slipped under the water her disengaged the technique and poofed back into his original form. His KKG kicked in as he swam, using his bone technique in an interesting sort of way. The bones appeared outward from his shoulder blades like wind and then spun in circles wildly forming a turbine to propel him through the water to go deeper faster. He eventually worked his way to what he had assumed originally, a tunnel from under the water.

It was surprising to find a system of labrynth under here, and far more deadly considering the fact that air was limited under here. He had to breach once of twice where the air was thin; the caves yielded almost no breathing holes and he took the complete advantage of each surface. The last thing he needed was to come all this far to simply die from drowning himself. Thankfully it wasn't too long until he finally breached into a long connecting underground caves. These were the ones that led to the actual village at one point, but he was aware that the shrine that held the forbidden water would be under here. He hadn't found any sort of resistance to this point, but at the same time, had no clue as to where he was going; thus continued to sneak around these chain of caves, moving with a system of trial and error. There was one common rule of following a maze in which one had no aerial view; follow the left wall for as long as you could until you eventually found your way.

In fact, it wasn't more then an hour until he did; also finding the way to enter waterfall village itself but making his way to the shrine instead. It was a regal but small sized wooden shrine. He walked about it sceptically, looking at it with a raised brow as he considered at some point he would come to some sort of resistance. He slipped his hands about the door, and pulled it; slowly opening the door of the shine to find...
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PostSubject: Re: When a hero Cries [Bijuu]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:20 am

Voiding because apparently I have to make my own NPC and have a staff member RP it so that I even have a chance of getting the hero's water, whether it's what we need or not.
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PostSubject: Re: When a hero Cries [Bijuu]   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:22 am

Not to mention I apparently lack the IC knowledge to even get there because even though we all can know this crazy "riddle" that isn't even a riddle but a system of vague hints to set up a bunch of seemingly random events to try and mimic a test.
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PostSubject: Re: When a hero Cries [Bijuu]   

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When a hero Cries [Bijuu]
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