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 Lady Coal's Starting Seals

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PostSubject: Lady Coal's Starting Seals   Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:07 pm

FuuinJutsu Seals:

Seal Name: Chakra Capture Containment Seal
Wearer: Lady Coal
Rank: A
Appearance: This seal is composed of an amost endless line of tiny text that is constantly growing as it harvests more chakra. It’s over all shape is that of a lotus flower with a large and wide open blossom. It is attached to a vine that curls it’s way down along her lower body and left leg. It also travels up over her right shoulder and over her right arm. Both ends of the vine also contain a single lotus blossom, however both are only just beginning to open.
Location of Seal: Center of back, and more.
Positive Effects: Eh… This seal stops Lady Coal from turning into a small bomb of lava chakra.
Negative Effects: This seal infuses itself into the wearer’s chakra network and siphons off a huge amount of it. People wearing this seal will be left with anywhere from 50-90% less chakra than they should naturally have access too.
Seal Info: After this seal has been in place for 2 months it has absorbed enough chakra to fully establish itself. After it has been established the seal will take the desired shape, and begin to slowly grow as it absorbs more and more chakra. After time has been spent training with, or learning about, this seal, the wearer is able to learn how to draw chakra that has been absorbed out of the seal. An A rank amount of chakra is able to be absorbed each post, however doing so requires complete concentration. This can be done 5 times in one day before it becomes damaging to the seal. If the chakra supply is tapped more than 5 times, the wearer of the tattoo will take an A rank of internal damage each time they withdraw chakra. Doing so even once can be fatal to all but the most resilient ninja as the energy required tears muscles and rends the nervous system.

Seal Name: Essence Marker
Wearer: Objects
Rank: C
Appearance: This is a tiny marker that is the scribe’s personal seal inside of a circle.
Location of Seal: On objects
Positive Effects: Objects affected by the seal can be summoned
Negative Effects: None
Seal Info: Applying this seal infuse a B rank worth of chakra into the seal, and causes it to constantly emit the users chakra. The users can then focus on that chakra and summon the object the seal is placed on with the use of a very simple jutsu, and an E rank of chakra. Likewise, the same amount of chakra will banish he item back from whence it came. This marker can be placed on any sort of free standing object that is not bolted to the ground. It can not be used on animals.

Seal Name: Multipurpose Bonding Seal
Rank: C
Appearance: This is a strip of paper about eight inches in length and two or three inches wide. One side of the paper is fully covered in a fuuinjutsu seal, much like an exploding tag.
Location of Seal: On Paper
Positive Effects: Doesn’t Come Unstuck
Negative Effects: None
Seal Info: This seal turns a simple piece of paper into a strong seal capable of holding closed doors, or for securing two things together. It is essentially a strip of duct tape that sticks once activated and applied. It is water proof and as difficult to break as metal chains thanks to the fuuinjutsu. Once applied this seal must be fully broken to be removed.

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Coal's Starting Seals   Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:45 pm

Approved unless said otherwise.

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Lady Coal's Starting Seals
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