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 Ryoko Mikasami [Village NPC]

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PostSubject: Ryoko Mikasami [Village NPC]   Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:15 pm

NPC To: Kumogakure no Sato
Name: Ryoko Mikasami
Nickname/Alias:Raikage's Assistant

Age: 28
Age Appearance:Late 20s



Skill Level: B
Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Birthplace: Kumogakure no Sato
Previous Village:-

Personality: Though she is quite young, Ryoko is one of the most discipline oriented person that one can meet. She always goes by the rules and is almost never one to even bend them, believing that rules are not flexible and are not to be bended. Though she is a complete rule addict, Ryoko does have an alternate persona that is the complete opposite of the actual girl. Though she only comes out of her organization obsessed persona in her head or if she was to take even the lightest sip of liquor. She also is a very intellegent woman that can also be a bit sexist towards men at times due to the fact that they get so much respect yet women are treated as a lower set in authority in the majority of the world.

Whenever something does come out of order, Ryoko tends to handle it the way most strong, confident, and somewhat sexist women tend to handle their problems, beat the crap out of any -male- responsible for the chaos. At least that's what happens when it goes overboard. But Ryoko does have a bit of a temper when things get unorganized, which causing her to becoming violent at extreme conditions, something that's she is most known for due to her stress caused by the job of assisting a kage on his needs.

Goals: None
Alignment: Neutral

Canon Personality: Tsunade

Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Fuuinjutsu
Recessive: Genjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Raiton [Lightning]

History: When Ryoko was growing up in Kumogakure, she never really knew who her parents were, but heard many stories about who they were when they were alive and even theories of what happened to them. Ryoko was raised at an orphanage and would move from foster home to foster home in search for acceptance. Though she hated moving and felt socially rejected at times, Ryoko still held a somewhat bit of a hopeful demeanor to herself at times.

She was then placed in a rich family in need of assistance with plenty of house work and such so it seemed like Ryoko would be playing Cinderella for the remainder of life. Nevertheless, Ryoko enrolled in the ninja Academy and was able to pass at the top scores of the school. From there on, she studied Ninjutsu of all types and she would take an interest in animals and thought about obtaining a per, but her family wouldn’t let her keep one for the life of her so one day, she was training with her teacher and he gave her a book on summoning so that maybe she could obtain her own “pet” without the authority of her foster parents getting in the way.

One day, on a mission, Ryoko went on to meet a woman that specialized in feline summoning and was able to let her sign a contract should she prove herself worthy. Ryoto went through a series of tests and was able to pass them with her intelligence and ability to befriend her animals. Though Ryoko did pass the test, she was never able to sign the contract due to her teacher losing it, very much to Ryoto's disappointment as well as annoyance.

Despite this, Ryoko then went on take on a bunch of pretty simple missions that most other ninja complained about but she was just happy to be of service. Her family still lived with her for the time being and if they never taught her anything else, it was discipline and she took that into consideration as she applied and was successful, allegeable to participate in the Chuunin Exams, which she failed at first but passed the 3rd time.

Pretty soon after getting her new rank, Ryoko started to read up on her history and found an article she liked alot. It was an article about spirit summonings that she started to find particularly interesting and came across a clan of ninja that, much to her surprise, resembled her greatly. She was soon told that this clan was where her mother was from and came to find out that she died on a ninja mission. Ryoko didn't know how to respond at first, but she was able to move on quicker than expected probably due to her never really knowing her mother enough to get close to her. But she was able to learn the art of summonings that she longed to perform for the next year until she was 20.

After finding out about her origins, Ryoko decided on continuing her studies on Summonings while maintaining her career as a Kumogakure Chuunin, taking a few jobs that involved a few guardian missions and becoming an Academy Teacher at one point in there. She started growing bored of her life by the age of 25 though so she decided to take a more mellow turn of events. She eventually found out that there was a new Raikage in town and that he was in need of a new staff so she applied for the job of being an assistant to keep herself in a more smooth lifestyle and soon got the job. When she first met the Raikage, she thought it would be nice working with a young kid instead of a perverted old man, but soon found it a bit troublesome though due to his playful like nature at times.

Special Characteristics:
Summoning: This skill gives the user the ability to be proficient with all types of summoning jutsu under one animal. They can summon the said animal and complete several types of jutsu with the summoned animal, or some times even summon body parts of the said animal. These people are able to control their summons very well, or are just friends with them, making control very easy. Characters like this are Jiraiya and Tsunade.


Light Sleeper: Character's with this trait sleep very lightly, most often even the smallest noise will awaken him or her, making them difficult to sneak up on.

LIAR!: Character's with this trait are well versed in the art of lying. They have had practice lying and their bodies give no noticeable clue when they lie. When one of their lies is discovered they often cover it with another lie. This trait is on even footing with 'The Human Polygraph' meaning their lying skills when confronting someone with the opposite trait are the same as an average liar.

The Human Polygraph: Character's with this trait are able to pierce through a lairs veil by reading habits, quirks or nervous reactions given off by a liar. This trait is on even footing with 'LIAR!' meaning their polygraph skills become average when in a 'LIAR!'s presence.

The Wall: Character's with this trait are very adept at hiding their feelings, keeping them under lock and key. Emotions will not be easily noticed by those who do not know the user very well.

Eidetic memory: Characters with this trait are able to recall memories with extreme accuracy, rarely do they forget information.

Strong Willed: Character's with this trait are often hard to dissuade when they set their mind on something, anyone attempting to convince them to do something else may often find themselves leaving very flustered.

Internal Clock: Characters with this trait are hardly ever late, due to a spectacular internal sense of time.

Public Profile
Name:Ryoko Mikasami
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Organization N/A
Rank: Chuunin
Age: Late 20s

Kiyoshi Hikaru:
Kenji & Ayame:

Daisuke Hikaru:
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PostSubject: Re: Ryoko Mikasami [Village NPC]   Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:18 pm

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Ryoko Mikasami [Village NPC]
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