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Happy New Year:

Year: 0638

Month: 1

Season: Winter
Your weekly weather report:
For the week of:
January 16th to January 22nd

Konoha: Snow Storm

Tea: Snow Storm

River: Snow Storm


Taki: Snow

Wave: Snow

Suna: Windy


Bird: Windy

Kiri: Snow Storm (40% visibility)



Kumo: Snow Storm

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 Toushirou [WIP]

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Soren Kiyomeru


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PostSubject: Toushirou [WIP]   Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:01 pm

Name: Toushirou Ryoken Kousetsu
Nickname/Alias: Unknown

Age: 136
Age Appearance: 21

Appearance: (look at avi) + akatsuki/Anbu Gear (similiar to what itachi wore before the night he left) also on his forehead carved "love" (like Gaara`s)
He also has a pet, a sort of a yellow tick bird (also known as Hi bird) that can speak and spy on enemies with a special mini camera around its neck. (toushirou is also a midget) but he hates when people call him that >.>; seeing as hes far older than most living beings... he likes to wear a mask over his face when traveling a bad habit from when he was in root/anbu,

Gender: Male

Ninja Rank: S

Village: Missing nin, Akatsuki
Birthplace: Overseas
Previous Village: Konoha

Clan/Bloodline: Kami no Karada, Tenshu Hitotoki (see the BL)

Personality: usually calm, but also very easily distracted, and very restless, always stands up for a great fight/spar, most of the time he hates women well at least most of them, seeing as he cant stand em, likes art such as clay and paintings. People might think he is reckless as well when it comes to practically anything, but thats just his fighting style to make things harder, however if he gets pissed his fighting style becomes a lot more serious and much less reckless... he loves money above all else, seeing as he has stashed up 250million ryo just by being a missing nin for almost 2 years now... going anything from bounty hunting/ Assasinating, stealing etc you name it, finally toushirou possesses a inhuman amount of chakra, often compared to that of Tailed beasts...

Goals: Join akatsuki and if possible revive his clan
Alignment: Neutral/Hostile

Canon Personality: Shikamaru , Deidara, kakuzu



RP Sample:


Skill Specialty:
Dominant: Kenjutsu, Elemental
Recessive: Taijutsu,

Elemental Affinity:
Dominant: Fire, Earth (magma)
Recessive: Lightning
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Toushirou [WIP]
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