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 Buki-Soushi No Kamigami (Weapon shop for the mission system)

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PostSubject: Buki-Soushi No Kamigami (Weapon shop for the mission system)   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:09 am

Buki-Soushi no Kamigami

This is the weapon shop in which you may exchange your credits for Pre-made weaponry or custom weaponry specifically made for your character.

Pre-made item Info

Pre-made items are usually set in prices and depends on the rank of the weapon. Pre-made items usually hold no to very seldom abilities however these weapons prices are up to the discretion of our Weapon Shop Mod Wyn.

These weapons will be posted in the weapon template and will be bought on request through this thread. To apply for the items you will need to

  • Supply links to your credits that has enough to get the items.
  • Quote the items you want.
  • Hope that the items are still available
  • Also be of correct rank to use the items

If the weapon shop mod approves you will then need to make a new thread and allow the items to be modded and approved for your character before you can use them.

All Pre-made items will be made through using the item/weaponry template, and posted up in the next post

Base price ranges

Weapon Rank Cost
E-rank1 Credit
D-rank 2-4 credits
C-rank6-7 credits
B-rank9-11 Credits
A-rank12-15 Credits
S-rank 17-20 Credits

Custom weaponry

Custom weaponry are allowed to be ordered personally customized for your character.


Name: The Character this is for, provide a url. A short description of your character will allow for some personalization towards the character.

Weaponry Name: Weaponry often are given names and if you would like for yours to have one, please state so here. Weapons do not have to have names thus, the name is optional.

Weaponry type: If you have a specific type of weaponry you are looking for, please state so here. If it is a very broad idea of weaponry, such as a long ranged, short ranged, fast, heavy/slow, etc, also state so here. This section is crucial to the making of the weapon as I will sketch a picture of the weapon's dimensions and functions.

Weapon Abilities: You want Fire to cover your sword? Or perhaps a Bow and arrow that has lightning bolts for arrows? If so, Please state so here. This section is optional. The Weapons abilities will affect the amount of credits it costs. Also, the more abilities, the costlier it is.

Weapon wanted rank: This is the rank of the weapon you want. You can also request weapons that span multiple ranks like C-S

Color Type: A weapon's Color is vital to the personalization of your weapon. It is highly recommended that you give detail unless you want to have a weapon free styled for you.

Free styled or Specific?: Free styled weapons mean that I personally will come up with most of the ideas for the weapon. The result however might cause the cost in credits of the weapon to differ than what you expected. Thus if this is your first time, it is recommended to go with the specifics.

Black & white Or Color?: You may request your weapon to either be drawn with or without color. A drawing without color takes about 30 minutes to create. A Colored drawing takes possibly 2 hours.

Your budget for credits: Please place how many credits you are willing to spend and all links to these credits to show proof that you have them.

Notes: Anything I forgot to section? Place it here.

[b][u]Weaponry Name[/u][/b]:
[u][b]Weaponry type[/b][/u]:

[b][u]Weapon Abilities[/b][/u]:

[b][u]Weapon rank[/u][/b]:
[u][b]Color Type[/b][/u]:
[b][u]Free styled or Specific?[/u][/b]:
[b][u]Black & white Or Color?[/u][/b]:
[b][u]Your budget for credits:[/u][/b]

All custom weapons are subject to modding once created and moved to a new thread and all prices are up to the weaponry shop mods discretion with possible overturn by a creation mod if they believe it is too cheap/overly expensive comparatively.

All custom weaponry will be made using the weapon/item template.

You are unable to request weaponry that you are not of rank to utilize.

This weapon shop is run by Kaji Kanto and Wyn
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Buki-Soushi No Kamigami (Weapon shop for the mission system)
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