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 Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)

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PostSubject: Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)   Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:57 pm

With desperation set deep within him, Hope jogged up towards Konohagakure's main gate, across the grassy area, with his mother strapped to his back in a 'piggy back' fashion. Her light brown hair swayed from side to side and she bobbed up and down with every step; lifelessly. Hope stopped short of two shinobi and looked at each of them before speaking.

Based upon the events that had previously taken place, Hope hadn't really noticed the appearance of the shinobi except for the vague shape of their hair and face. One thing that seemed to show Hope's state of mind was the fact that even though he has a natural chakra sensing skill he failed to take note of the hidden Jounin in the nearby area.

Being on edge, one of the guarding shinobi spoke to him. "YOU! What business do you have here?". Not knowing how to compose his face, Hope decide to go with the truth. "Me and my companion here are seeking refuge in Konoha. She is critically injured and I fear that she has already left this world. We have family from within the village and we're here to visit. so PLEASE let me pass!". They both looked at each other then off into the distance then back at the pair standing in front of them. Unsure if they pose a threat to the village or not. "Listen, You can stand there thinking it over or you can let us through. My companion is clearly injured and is in dire need of Konoha's medical expertise. If you do not let us pass then I shall be forced to go through you. Her death will be on your hands and so will your own! I cannot let her die due to your indecision!". Hope snapped at them with his hands clenched into tight fists.

Again the two guards looked nervously at each other then back at Hope trying to assess his skill level and trying to judge if he'd actually attack them if need be. One of them opened his mouth to speak but then didn't. No words just air. ".....". He seemed to be awaiting an order from his superiors through a wireless device or just trying to anger Hope further.

Taking the time provided to cool off and recompose himself Hope took a different approach. "Look. I suppose that you need orders from a superior shinobi right? Well then this woman needs help. I need help. We both have family within the village and I seek refuge within it's walls. Now I know that this decision isn't down to you so I suggest that you either let me pass and direct me to the Hokage's office or call a Jounin or the damn Hokage down here to talk this over. Either way I need to get in. So choose which option would be the best for you, both." They turned away from Hope and the unidentified woman, and seemed to be talking it over; going through their options. In a gap in the conversation the taller of the pair got out a phone and seemed to be talking to someone on the other end.

Hope sat down awaiting an answer. He had set his mother down next him, trying to place her in what he believed would be a comfortable position. A few minutes went by and Hope was beginning to really doubt whether he'd get into Konoha and started thinking about carrying his mother's lifeless body towards the next closest village. He whispered comforting words to her as if she was listening, "Don't worry mom. We'll get you some help soon."

Footsteps approached.

OOC: Sorry about the rubbish post. I'm starting to get a little tired. Could someone post here directing my character to the Hokage's office or allowing him entry into Konoha or something please?
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)   Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:56 pm

He moved nearly silent, his entire body covered by a thick black cloak which wrapped around his body covering any weapons he may carry and any armor he may have been wearing. Further more to emphasize his need for secrecy, his face was also hidden behind the traditional ANBU mask, with red markings in a fox pattern, only a wisp of his medium length black hear was visible between his hood and mask. Shi had been alerted by the two gate guards and luckily for the newcomer he had been nearby.

His hand flashed out of his cloak displaying an identification card to the two guards, in a quick flash, although with his mask it was hardly necessary. It seemed that the newcomer's supposed mother was injured. Shibi moved in a flash over to stand next to the Newcomer and the woman who was now laying on the ground next to him. Shi, being no medical ninja could not tell exactly what was wrong with her, but his ANBU training gave him enough knowledge to reinforce what the newcomer had said, this woman definitely needed medical attention. He gave the two guards a slight nod and turned to the newcomer. "Permission to enter the village has been granted, get this woman medical attention and afterwards it may be best for you to speak with the Hokage directly."

[ooc: Short.]

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Posts : 124
Join date : 2010-05-19
Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:07 pm

Turning to look off into the distance, Hope detected another chakra signature. Actually now that he thought about it....Hope detected four seperate chakra signatures including the newcomer. After taking a few minutes to look around for the other hidden shinobi he decided to focus on the newcomer. After all he could be very helpful to him and his mother.

Even for a Konohagakure shinobi this what Hope presumed to be a man seemed to be dressed really weirdly. He had a long black cloak that full masked his appearance and made him look bulkier than he obviously would have been without it. On top of this, The man donned an ANBU black ops mask which displayed the fact that he was a shinobi that housed great power. The newcomers black hair jutted out in the gap between the man's hood and mask. For some reason the man's eyes were concealed in the shadow of his hood or mask or even a mixture of the two. Although for some reason, Hope couldn't help but watch his actions in awe; trying to decide if he posed a threat or if he would actually help him out.

The man seemed to flash the guards an identity card of sorts and in that same instance the man's arm shot out and revealed that he was olive-skinned but didn't divulge any other information regarding his identity. He shot across the field displaying excellent skill in some kind of martial arts or a mastery of the body flicker technique. Now watching the man with new suspicion, Hope sat still while seeing what the newcomer was going to to his mother as he stood idly next to the them. "Permission to enter the village has been granted, get this woman medical attention and afterwards it may be best for you to speak with the Hokage directly." A smile slowly spread across Hope's face as he heard the man's orders. He turned to bow in respect then headed off into the village. "Thank you sir.".

Hope watched as the two men nodded back at the man in response to his orders and then opened the gates. The large brightly coloured gates swung open despite how heavy the doors looked. Filled with excitement, Hope slung his mother back onto this back. Now with his mother once again in a piggy-back position Hope headed off in the direction of the Hokage's mansion to his office, seeking Medical attention for his mother and becoming an addition to the village for himself. Hokage Here I come!
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)   

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Konoha...Open Your Gates! (Any Konoha Shinobi)
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