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 A Message from a Mouse: [Shihouin Uchiha]

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PostSubject: A Message from a Mouse: [Shihouin Uchiha]   Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:58 pm

The black falcon soared through the air, above most of the buildings of Konoha. The only thought on it's mostly non-existent mind was to complete it's objective. It's objective being to find Shihouin Uchiha at his apartment, which was also stored in the ink bird's incredibly one purposed mind. The bird positioned itself into a dive as he neared the location of his objective, which had been written into him by his owner's jutsu. The mouse, which dangled from the falcon's mouth whimpered in fear as it was shaken around by the speed of the dive.

The apartment was near the Uchiha complex and it was where Shihouin, the Genin of Konohagakure lived by himself. The bird was nearly there and to any on lookers it was obvious he would be unable to pull out of the dive in time and it was certain that he would go 'splat' on the concrete next to the door. Which was exactly the bird's mission. And seconds after the apartment came in view, the bird and it's mouse lunch slammed into doorstep of the Uchiha genin, their ink beind dispersed in a splatter as it accompanied the thump of them hitting the concrete. The noise was loud enough that surely the Uchiha would come see what it was upon looking at his doorstep, he would find a message in the ink which covered the concrete.

”Shihouin Uchiha. Your pressence is required at the Training Grounds.”

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PostSubject: Re: A Message from a Mouse: [Shihouin Uchiha]   Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:40 pm

Just perfect. Shihouin's timing was better than he thought it was. After leaving his training with Nasamea, Shihouin decided to head home for some lunch and a nap to take a little time to himself to gather his thoughts. He was about to go head towards the Hokage's office to see if there were any missions available that he could pick up and complete. Now, instead of that plan someone of some important had something a bit better, or at least more interesting for him to do.

Collecting his clothes and all of his normal ninja gear, Shihouin set out past his inky doorstep towards the training grounds. Leaning back to gain some strength to jump, the young Uchiha burst up onto the rooftops of the village. It was the quickest way to get there due to their being literally no traffic. Pushing his way through the wind silently towards his destination, he couldn't shake the odd feeling of the Hokage being behind this someway. The message had been done in an easy and efficient manner that didn't cause any uproar which obviously hinted to the work of an ANBU. A pulsating excitement tingled through his body but it was met by the odd ebb of seriousness. What exactly was going on?

Whatever. He would deal with it when he got there. Shaking the thoughts from his head he picked up his speed along his favorite shortcut to the training grounds. This would surely be interesting from this point on and especially the point on after this. What exactly was going on?
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A Message from a Mouse: [Shihouin Uchiha]
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